How to photograph your bike

How to photograph your bike

11 October, 2019

Breakaway Digital

By: Breakaway Digital

It’s that time of year again (at least in the northern hemisphere) where the nights draw in and the weather begins to turn. Rain, wind and darkness accompany a vast proportion of rides and you find yourself reminiscing about those sweet, long summer days spent exploring, where waterproofs are pleasantly redundant and sun cream is in high demand.

Once those memories have done their bit to fend off the winter blues you turn to the internet in search of inspiration for next year’s adventures. Quite often we find ourselves flicking through online pages dedicated to race setups and bike photos, such as our very own ‘Bikes of TCRNo7’, that do a brilliant job of brewing excitement for the year to come.

We’re reaching out to you, as we look to gather more examples of all the awesome bikes and bits of kit you ride with. To help give you an idea of what to send us we’ve teamed up with Breakaway Digital, specialists in adventurous brands and photography of them. Often found at ultra races such as Further and the TCR, they know a thing or two about bike photography and capturing the occasion.

When you've figured out your calendar for next year, we would love it if you could send us some info about you and your set up. For example, where you come from, your name, age and of course your trusty cap number.

Then if you could tell us what bike you’ll be riding (make, model, build list and any other custom components) and also a bit about what kit you’ll be taking, whether that be your lucky socks that go with you on every adventure (ewww) or your favourite dangle accessory on your saddle pack. It might sound strange but we would love to know why you’ve packed what you have.

Lastly a couple of photos of the bike would be fab. After all everyone loves a cheeky bike shot don’t they! We think the best way to take a photo of your bike is to follow these guidelines:

  • Get your bike (in its race trim) and turn it so you're showing that scrupulously sparkling chain.
  • Now get nice and low so that you are directly perpendicular with the bike, this is easily done by sitting on the floor, and organise the composition so that your bike takes up 80% of the frame.
  • If possible whack your camera in a nice and low aperture setting so you can blur out the background, this makes the bike truly pop!
  • Now time to snap away! (Don’t forget to put in your memory card!)
  • Make sure the photos you send are either medium or high resolution, no smaller than 2800 megapixels is ideal.

Lastly, don't forget to tell us the most important thing of all - your favourite gear ratio…


Download this handy one-pager and stick it on your fridge to remind yourself of what to do.

Email your bike pics to us here.