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Prominent members of the community share their opinions on pressing issues in the sport.

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Ever wonder what your favourite rider takes along for the trip?

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Five Minutes With... Ashley Carelock

Lover of all things on two wheels, Ashley Carelock spends her time split between riding her fleet of bikes and running her farm in southwestern Colorado. She lines up at the Atlas Mountain Race this weekend as one to watch given her experience and success on similar terrain.

Bikes of Further Perseverance

Curating a kit list for a race with plentiful hike a bike, terrain ranging from tarmac to rock gardens, gradients steep enough to evoke vertigo and storms forecast is no small order. Racers have designed their kit list to be the ultimate compromise between weight and comfort.

Five Minutes With... Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont is a staple in the endurance cycling world. His impressive around the world in 80 days attempt gave the world an idea of what endurance was but last year he entered the world of ultra-racing at GBDURO21.

Bikes of GBDURO22

GBDURO poses one of the greatest kit-list conundrums for riders; a 2,000km mixed-terrain route with three checkpoints where many riders will be waiting outdoors for a day or more. Riders equip themselves for both the riding and the resting, not to mention the British weather.

Bikes of Bentang Jawa

This mostly road adventure down Indonesia requires the perfect balance between a robust steed and lightweight racing. What will our racers prioritise?

Five Minutes With... Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson may not be a name you're familiar with in the ultracycling world, however, you'll see him on the start line for this year's edition of Basajaun.

Bikes Of The Capitals by PedAlma

PEDALMA The Capitals is an ultra route connecting the Capitals of Catalonia. With plenty of climbing and some gravelly paths a light and versatile setup is key.

Bikes of Great British Divide

A length of Great Britain in August demands riders come prepared for all eventualities. Have a browse of what each intrepid rider thinks they'll need for this ride.

Bikes of Three Peaks Bike Race

Striking the balance between keeping weight down and being equipped for Alpine weather is one of the ultimate challenges for European racing and no more is it evident than the TPBR kit lists.

Bikes of Pan Celtic Race

A 2,530km race starting and ending in Wales with a lap of Ireland takes in some of the most unpredictable weather regions of the UK. No edition of the Pan Celtic Race has ever been spared bad weather; biblical rain in Cornwall and the storms in Scotland are in PCR Clan legend.

Bikes of Transpyrenees

Take a look at rider's chosen bikes and equipment lists for this year's Transpyrenees: a 1,080km road route with 25,000m of elevation and ticking off 33 Pyrenean cols. Certainly a race for the grimpeurs!

Bikes of HOPE 1000

A 1,000km point to point of the Swiss Alps can throw all weather forms at the riders; known to change from baking summer heat to mountain storms within hours, the Alps pose a challenging enviroment to equip for.

Bikes of Taunus Bikepacking No. 5

Taunus Bikepacking No. 5 throws all kinds of surfaces from smooth asphalt to rocky trails at the riders, making the bike choice for this 1,000 kilometer ride as individual as interesting. Many steep climbs and unpredictable weather will test the bikes, riders and equipment.

By: Jesko von Werthern

Bikes of Trans Balkan Race

The inaugural edition of any race demands riders to pack for the unknown. With a speculative idea of the terrain and conditions in they will face in Slovenia and Montenegro, riders must pick a bike for the race they expect to face with no previous kit lists to follow.

Bikes of Highland Trail 550

A race that's defined by its challenges; the terrain, weather and ground conditions all play a part in the hurdles riders will face. With one eye on the weather forecast, each rider chooses their own balance of preparedness and weight in the hope they've packed all they need.

Five Minutes With... Emma Bateup

Emma Bateup was a relatively unknown entity in the ultra-distance world until she jumped onto all our radars by winning the women's Tour Te Waipounamu this year. We spent 5 minutes with her to find out more about this phenomenal rider.

Bikes of Kromvojoj

Heading into a hilly inaugural race calls for riders to balance preparedness and minimal kit!

Bikes of Heading SouthWest

This inaugural edition of the ultra-distance site Finesterra's Heading Southwest will kick off this weekend. With plenty of new and established riders hitting the road take a look at what they've packed and how they're planning to tackle the Portuguese heat!

Bikes of Race Through Poland

Race Through Poland has moved back to its summer edition after heading out in September last year. Take a look at the bikes of... and enjoy finding out what our intrepid riders take along for the journey.

Five Minutes With... Badlands

Badlands is renowned for its diversity and opened our eyes to the variety of landscapes and terrains Andalucia has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about this year’s race and Badlands Rewild: the race’s new initiative to combat social and environmental problems in Andalucia.

We're looking for a new race coordinator!

Are you an avid DotWatcher, curious about how it all works? We're looking for a new race coordinator here at DotWatcher! Find out more...

Bikes of Seven Serpents

Into the unknown: riders take on this seven-checkpoint gravel race covering 800km from Slovenia through Croatia and its islands into Trieste, Italy via gravel and secondary roads.

Bikes of Wild West Country

The Wild West Country is the UK's new sub 1000km ultra from the creators of the Perfidious Albion, don't let the length fool you. Riders will be finding their way around the hilly Quantocks!

Bikes of Race around the Netherlands

What bike would you take for possibly the flattest utra race on the calendar? Find out how riders balance comfort and speed when elevation isn't a consideration but wind and potential wet weather are.

Bikes of Dales Divide

Cast an eye over the bikes and kit lists of the riders lining up at this 400km or 600km off-road loop from the West coast of England through the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors to the East coast and back again.

Bikes of GranGuanche Audax Gravel

The inaugural edition of GranGuanche's Gravel route sent riders into the unknown on an island little ridden by bikepackers. Heading to five of the Canary Islands to tackle its vast network of gravel roads and secondary paved roads all sewn together with four ferry journeys.

2022 Season Preview

Another year, another season of dotwatching delight! With old favourites and plenty of new races on the calendar, we look ahead to 2022 with some sneak peaks at routes and rider start lists.

Five Minutes With... India Landy

India Landy is no stranger to ultra-distance, blasting onto the scene in 2019. This March, with a week's notice, she headed out to Rwanda for the 1000km Race Around Rwanda.

What's your favourite dotwatching moment?

There is so much more to dotwatching than watching the dots; that's why we need you! Tell us your favourite dotwatching moments.

Winter Layering Q&A With Graeme Raeburn

In conditions that can reach -40C/-40F exposure is a real risk on the Iditarod Trail Invitational. To give us an idea of how to prepare for such climates Graeme Raeburn, Albion’s lead product designer is here to answer some questions.

Bikes of Race Around Rwanda

A race through the Land of a Thousand Hills demands a light and minimalist set up that will hold up against the weather curve balls the riders could face, with some unpaved roads thrown in to shake up the riding.

Five Minutes With... RJ Sauer

RJ Sauer is an adventurer at heart, documenting his intrepid explorations with words, pictures and films you may know him from a variety of different places. We spoke to him about his adventures, family and the upcoming Iditarod Trail Invitational.

DotWatcher Viewing Party - Safety to Nome

DotWatcher and Albion bring the Alaskan wilderness to London. Safety to Nome follows athletes on the extreme Iditarod Trail Invitational.

Two Peas in a Pod: More Pairs Racing

After the insights we gained from round one of our pairs racing feature we took a deeper dive into some more pairs from around the world.

5 Minutes With... Tegan Phillips

Tegan Phillips is an adventure cyclist from South Africa, focussing on uplifiting and empowering women in cycling. You may have also seen her entertaining yet provocative comics.

Five Minutes With... Dulkara Martig

Dulkara Martig spends her time in some of New Zealand and Alaska's wildest places, working and adventuring. Her experience from the first edition of the Tour Te Waipounamu offer a unique insight into a bonified adventurer's exploration into bikepacking.

Bikes of Tour Te Waipounamu 2022

A selection of the chosen rigs for the second edition of the Tour Te Waipounamu. With lessons learnt from 2021, have a browse at how the riders' kit lists have evolved.

Roundtable: The Role of the Media Crew

The role of the media crew in telling the story of a race both during and after the event has been instrumental in the growth of our sport but their potential influence on the race is disputed. We pose our questions to those with the most experience from either side of the lens.

Bikes of GranGuanche Audax Trail

GranGuanche Audax Trail - a self supported route across the Canary Islands.

Two Peas in a Pod: A Look at Pairs Racing

A unique feature of ultra-distance racing is the ability to compete as a pair. It seems to be the marmite of the ultra-world, either love it or hate it, it's here to stay. We spoke to some standout duos to learn more about the motivation behind this style of racing.

2021 End of Season Wrap

From the flames of 2020 came a dotwatcher's delight in 2021. Restrictions in travel made for many startlists to be dominated by domestic racers and we witnessed some household names cement their prominence as well as some new names bursting onto the scene.

Five Minutes With... Alice Lemkes

Alice Lemkes is a familiar name around the ultra-distance community in the UK. This year she took on the challenge of GBDURO and became one of the few finishers, hitting John O'Groats in 7th place. We talked racing mentality, her current projects and wild swimming tips.

Winter Watching: Ultra-Distance Films

The racing may be on hold for the snowy season, but we wouldn't want you to miss out on your ultra-distance fix. We've compiled a list of films to keep you entertained, binge them or create your own ultra-advent(ure) calendar!

2021 DotWatcher Awards

Welcome to the 2021 DotWatcher Awards! This year we are honouring some inspirational and dedicated riders who have made an impact on the 2021 race season.

Bikes of Across Andes 2021

Take a browse of the riders' chosen bikes and equipment for this gravel race across the Andean Mountains.

Five Minutes With... Jaimi Wilson

A new name in the ultra-racing scene, Jaimi Wilson lit up dotwatchers' screens this summer when she stormed to third place at GBDURO21, taking the women's title as well. We delve a little more into her ride and her background on the bike.

Five Minutes With... Scotti Lechuga

Seasoned pairs ultra-racer turned solo winner, Scotti Lechuga, shares with us her entry into ultracycling, tips for family bikepacking and how to master the perfect camp coffee.

Roundtable: How can our sport achieve better diversity through positive action?

In a changing world, organisers and coordinators are seeking to address the gender, racial and LGBTQ+ imbalances in bikepacking. We put some questions to these changemakers about their chosen methods for positive action, the benefits they’ve reaped and the work left to be done.

Bikes of Two Volcano Sprint 2021

A selection of the riders' chosen weapons for the roads between Italy's Mount Etna and Vesuvio.

Bikes of Race Through Poland 2021

With the last edition of Race Through Poland throwing some absolute curveballs with snow, rain and sleet the field thinned to a final 8 finishers. Remote settings and long climb require the perfect balance of weight and preparedness. Photo: Adrian Crapciu

Discover More

Race Reports

Follow along your old and new favourite races beyond just chasing dots. Our community of experts provide in depth commentary.


Prominent members of the community share their opinions on pressing issues in the sport.

5 Minutes With...

Learn more about the riders behind the dots.

Bikes of...

Ever wonder what your favourite rider takes along for the trip?

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Discover More

Race Reports

Follow along your old and new favourite races beyond just chasing dots. Our community of experts provide in depth commentary.


Prominent members of the community share their opinions on pressing issues in the sport.

5 Minutes With...

Learn more about the riders behind the dots.

Bikes of...

Ever wonder what your favourite rider takes along for the trip?

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