Davis Pazars

Driven by curiosity about human endurance, Davis was introduced to cycling to stay fit during university. Ultra-endurance cycling evolved for Davis to be more than just a means of challenging himself and embarking on new adventures, it has become a lifestyle. All the way from daydreaming and planning to self-reflection, ultra-endurance events give Davis something to look forward to. Beyond racing, Davis also enjoys writing and giving back to the community, through many avenues including DotWatcher commentary.

Written by Davis Pazars

Race Reports

Hydra Epic VI 2023

The Hydra Epic trail traverses Baltic countries from north to south, from Estonia, through Latvia to Lithuania over technical cross country singletracks, gravel sections and everchanging forest roads via four checkpoints.

Jan 19th 2023

Transcontinental Race No9

Considered by many as the halo event of the season, the TCR has been the inspiration for much of the European calendar and its influence on the sport it hard to overstate. Pegged as one of the shortest but hilliest editions of the TCR, No9 is sure to be another jewel in the crown of the dotwatching calendar.

Feb 20th 2023

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