Cory Benson

EU Tech Editor at Expat cyclist in Bohemia who thinks everything with disc brakes is a mountain bike, no matter how inappropriately skinny the tires are. Adventurous gravel rider, who thinks a few days is probably enough adventure, though. Has ridden much of the BBBR track and many more around it, just not in one crazy go.

Written by Cory Benson

Race Reports

Bohemian Border Bash Race 2022

The second edition of the Bohemian Border Bash Race follows the ancient borderlands of Bohemia via the remnants of centuries-old road networks that still exist to this day. The riders will compete on an approximately 1300km long journey circumnavigating Bohemia - crossing back-and-forth along national borders - riding through Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

May 18th 2022

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