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Bikes of Two Volcano Sprint

A selection of the riders' chosen weapons for the roads between Italy's Mount Etna and Vesuvio.

Bikes of Race Through Poland

With the last edition of Race Through Poland throwing some absolute curveballs with snow, rain and sleet the field thinned to a final 8 finishers. Remote settings and long climb require the perfect balance of weight and preparedness. Photo: Adrian Crapciu

Roundtable: How do dotwatchers affect the racing experience?

As the sport of ultraracing has grown, so has its spectator experience: dotwatching. In the world of unsupported racing, we ask the panel how do dotwatchers affect the race experience?

Bikes of GBDURO

GBDURO is most accurately described as a four-stage 2,000km race. With grand departs from each CP the riders will be waiting at the CP from the moment they arrive until the grand depart and will need to pack for this stopping time.

Bikes of TransIbérica

We take a look at the rigs and equipment choices of riders who will be tackling the ~3,300km road free-route through the Iberian Peninsula ticking off the 9 checkpoints.

Roundtable: Should races enforce safety equipment that are additional to the country’s legal requirements?

Welcome to the DotWatcher Roundtable, a new feature where we invite prominent guests from our racing community to discuss a hot topic in unsupported racing. To kick things off, we’re posing some questions about rider safety in events.

Bikes of Great British Divide

The inaugural edition of a race brings a level of uncertainty in what to expect. With no previous years' kit lists to rely on, riders head into some of the most remote and challenging parts of GB with their personal selection of tried and tested kit.

Bikes of Three Peaks Bike Race

What machine does it take to conquer three brutal peaks in Europe? We delve into some of the choices riders have made for the 2021 Three Peaks Bike Race.

Bikes of Pan Celtic Race

The British Isles are notorious for their tempermental weather system but the Celtic Nations are their own beast. The least predictable regions of the UK make for some of the most dialled-in packing lists.

Bikes of Transpyrenees

Riders head into the final week of preparations for the Transpyrenees and with their bikes and kit lists dialled in, we take a look at their chosen kit lists for a 1,000km route over 36 Pyrenean cols covering a total of 27,000m of climbing. ⛰️🚵

European race availability 2021

Need a racing fix this year? We have you covered. We've been in contact with many European organisers to compile a list of races that are either full or still accepting entries and some other options for getting in some racing kilometres.

Five Minutes With... James Craven and Brad Shenton

Two childhood friends took on the King Alfred's Way route solo but they both took the FKT. Keen to know how that's possible? Continue reading.

By: Jon Endres

Bikes of the Highland Trail 550

The HT550 is back following its 2020 hiatus with a star studded line up of some of the best racers in the UK. A Best of British roster with former winners and those looking to redeem themselves after a very wet 2019.

Bikes Of Race Around the Netherlands

What bike would you take for possibly the flattest utra race on the calendar? Found out how riders balance comfort and speed when elevation isn't a consideration.

Bikes of Dales Divide

A route with a blend of singletrack, bridleways, 4x4 tracks and tarmac calls for a versatile bike. Each rider has chosen their perfect compromise of comfort and speed to meet the varying demands of this off-road route.

Orbit360 Ride For A Reason

Riders have one week left to submit their rides for the inaugural Orbit360 virtual challenge ‘Ride For A Reason’ (#rideFAR).

Five Minutes With... Ben Davies

Ben Davies' recent 2nd place in TCRno7 (First Male), was his third TCR, progressing from 44th, 10th and finally 2nd. His is not a story of a new rider bursting onto a podium, but a tale of years of work and developing the skills and experience needed to succeed in these rides.

Five Minutes With... Alex Hotchin

Best known for her ability to put place to paper, Alex's work transports readers to a land faraway and instills wanderlust to any lucky enough to behold her work.

Five Minutes With... Emma Flukes

First and foremost a proud Tasmanian; she's the brains behind Tassie Gift and the brawn behind last year's second place Victoria Divide finish. We get to know a little more about the woman behind the instagram posts.

Five Minutes With... Hayden McCormick

Hayden is a Kiwi rider who stormed the inaugural Badlands last year into second place. A high achievement for any rider, but even more so for a man who only took up the sport at the start line in Grenada. We catch up with him ahead of the inaugural Tuatara 1000 in his motherland.

Bikes of Victoria Divide

With previous winning times ranging from 40 to 44 hours, the front runners carry very little to no sleep equipment. Keep an eye out for the very lightly loaded bikes, they'll be ridden by those at the pointy end of the race. 📸 Jimmy Röstlund

Bikes Of Tour Te Waipounamu

Inaugural editions bring both excitement and uncertainty. For the riders, they face going into New Zealand's high country with no previous kit lists, no comparisons or guidelines to follow; merely their experience and intuition. And the Tour Te Waipounamu is no exception.

Bikes of Journey Around Rwanda

As the Race Around Rwanda was adapted into the Journey Around Rwanda, so were the riders' kit lists. No longer a race and with hotel stops each night, we saw riders ditch any sleeping equipment for some clothes to wear to dinner each night, and a wide array of flipflops.

2020 DotWatcher Awards

We honour some of the admirable and inspirational stories from this year's unsupported ultra cycling races and efforts.

Five Minutes With... Chris Hall

Chris Hall is someone who loves a challenge, his most recent of which raised over £12,000 for the PACE Centre. We spoke to Chris about his life in cycling, his 107TDF challenge and his motivations to ride.

By: Tom Olver

Bikes of Two Volcano Sprint 2020

Which bikes will ride to the finish at Mount Etna? Find out more about the riders and their rigs right here.

20,000 km on the Transcontinental Race

Doug Migden has achieved what many would consider a true feat of endurance. He's completed five Transcontinental Races throughout which he has learned a lot. Here, Doug shares his musings from across the continent and what those thousands of kilometres mean to him.

Five Minutes With... Chiru Bikes

Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan is the brains behind the Chiru Bikes and his passion for long-distance cycling inspired the creation of the brand. We sat down with him to find out what it takes to build some of the toughest bikes around.

Bikes of Race Around The Netherlands

A race for the time triallists who need to carry everything around an entire country.

Bikes of Transpyrenees (2020)

With a lot of riders now en route to Spain for the beginning of the Transpyrenees race, we've received a selection of the bikes that'll be toughing it out on the tarmac between Llança and San Sebastian.

Bikes of Three Peaks Bike Race 2020

What machine does it take to conquer three brutal peaks in Europe? We delve into some of the choices riders have made for the 2020 Three Peaks Bike Race.

Five Minutes With... The Racing Collective

The Racing Collective describe themeselves as 'a community of self-supported racers who love wild places'. With an already full calender or exciting Trans and XDuro trials, we discover plans for the 2020 GBDuro and environmental priorities in endurance events.

By: Tom Olver

Five Minutes With... Jochen Böhringer

Two-time winner of the Hope 1000 sits down with us to discuss his 2020 win and the new course record.

NEW: Rider Profiles

Update your details, upload a picture and let fans and followers know your next races.

WIN: South Away by Meaghan Hackinen

We interviewed Meaghan Hackinen about her cycling exploits this week.

Top 10 ultra-endurance films

2020 has begun with mixed emotions: we saw a cracker of a race back in February but since then, we've been cast into a world of the unknown. To help you along, we've put together a list of our favourite films, in no particular order of course.

Five Minutes With... Lewis Ciddor

Lewis Ciddor is no stranger to the start lists of races around the world. He won Tour Divide in 2018 and he's kicked off 2020 with a win in his home state of Victoria in Australia. We had a quick chat with him as soon as his heart rate returned to rest pace.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Women of #AMR2020

Twelve women have set off from Marrakesh as part of the inaugural Atlas Mountain Race, so Beccy Waters took some time to get to know some of them. Who are they and what does it take to take on a race like this?

By: Beccy Waters

IndiPac's Trail Angel, Kay Haarsma

Kay Haarsma lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Every year, she opens up her home for the Indian Pacific Wheel Race riders to offer them a few creature comforts on their journey through to Sydney.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

2019 DotWatcher Awards

We honour some of the admirable and inspirational stories from this year's races.

Bikes of Two Volcano Sprint 2019

A selection of the bikes making their way between Vesuvio and Etna.

2019 End of Season Wrap

We take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the best bits of the season gone by.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

WIN: Emily Chappell's Where There's A Will

Emily Chappell is a household name in endurance racing. We have a copy of her latest book, 'Where There's A Will' to give away.

How to photograph your bike

How to get those all-important shots of your bike before the off!

By: Breakaway Digital

Push Bikes of Paris-Brest-Paris

The 1200km randonée attracts the most weird and wonderful bicycles.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Bikes of the Transcontinental

Ultra-endurance races always attract a quirky selection of bikes and this year's Transcontinental is no different. With everything from good old fashioned steel to modern rigs of titanium and carbon, it was a real array of bicycle beauty.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Five Minutes With... Juliana Buhring

Juliana Buhring is known for holding world records, winning ultra-endurance bike races and inspiring others to push their limits. We discuss her new role as Race Director of a new event, Two Volcano Sprint happening this November in Italy.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Five Minutes With... Jenny Tough

Jenny Tough has made a name for herself in the ultracycling world over the last few years. After completing 2018's SRMR, she's back for TCRNo7 this year.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Five Minutes With... TransIbérica Ultracycling

After a prologue race in 2018, the TransIbérica returns along with its sister race, Transpyrenees, for an exciting 2019. We spoke to race organisers Carlos, Azahara and David about what we can expect from this year's events.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Five minutes with... James Hayden & Sofiane Sehili

Joint Italy Divide winners chat to us about that famous finish and spill the beans on what's next for both of them.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

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