Mel Webb

Lover of detours and hike-a-bike, Mel is happiest on two wheels. She's toed the line of Silk Road and Hellenic Mountain Race. When she's not pushing the pedals (or her bike up a mountain), she's immersed in her creative pursuits, bringing her cycling adventures to life through colourful illustrations and design.

Written by Mel Webb

Race Reports

BC Epic 1000 2023

The BC Epic has a few sections of challenging singletrack and the rest is mostly rough gravel forest service road and about 100km paved. The route crosses through a great diversity of terrian and ecosystems with remarkable scenery, trestles hundereds of feet high and multiple tunnels. This is an offroad, unofficial, completely self-supported bikepacking group ride in the spirit the underground 'Tour divide' style and under the same rules.

Feb 10th 2023

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