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Dales Divide postponed/cancelled

Chris Ellison, organiser of the Dales Divide, sent his riders the following email:

This is an email I hoped I would never need to send, however it is clear that events are overwhelming not just us in the Dales, but the whole of the UK and the world beyond. It makes me very sad to say, but the Dales Divide 2020 cannot go ahead at Easter this year.

This decision is both to protect riders, to protect the communities that we would travel through, to keep bikepacking within the spirit of the law and prevent any possibility of negative impacts for years to come.

For the future then, there will be a Dales Divide 2021 but that is a long time away. We have not yet chosen what to do for DD2020, whether a postponement is practical or even possible. Of course as long as the UK allows it, and if it becomes safe to do so, it would be good to see some people ride the route ITT just to see how they go on.

He is considering dates for the 2020 edition though no firm arrangement has been made. Riders are encouraged to send him their thoughts or otherwise ride the route as an ITT when it is safe and practicable to do so.

If you would like to get in touch email us at info@dotwatcher.cc

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