Bikes Of Poco Loco

Bikes Of Poco Loco

23 September, 2022

Alexandre Mouratille

Name: Alexandre Mouratille

Age: 48

Cap number: 8

Location: Maureillas-las-illas, Pyrénées Orientales

Bike: GIRS RnR 2022, SRAM Force 38 T, cassette E.Thirteen 9-46. Roues : Campagnolo Levante Carbone.

Key items of kit: Sacoches Batsoul, duvet D4 et bivy SOL. "Start with legs, finish with mental" dixit Gravelman.

Thomas Guillem

Name: Thomas Guillem

Age: 36

Cap number: 74

Location: Paris

Bike: Felt F85 2013

Key items of kit: - Restrap race bags

  • saddle bag
  • GPS + 1 bottle on the aerobar
  • 1 bottle + tools on the frame

Sébastien Scotto di Fasano

Name: Sébastien Scotto di Fasano

Age: 34

Cap number: 110

Location: Marseille, France

Bike: Canyon Endurace

Key items of kit: Apidura bags and lights are K-Lite Dynamo (front) and Knog (rear).

Thomas Delaplace

Name: Thomas Delaplace

Age: 42

Cap number: 93

Location: Toulouse, France

Bike: Giant TCR 1 Advance

Key items of kit: ...

Chloé Nély

Name: Chloé Nély

Age: 27

Cap number: 70

Location: Grenoble, France

Bike: Caminade AllRoad with SRAM Force 1 and Mavic Allroad SL wheels.

Key items of kit: Sacoche guidon Apidura and sacoche de selle Rivelo.

Rob Milnes

Name: Rob Milnes

Age: 42

Cap number: 99

Location: UK

Bike: Bombtrack Hook

Key items of kit: Apidura Bags with bivvy, sleeping bag, stove. Dynamo hub and K-lite light system.

Félicien Bourdin

Name: Félicien Bourdin

Age: 27

Cap number: 75

Location: Montpellier, France

Bike: Van Rysel Ultra RCR

Key items of kit: Sacoche de cadre, sacoche de selle.

Bancons Clément

Name: Bancons Clément

Age: 34

Cap number: 71

Location: Capbreton France

Bike: Canyon Grizl Cf Sl 7 Roue Zipp 303s Pneu tubeless Pirelli Pzero 28mm

Key items of kit: - Powerbank Anker PowerCore 13000

  • Kit Réparation ( 2 chambres Air/cartouche CO2, ect..)
  • cuissard Maap altroad cargo
  • cuissard @lebram.cycling Iseran Endurance
  • Veste Etxeondo Teknika
  • Maillot @fastclub_cafe 2022 manche longue
  • Maillot de Corps Thermique @ekoicycling
  • K-way @gorewear WEAR C5 1985 GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY 
  • Jambière @fujibikes
  • Manchette Etxeondo
  • 2 paires de chaussettes Le Bram Aspin/ Ventoux
  • Mitaine @castellicycling Endurance
  • Gant Long Castelli Diluvio
  • Gilet de sécurité Nathan
  • Sol   Emergency Bivvy
  • Couverture de survie Forclaz réutilisable
  • Barres @cliffbarcompany / Gel Overstims / Gommes @powerbar
  • Électrolyte PowerBar
  • baume anti frottement @squirt
  • baume du tigre rouge

Lison Sallé

Name: Lison Sallé

Age: 28

Cap number: 29

Location: Saint Amans Valtoret, France

Bike: Lynksey, Sram red, Berthoud saddle

Key items of kit: Ortlieb bags, sleeping bag, matress, Lezyne lights

Sébastien Riou

Name: Sébastien Riou

Age: 37

Cap number: 129

Location: Périgueux, France

Bike: Axxome 350 with 31/48 chainrings et 11/34 cassette.

Key items of kit: Poids du vélo 16kg

Guillaume Day

Name: Guillaume Day

Age: 40

Cap number: 94

Location: Marseille, France

Bike: Giant ADV TCR CCC

Key items of kit: Bickepacking Apidura et Topeak, light Lezyne, Garmin Edge 1030 Plus and Quad Lock.

Max Schnell - Gang

Name: Max Schnell - Gang

Age: 28

Cap number: 15

Location: Worldwide

Bike: As a product tester and ambassador for Riverside, my bike for the Poco Loco is a prototype of the RT 540 a touring MTB.

Key items of kit: Handlebars bag, saddle bag, half frame bag, and plenty of food pouches and bottles fixed on the frame.

Sybille de La Raudière

Name: Sybille de La Raudière

Age: 27

Cap number: 134

Location: France

Bike: Bianchi Aria

Key items of kit: Not sure what to say here

Olivier Maria

Name: Olivier Maria

Age: 30

Cap number: 5

Location: Lille, France

Bike: Origine Trail: a very basic aluminium frame. Single speed 42x22 baby! Continental Terra Trail 40mm tubeless tires, Spirigrips on the flatbar and Shimano SLX brakes .

Key items of kit: Fulcrum wheels (they were the wheels from my road bike when I bought it 😅)

Quentin Laberenne

Name: Quentin Laberenne

Age: 28

Cap number: Les petits pédestres

Location: Grenoble, France

Bike: Origine Graxx 1

Key items of kit: Sacoche de selle avec stabilisateur, sacoche de cadre et sacoche de guidon.

Tofu Dodu

Name: Tofu Dodu

Age: 32

Cap number: 39

Location: Die, France

Bike: Camindale AllRoad, Pinion C.12, Asterion tyres, SON Delux and Brooks Cambium Carved.

Key items of kit: Bikepacking Ortlieb and Helmut, Big Agnes Bikepacking Fly Creek, Sinewave and Knog lights.

Brieg Thiery

Name: Brieg Thiery

Age: 33

Cap number: 73

Location: Paris, France

Bike: Sauvage Lapiste

Key items of kit: Ortlieb front pack, Ortlieb frame pack and Topeak seatpack.

Amy Carter

Name: Amy Carter

Age: 37

Cap number: 137

Location: Aude, France

Bike: Ridley Kanzo Fast with SRAM eTap and Inertie wheel set.

Key items of kit: Skingrowsback & Tailfin bike packing bags for everything I'll need for the trip plus Bryton GPS unit.

Alexandre Duros

Name: Alexandre Duros

Cap number: 57

Location: Nanterre, France

Bike: BMC Roadmachine 02 One fit by Paris Bike Co, Chouchouted by Paul Legendre. Saddle Evo 00 adaptive, Aerobars Profile Design custom, tyres Continental GP5000 28m.

Key items of kit: Saddle and frame bags are Restrap. Top tube bag Zefal. Golum front light.

Paul Leverger

Name: Paul Leverger

Age: 28

Cap number: 82

Location: Annecy, France

Bike: Girs RnR

Key items of kit: Sacoches de selle & top tube Apidura, roues Sonic Terra, 2.5L d’eau pour être en autonomie complète, et des vêtements chauds pour affronter les Pyrénées!

Audrey Senn

Name: Audrey Senn

Age: 32

Cap number: 4

Location: Lovatens, Switzerland

Bike: Liv Ail 2021

Key items of kit: Food pouch Woho, top tube bag 2L Apidura, frame bag 4L Restrap, saddle bag 14L Restrap. Lights Knog and GPS Wahoo.

William Hatilip

Name: William Hatilip

Age: 50

Cap number: 56

Location: Toulouse, France

Bike: Specialized Crux avec 40t x 11/42t et pneus Hutchison’s Touareg 45m

Key items of kit: Sacoches Ortlieb.

Victor Bouscavet

Name: Victor Bouscavet

Age: 26

Cap number: 33

Location: Paris, France

Bike: S-Works Roubaix Pro Team equipped with a Sram Red groupset (48-35 x 10-33), a set of Summum Bike handcrafted carbon wheels, Profile Design aerobars and a Bisaddle EXT adjustable saddle.

Key items of kit: First off, I use an Apidura 9L Saddle Bag to carry a thermal gore tex jacket, a survival blanket and some food for the second day. On the front, under my aerobars, I use the Miss Grape handlebar bag for a quick and easy access to food and specific clothing. A Raveman PR2400 will be used as a secondary light and to charge my devices (my main light will be a Stoots Kiska fixed on the helmet). Finally, my favorite piece: a complete repair kit placed inside a pencil case under the down tube. That's as lightweight as cheap and perfectly answer my needs.

Emilie Verney

Name: Emilie Verney

Age: 41

Cap number: 7

Location: Vaugneray France

Bike: Megamo

Key items of kit: Sacoches cadre, avant et selle

Marie Baron

Name: Marie Baron

Age: 29

Cap number: 44

Location: Lyon, FR

Bike: Van Rysel EDR 105 CF

Key items of kit: Endurance frame / Carbon fiber / Shimano 105 / Disc brake Apidura kit


Name: Germain

Age: 32

Location: France

Bike: Giant TCR Advance 1 with groupset 52/36 and 11-34t. Tires are 28mm. Profile Designs aerobar with 50mm spacers.

Key items of kit: Restrap frame bag (4.5L), Restrap top tube (2L), Ortlieb saddle bag (16L) and Decathlon food pouch (1.2L).


Name: Brigitte

Age: 65

Cap number: 54

Location: Mornac, Charente, France

Bike: Giant

Key items of kit: Sacoches de selle, de cadre, de guidon.

Jean-Baptiste Minvielle

Name: Jean-Baptiste Minvielle

Age: 30

Cap number: 43

Location: Nantes, France

Bike: Canyon Endurace CF8 2022

Key items of kit: Sleeping material for cold and wet weather.


Name: Patricia

Age: 50

Cap number: 31

Location: Paris

Bike: Origine Trail

Key items of kit: Une sache de selle Zefal chargée à 2,5 kg et 2 sacoches de fourche chacune 1,2 kg plus la tente au guidon.

William Kramps

Name: William Kramps

Age: 45

Location: 68

Bike: Cervélo Aspero

Key items of kit: Sacoches Ortlieb.

Virginie Bougant

Name: Virginie Bougant

Age: 45

Cap number: 67

Bike: Giant Anyroad

Key items of kit: Sacoches Ortlieb

Gwenn Dodue

Name: Gwenn Dodue

Age: 34

Cap number: 12

Location: Amiens, Le Nooooorrrd de la France

Bike: Giant XTC, Roules Duke, Pneus Panaracer GravelKing Panaracer SK+, 32 x 11-46t.

Key items of kit: Sacoches Apidura et Blackburn.

Julie Lencot

Name: Julie Lencot

Age: 34

Cap number: 95

Location: Paris, France

Bike: Origine Trail

Key items of kit: Sacoche selle Apidura 17L, Sacoche demi-cadre Decath, Sacoche de cintre Zefal.


Name: Myriam

Age: 44

Cap number: 51

Location: Montpellier, France

Bike: Origine Axxome GT, roue Prymahl and pneus Michelin GP5000 28 tubeless.

Key items of kit: Sacoche de selle Apidura, sacoche de cadre Restrap, Sacoche de cintre , de tube et food pouch ByMarion&Quentin.

Emmanuelle Gérault

Name: Emmanuelle Gérault

Age: 25

Cap number: 131

Location: Toulouse, France

Bike: Fuji Gran Fondo 1.3

Key items of kit: Apidura and voile straps (thank you bab).


Name: Paszkowski

Age: 52

Cap number: 54

Location: Montaigu Vendée, France

Bike: Triban RC520 ltd gravel bike.

Key items of kit: Sacoches de cadre, de ceintre et porte bagages avec sac de selle dessus.


Name: Damien

Cap number: 89

Bike: Scott Genius 710 Plus

Key items of kit: Gros pneu et petite sacoche.

Patrick Lamarre

Name: Patrick Lamarre

Age: 56

Cap number: 23

Location: Mauguio, France

Bike: Salsa Cutthroat FBI

Key items of kit: Avenue du Vélo, Schwalbe, Rusjanbag and Astérion wheels.


Name: Toby

Age: 34

Cap number: 79

Location: London

Bike: Enigma Etape

Key items of kit: Exposure lights and Apidura bags.