Nelia Puhze

Sailor turned cyclist. Fairly new to the ultra game. I like the long way and will always choose a scenic gravel climb over a flat main road.

Written by Nelia Puhze

Race Reports

GranGuanche Audax Gravel 2022

The first edition of GranGuanche's Gravel audax takes in five of the Canary Islands with four ferry journeys. In true audax spirit, riders must be self-supported but are allowed to ride together and draft one another.

Mar 19th 2022

SUCH Bike 2022

The Swiss Ultra Cycling Challenge is a free-route ultra where riders have to pass through all 26 cantons (states) and additional checkpoints dotted around the country. The race always starts on a Wednesday at 10.10am at any train station in Switzerland and finishes at the Bundesplatz in Berne.

Sep 1st 2022

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