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Cut-off conundrum

Many riders will now be feeling the effects of what for some is approaching two full days on the road. As if fuelling yourself and continuing riding wasn’t enough of a challenge, there’s also the checkpoint cut-offs to consider.

This year’s ride has a maximum total time of 90 hours, so each checkpoint serves as an intermediary gauge on how close (or far off) you are to your time. These times are starting to play on the minds of riders on our tracker – including Natasha Bysterfeld who missed her Brest cut-off by just 16 minutes.

British rider Graham Fereday felt the pain of many riders:

“I saw a lot of people riding up the hill from Carhaix-Plouguer towards Brest who haven’t got a hope of making their cut-off, if my maths is right (which it admittedly might not be after two days of PBP.”

Back in Tinteniac, Ian McBride has had what you might call a gel-induced second wind:

“Okay all… at Tinteniac. What AMAZING food! I bar/gelled on the way out, but have eaten a real meal on the return at each control and so far this is my fav. Only 340km to go… I can do this it seems. Yesterday’s nightmare, today, is tomorrow’s dream.”

Meanwhile, a number of riders are crossing the line for the final time at Rambouillet – brevet cards completed. Chapeau!

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