DotWatcher Results Database

DotWatcher Results Database

24 January, 2019

Josh Cunningham

By: Josh Cunningham

A history of results from the ultra-cycling world, in one database. Find it here.

In a sport with a history that is still relatively short, but which is changing and growing at such a dramatic rate, we wanted to create a record of its results, collated in one place. The DotWatcher results database provides a chance to look back at pioneering rides such as Mike Curiak's (Iditarod winner, 2000), Matthew Lee's (Tour Divide winner, 2005), and Kristof Allegaert's (Transcontinental Race winner, 2013), as well as the latest results from 2018, all in one place.

The database covers the events we provide live race coverage for, as well as others from across the ultra-cycling calendar. It spans road, off-road, and gravel, but is unified by the fact that all events are long-distance, and self-supported.

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DotWatcher Needs Your Help

We want the DotWatcher results database to be the best resource it can be for the ultra-racing community. To do that, we need your help.

Riders: You know these races better than anyone, and we need you to tell us if there are any mistakes in the results data. We have done our best to root out any inaccuracies, but we are aware that it's impossible for us to get all of them. If you notice a potential error, please let us know.

Race Organisers: We want to grow the DotWatcher database with results from across the ultra-cycling world, growing the community and helping it join together. If you are a race organiser and would like to contribute to the results database, please get in touch.