Bikes of Basajaun 2023

Bikes of Basajaun 2023

28 July, 2023

The bikes of Basajaun, a 750km race through the Basque Country which is short enough to be a siren call to the gravel racers but long enough for the hardcore ultra-racers. Get ready for some speed machines.

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William Brossard

Name: William Brossard

Age: 45

Cap number: 140

Location: France

Bike: Salsa Cutthroat

Key items of kit: Apidura Bags...


Name: Michele

Age: 50

Cap number: 30026

Location: Portgruaro


Key items of kit: CAMPAGNOLO EKAR group set FULCRUM CARBON wheel set Bike packing powered by VAP CYCLING

Gary williams

Name: Gary williams

Age: 55

Cap number: 40

Location: Cadiar

Bike: Ican X Gravel

Key items of kit: Ican x gravel frame with hunt wheels and mainly GRX grupo. Geosmina bags for all my kit. Standard bivvy type sleep system. Battery packs for my lights and gps.

Joost Doelman

Name: Joost Doelman

Age: 53

Cap number: 234

Location: The Netherlands / Amerongen

Bike: 8Bar Mitte

Key items of kit: Restrap / Topeak

Liher rodriguez eguen

Name: Liher rodriguez eguen

Age: 43

Cap number: 64

Location: Salamanca

Bike: Rizzo gravel acero

Key items of kit: Cuadro de acero hecha a mano marca Rizzo,horquilla Enve carbono,manillar Enve gravel carbono,cambio trasero y cassette Sram XX1 axs y bielas,plato,manetas Sram Force axs,potenciometro Sram Quarq,llantas DT Swiss XMC 1200 Goldstandar,cubiertas Specilized Phatfinder 700x43,conjunto bolsas de cuadro,top tube y manillar Restrap,bolsa sillin Pro. Gps Hammerhead Karro 2

Carlos Azevedo

Name: Carlos Azevedo

Age: 33

Cap number: 60

Location: Famalicão, Portugal

Bike: I opted for comfort and I will be riding my mountain bike TREK Procaliber 9.7. For the race I added innerbarends to have a narrower position and added some bar tape to the center of the handlebar so I can have more positions with soft grip. I also mounted two 29x2.25 Vittoria Mezcal tires as I find them to be really fast and reliable.

Key items of kit: For the bags I will use a mix bags that I have been purchased over the years based on recommendations but also on special sales I've found. :) I am using a Topeak Backloader 10l, a custom frame bag by Lesenok bags and two top tube bags from Deuter(0.5l) and Restrap(0.8l). On the seat bag I will carry my sleeping system (bivy, lightweight mattress and down jacket) as well as leg and arm warmers and some spare socks. On the frame bag I will carry my tools and spare parts, power bank, toiletries, first aid kit, chargin cables, etc. The top tube bags will be used mostly to carry snacks. In addition I will be carrying a camelbak chase vest with a 1.5l bladder.

For the front lights I will be using a Lezyne 1600XXL and a really awesome and lightweight NITECORE NU25 which I will mount every night as a helmet light. For the back light I will be using a Lezyne and a cheaper decathlon light as backup.

Holly Seear & Steve Davidson

Name: Holly Seear & Steve Davidson

Age: 47

Cap number: 294 & 295

Location: Windsor

Bike: Vielo V+1 Race Edition Gravel Bikes

Key items of kit: Apidura Frame and saddle bags, with 3L frame bladders for hydration. Exposure Zenith and Joystick lights. Garmin 1040 solar. Vittoria Mezcal 650b 2.1.

Adam Hockley

Name: Adam Hockley

Age: 29

Cap number: 189

Location: Salamanca, Spain

Bike: I'll be riding my 3T Exploro Racemax with mixed DA/105/GRX groupset, with gearing of 38 x 11-42. This will be rolling on Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H 650x45 tires on FarSports gravel wheelset. Kited out with Miss Grape bags totalling 17L capacity. Elite cages and bidons for 1.5L of fluid, plus a further 1.5L in a Nathan hydration pack. Finally, I'll be using Crankbrothers Eggbeater pedals with Giro Empire SLX road shoes.

Key items of kit: All my key pieces of kit are for comfort. I can't survive an ultra without Squirt Barrier Balm on my underside, my Sierra Designs Backcountry bivy and Thermarest sleeping pad. Then just some good music to keep the positivity, fun is fast!

Erik Bizzoni

Name: Erik Bizzoni

Age: 34

Cap number: 72

Location: Bergamo (ITA)

Bike: CHUCK Bice Bicycle Wandrian

Key items of kit: Super solid hell frame made from the hands of the devil Dario Colombo.

Custom made blade paradisiac carbon wheels made by reverend Alberto Carrara from "La Bottega del Ciclista"

Mullet "no sponsor" drivetrain. 38x10/50 ratio


Steve Eastwood

Name: Steve Eastwood

Age: 64

Cap number: 280

Location: Chester, UK

Bike: Enigma Escape

Key items of kit: Tailfin Aeropack & top tube bag, Garmin 1040, Roval Terra wheels with Pirelli Cincurato 45mm tyres, Exposure Race front light and Exposure Blaze rear light. GRX 810 modified with a Kogel Kolossus cage to take an 11-40 cassette

Iñigo Cordal

Name: Iñigo Cordal

Age: 32

Cap number: 198

Location: Hondarribia, Euskal Herria

Bike: Focus Atlas 6.8 2023 Shimano GRX 400 2x10 Kenda Tires Flintridge Pro 700x40

Key items of kit: Restrap frame bag Restrap front bag Decathlon stem bag Rockbros top frame bag Rhinowalk saddle bag 3 botle holder

Pillu Machine

Name: Pillu Machine

Age: 50

Cap number: 117

Location: Madrid

Bike: Canyon Grizl Wheels DTSwiss 1800 Group Shimano GRX 810 48/31 - 11-42

Key items of kit: Saddle bag: Riverside 2,5 l Handlebar bag: Ortlieb 3,5 l Frameset bag: Apidura/ Canyon - Riverside Lights: Cateye AMPP 1100 GPS: Tow Nav Cross + Wahoo Element Bolt

Andrew James Ruickbie

Name: Andrew James Ruickbie

Age: 47

Cap number: 153

Location: Turkiye

Bike: Soulrider- Gravel

Key items of kit: Soulrider Gravel- Beskar tubes fused by Mandalorian bike builder Soulrider Frameworks Paint ‘Saharan Twilight’ by Mr Soulrider Frameworks. Sram 1x 10-42/ Absolute Black oval 38t Wheels- Hunt Tyres - WTB Nano 40mm Lighting Supernova, back up light Exposure Sirus Frame & top tube bags Apidura, saddle bag Alpkit

Willem Evers

Name: Willem Evers

Age: 28

Cap number: 155

Location: Amsterdam

Bike: Isaac Hadron Explore (40x48)

Key items of kit: - toptube bag

  • tube bag
  • downtube bag
  • saddle bag


Name: Joep

Age: 28

Cap number: 267

Location: Netherlands

Bike: Canyon Grizl 7 AL

Key items of kit: Frame bag full of stroopwafels and suikerwafels (Dutch snacks) and the Wolf Tooth pump bag for al my spare parts and tools.

Christophe ILIOU

Name: Christophe ILIOU

Age: 58

Cap number: 24

Location: Tardets-Sorholus, France

Bike: LÉON « LaRage » (Titane) Tire: WTB VENTURE 47 Cassette sprocket: 11-40 Chainring: 52-34

Key items of kit: Luggage: RESTRAP Light: SUPERNOVA GPS: GARMIN 1040 solar Clothing: EXTEONDO

Loris Ortlieb

Name: Loris Ortlieb

Age: 30

Cap number: 29

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Bike: Standert Erdgeschoss, Shimano GRX 2x11 mechanical with 48/31 Crank and 11/42 Cassette (used a GoatLink to make this possible), SON Dynamohub, B&M IQ-X Light, Sinewave Cycles Revolution for charging my Powerbank, Ergon Gravel Bartape, Topeak Wishbone with additional waterbottlecages, waxed chain, Rene Herse Manastash Ridge Tires (44mm - tubeless), Profile Design Aerobars

Key items of kit: Ortlieb Bags, Apidura/Canyon Top Tube bag, Restrap food Pouches, Wahoo ELMNT Bolt V2 for Navigation, Quadlock Mount, Repairkit (Dynaplug, Multitool, tiny Leatherman, CO2, Rene Herse nuda pump, 2x tubes, tire levers, cable tied, tape, brankepads, chain wax), Outdoor Research Helium Bivy, Therm-a-rest NeoAir Uberlight, Pajak Radical 1Z Sleepingbag, Cocoon Core UL Pillow (luxury Item), Powerbank, Apidura Hydration Vest, arm-/leg-warmers, buff, rain jacket, down jacket, melon optics photochromic sunglasses with prescription glasses, titanium spoon (luxury item for supermarket food), Petzl Actic Core light with special mount on the helmet

Johannes Schneider

Name: Johannes Schneider

Age: 42

Cap number: 115

Location: Munich (Germany)

Bike: I’ll ride my Canyon Inflite CF SLX. For Badlands I mounted a 1x12s SRAM Eagle X01 groupset, a 38T chainring and a 10/52 cassette. I will use Reynolds wheels as they came with the bike and them fitted with tubeless Schwalbe G-One Bite tires. Personally, I would like to go with 45mm wide tires, but I can only fit 40mm in the back. During the night, I rely on Lupine SL Mono in the front and Lupine Rotlicht Max for the rear.

Key items of kit: I use the Apidura 7L Racing Saddle Bag for clothing and sleeping, the Apidura 1L Racing Top Tube Bag for food on-the-go and a Dyed in the Wool Custom Frame Pack for extra food, hygiene essentials and electronics. After attempting other events with a bigger and heavier configuration, my current setup provides enough space for this adventure. My two favorites are a lightweight bivvy bag that contains a mesh to keep biting midges away and DMR pedals with 3d printed bumpers (shoutout to my mate Martin) that match my shoe for extra support.

Yves Wyckmans

Name: Yves Wyckmans

Age: 54

Cap number: 256

Location: Switzerland

Bike: Cervélo Aspero

Key items of kit: Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels with tubeless Tufo Thundero 44mm (max I could fit). Low 30x40 gear. Shimano GRX Di2. Apidura and Geosmina bags. 3l water supply to survive the Bardenas Reales desert

Pau Sansixto

Name: Pau Sansixto

Age: 42

Cap number: 23

Location: l'Alcúdia (Spain)

Bike: Orbea Terra M20i Team

Key items of kit: GRX DI2 31/48 - 11/40 with Oval QRings Speedsix Player wheels with Pirelli Cinturato M 45mm front and Cinturato H 45mm rear. Powermeter 4iiii left crank. Rear bag: Apidura race 5ltrs Top tube: Restrap long 1,5ltrs Handlebar bag: GSport Xplore 2ltrs Garmin 840 Front light Bontrager ION Pro x2 Rear light also Bontrager Power bank Anker 10000mha

Daniel Gosling

Name: Daniel Gosling

Age: 38

Cap number: 113

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Bike: Mason Bokeh - 50mm/45mm Pirelli M tyres, GRX 2x with 40T cassette, vecnum suspension stem, Deda Gera alu bars, with wheelset by Frasenworks in Barcelona.

Key items of kit: Mixed set of bags - Tailfin , Apidura, Akin Softgoods, Revelate with Apidura hydration vest. Lights by Silva, Magicshine , and with Hammerhead GPS


Name: Crispín

Age: 41

Cap number: 27

Location: Castelldefels

Bike: Bike: Rose Backroad Group set: Shimano GRX 810 Di2 48-31 / 11-46 Fork: RockShox Rudy 40mm Tires: Michelin Power Gravel 700x47c

Key items of kit: Sleeping system: Sea to Summit Ether Light XT insulated air mat / Sea to Summit liner Dynamo hub: SP Front light: kLite ultra gravel edition Rear ligths: Garmin Varia Radar RTL515 / Bontrager Flare RT Aero Bars: Redshift Quick release Saddle bag: Ortielb Seat Pack Frame bag: Apidura Expedition Frame Pack Top tube bag: Apidura Expedition Top Tube Pack Handlebar bag: Apidura Food Pouch Headlamp: Petzl Actik Core

Tomas Erro

Name: Tomas Erro

Age: 42

Cap number: 61

Location: Bilbao, Basque country

Bike: Transition Rapture CX

Key items of kit: Fulcrum red passion 3 wheels with Hutchinson Touareg 700x40c tyres, Redshift Kitchen Sink bars, Fizik Aislante saddle, groupset mix of Shimano 105 and GRX crankset (46-30) with a Sram 10-42 cassette. Geosmina frame bag, Vaude saddle bag, Lines Cycles handlebar bag (custom made) Time ATAC pedals

Emmanuel Nataf

Name: Emmanuel Nataf

Age: 33

Cap number: 214

Location: London, UK

Bike: I will be riding the bike that allowed me to complete Traka 360, but with bigger tires to make things easier for my hands and back on rough descents.

Cicli Barco XCr frame Campagnolo Ekar, 38T ring and 10-44T cassette Enve 3.4 Rene Herse 48 mm Oracle Ridge TC front, 44mm Manastash Ridge TC rear with endurance casing PRO Missile Evo Carbon Clip-On PRO Stealth Superlight Saddle

Key items of kit: Apidura Expedition packs


Name: Arnaud

Age: 46

Cap number: 73

Location: Ingolstadt, Germany

Bike: My bike is a Rose Backroad with carbon frame. The 'double mullet' build was very fun to ride during Seven Serpents Quick Bite but I tried to improve it a bit still. I am now running both tires tubeless for example, which drastically improves comfort and adherence. Maybe I will skip the bag attached to the fork for the event.

Key items of kit: Key items: The double mullet: 700 front / 650 rear, and Road shifting with MTB rear derailleur and cassette. Vamos!

Lucas Silva Garcia

Name: Lucas Silva Garcia

Age: 45

Cap number: 122

Location: Sevilla

Bike: Specialized Diverge

Key items of kit: Ein?

Javier Bañón Izu

Name: Javier Bañón Izu

Age: 44

Cap number: 45215

Location: Toledo

Bike: Cinelli Hobootleg Geo 2023 'Bikepacker edition' with Columbus Cromor Double Butted Steel frame. Shimano groupset 2x10 36/26 & 11-40 mix of GRX and Tiagra. Flared handlebars with VAP Butterfly kit, 6-eyelet fork, hydraulic disc brake caliper coupled with a mechanical actuator as well as a geometry that is derived from classic rigid mountainbikes. 650B carbon wheels (Specialized Traverse) with Ritchey ZMAX Evolution 2.8" tyres. Redshift Shockstop PRO Suspension seatpost and Vecnum FreeQnce stem suspension for epic comfort.

Key items of kit: I use Tailfin alloy aeropack in the rear wheel. In the main triangle two bottles and a couple of frame bags. The biggest, Geosmina, and the other one in the Top tube is a Restrap bag. In the handlebar I use a VAP Butterfly kit with an Ortlieb dry bag. My light is an Exposure Toro and I use it in the top of the aero bars.

Albert Cufí

Name: Albert Cufí

Age: 49

Cap number: 144

Location: Girona (Catalunya)

Bike: Trek Procaliber 9.8

Key items of kit: Saddle bag and frame bag: Ortlieb Top frame bag: Apidura


Name: William

Age: 55

Cap number: 65

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Bike: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Custom Ti frame by Titan, based on a Santa Cruz Chameleon V7, 3 x 10 XTR groupset from 2012 and Reynolds carbon XC wheels from the same year. Rockshox SID Ultimate 120, Fabric Scoop saddle, Cane Creek e-silk+ seatpost, Vittoria Terreno G2 Skinwall 2.25"

Key items of kit: Tailfin Aeropack alu., Apidura Backcountry Long Top Tube Pack and 1.5l hydration bladder, Alpkit Stingray custom framebag, Magicshine RN3000 and Garmin Edge 1040+

Ernest Pilecki

Name: Ernest Pilecki

Age: 33

Cap number: 168

Location: Piła, Poland

Bike: Rondo Ruut Al1

Key items of kit: EarPods

Joe Jackson

Name: Joe Jackson

Age: 36

Cap number: 84

Location: Spain

Bike: Canyon Grizl CF SLX

Key items of kit: Garmin 840 Apidura x Canyon bags Apidura frame hydration pack PAS Normal Studios PAS Normal Studios wind jacket Rapha Tech T-Shirts Rapha goretex jacket

Dries Smeuninx

Name: Dries Smeuninx

Age: 41

Cap number: 196

Location: Belgium

Bike: Scott Spark RC 900 SRAM Eagle XX1 30T 10/50 Aero bars with SRAM blip shifters Rock Shox SID Ultimate Fox Nude DPS Pirelli Scorpion XC RC Selle Italia Superflow Endurance Wahoo Elemnt Ram V2

Key items of kit: Ortlieb Seat Pack 16.5l Ortlieb Accessory Pack (slide-on aero bars) Ortlieb Cockpit Pack Rockrider FL940 main front light Lezyne 1100XL backup front light Lezyne Laser drive main rear light Lezyne KTV Pro drive backup rear light

Tobias Christensen

Name: Tobias Christensen

Age: 30

Cap number: 118

Location: Helsingør, Denmark

Bike: Singlebe custom gravelbike, 38x10-52 mullet setup, aerobars for comfort, and of the most important parts is the custom made saddle by Posedla, haven’t had saddle or back problems since I got it. 700x47C Specialized Pathfinder tyres.

Key items of kit: My Dyneema bags from Aldr.Works, Dyneema bivy, silk liner, pillow and down jacket for sleep. Ultralight POC ventral lite helmet, POC Elicit glasses, Wahoo Roam v2 for trusty navigation, and Maurten to keep me going. G8 innersoles for some extra comfort for the feet in my S-Works Recon shoes.

Emil Møller

Name: Emil Møller

Age: 29

Cap number: 22

Location: Copenhagen

Bike: I’m riding my Open UP set up with a mullet drivechain (40t front and 10-52 back). Wheels are Zipp 303 Firecrests equipped with Rene Herse 38mm Steilacoms. Aerobars are from 3T.

Key items of kit: Wahoo Element Roam for navigation and long battery life. POC Ventral lite helmet & elicit glasses for some lightheaded climbing. Posedla Joyseat saddle. G8 Insoles for feeling in the toes. Maurten hydration. Custom 3D printed aerobar bridge and headset spacer. Custom made prototype dyneema bags from Merit Gear. My mom-made bivy bag. Exposure lights to keep the path visible.

James Knight

Name: James Knight

Age: 31

Cap number: 68

Location: London (UK)

Bike: Mason Bokeh with Sram Rival ETAP, 38t chainring with 10-44 cassette. Wheels from Arkane Wheelworks, front Son Dynamo Hub, with Hutchinson Touareg 40mm tyres.

Key items of kit: Ortlieb frame and saddle pack, Apidura tob tube bag, Tailfin down tube bag, and wearing an Apidura hydration vest.

Simon Alvarez Belon

Name: Simon Alvarez Belon

Age: 24

Cap number: 278

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Bike: I'll be riding through the Basque Country on my Fairlight Secan 2.5 steel rig built up with Joergen from Parallel Handbuilt in the Netherlands.

The bike runs a SRAM Rival AXS Wide transmission, 650b DT Swiss rims holding 2.2 Maxxis Ikon (comfort is speed right?), Hope RS4 hub out back, and out front a SON hub powering a K-lite MTB light set and USB charger, Brooks C15 Saddle, Ritchey Venturemax handlebar, Cane Creek eeSilk Compliance Seatpost. The idea behind the setup is comfort and fun on long mixed-terrain rides like this one.

Key items of kit: The highlight of my kit has to be the custom-made frame and stem bags, created by my friend Leanne Bentley from @carrie.gere . The frame bag is modular and for a while I was thinking of bringing the full-frame version but managed to keep things more minimal, opening up room for water storage.

Other notable items: Garmin 530 for navigation. Decathlon saddlebag and Revelate Designs Harness paired with a Sea to Summit compression sack holding my sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad.

Jesús David Morente Sánchez

Name: Jesús David Morente Sánchez

Age: 44

Cap number: 26

Location: Murcia, España

Bike: It's a serie bike. Mérida Reacto 5000 (2016) with Shimano Ultegra 11s, 11-30 and FSA 50-34t chainset. Rear wheel DT Swiss 1800 and front wheel Mérida, both of them with tubes and Continental Ultrasport 700x28. Only I've changed the tires to 28.

Key items of kit: The ladder bag sahoobag attack for 9 liters and the outpost frame bag L for 7 liters. Saddle bag stabilizer support and water bottles.