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Brotherly Love

We got an update from race organiser Adrian O'Sullivan in the early hours of Monday morning, 24 hours after the finisher's party, with news of Australian siblings, Lochie and Josh Kavanagh.

Older brother Lochie is a veteran of the Indian Pacific Wheel Race in Australia, having ridden the race just 3 months after he started cycling, back in 2017. Fast forward 18 months, and younger brother Lochie followed suit by picking up a bike just a few weeks before the start of the TransAtlantic Way.

Lochie finished a few days ago, but with Josh's tracker showing him to be inactive for a number of days, it was assumed he'd scratched. What good news then, to read this news from Adrian:

"Midnight here, and the Kavanghs have arrived. We finally found Josh, who’s been flying under the radar for half the race, and dropped him out a new tracker - along with his brother Lochie. Lochie looked after his brother and rode the last 400km back with him. Brotherly love. Is it within the rules ? Probably not. Is it a good thing to do. You decide."

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