Wendy Ellis

Wendy likes being outside on a bike with everything she needs for a long distance adventure on- or off-road, preferably where there are mountains. You may also find her on a fixed gear, unsuccessfully going around courses with too many tight corners. Based in France, she is always looking for ways to perfect her baguette-in-cycling-jersey technique.

Written by Wendy Ellis

Race Reports


Often referred to as the "scrappy rolling picnic through Britain's ever changing landscapes", in more detail, GBDURO is a four-stage mixed terrain race from the Southern-most tip of England up to Scotland's John O'Groats with three checkpoints in mid-Wales, the Pennines and Scottish Highlands.

Apr 14th 2022

The Unknown Race 2023

This inaugural race around Lyon is a free-route that's adopted an unusual format: the first CP will only be revealed one hour before the start and the second CP at CP1. Into the unknown these trusting souls go!

Jan 12th 2023

Dales Divide 2022

This 600km route traverses two of the UK's National Parks: The Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. Unsurprisingly, the April weather in the North of England can easily help define this race.

Mar 7th 2022

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