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The Silk Road Podium is complete

The first 5 riders have now finished the Silk road mountain race. Romanian Levente Bagoly has secured second positon with a strong charge in the final few hundred kilometres. His ride over the past days has been even more impressive given that he has been suffering from Shermer's neck, the condition where the neck muscles give way due to fatigue. Despite this he has managed to leapfrog into second place.

Kim Raeymaekers and Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan finished a few hours behind Levente, however they have been riding together for the last third of the race. The race organisation decided that as they had effectively been racing as a pair that they would therefore not be eligible for an overall placing in the race.

The honour of third place therefore fell to Alex Jacobsen, the American rider who has been stealthily tracking the lead pack for the entirety of the race. It was another strong ride, in a race that demands nothing but.

Jan Kopka, Francisco Montoya Ramirez and Janis Viskers are all due to finish in the coming hours and should record a sub 11 day finishing time.

The bulk of the remaining field is still stretched out around CP3 by Lake Issyk Kul, and we should expect them to finish in the next 3 to 4 days. Jenny Tough is now the only solo woman remaining in the race and looks set to take the win. She’s broken the back of the race now and is now on the final leg of the race from CP3 to the finish line.

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