Bikes of Three Peaks Bike Race 2021

Bikes of Three Peaks Bike Race 2021

9 July, 2021

Jana Kesenheimer

Age: 27

Location: Innsbruck, Austria

Cap number: 36

Your bike: Specialized Aethos Pro Ultegra Di2 (a real weight-saver)

Your key items of kit: In order to make perfect use of the space on my little bike (size 49), I am using a mix of bags from different manufacturers this year. The orlieb bag perfectly fits into my frame. The bottles are mounted on the Woho Saddle Bag Stabilizer. In addition, I do without a handlebar bag, but rely on aero bars this time. The Lupine Neo2 (on the handlebars) accompanies me at night, the Lupine 'Rotlicht' is mounted on the saddlebag. To rest, I will sleep on the Sea to Summit ultralight mat and in a Sea to Summit Traveller TrI sleeping bag. 

Joel Karolin

Age: 26

Location: Switzerland, Biel/Bienne

Cap number: 103

Your bike: Cube Agree C:62 Race, Shimano Ultegra, Hunt Dynamo Wheel. Exposure Lights lighten the night and offer the mounts needed for my bike. I’m using a kLite bar switch to couple the dynamo either to the lights or to a Sinewave converter in order to charge my portable lights, smartphone, or wahoo element (navigation). To get me and my bike on the top of the mountains I use the biggest Ultegra cassette (11-34) available.

Your key items of kit: All the bags are from Apidura. I only use Castelli bibshorts while using Endura tops to keep me warm and comfy, but not too cozy so that I also take advantage of my portable bed, namely a super light sleeping bag with a little air mattress. Well all my parts are not that little since they have to fit me (2 meters in height). In terms of safety I attached all the reflectors required.

Matthieu Lifschitz

Age: 46

Location: Marseille, France

Cap number: 123

Your bike: I will start with almost the same setup as on the Two Volcano sprint which gave me full satisfaction during the race. I'm riding my 2019 made to measure Victoire Cycles "Gaby" Handmade with Columbus Steel + Curve carbon fork. I have a Sram force 1 group set (Garbaruk 38 T + 9-46 E-Thirteen). A custom wheel set Mavic all road carbon rims + Son dynamo hub + Mavic MR801 rear hub + Teravail Rampart 700x42 Tubeless (just because "fat tires make me happy").

Your key items of kit: I have a full Helmut Equipement sport setup where I can have a proper sleeping system with bivy, sleeping bag, pillow and mattress. I usually try to sleep as little as possible in hotels. I love to never cut the race and stay outside, Hotels, except for a "ravito", are only in case of no shelters in very bad weather or in case of illness. I especially love to have several little bags instead of one or two big. More useful, and easy to find something. I'll be wearing a full Café du Cycliste kit, especially with the Audax range which is dedicated for long distance ride and is great for it! Wahoo Roam for navigation and a iPhone 11 Pro as backup, and obviously sound system.

Considering the incredible mountains we are going to cross, I will take a small Ricoh GR3 to get some nice pictures. My ultimate weapon is a range of playlists who mix discoid parts, some Stevie Wonder or Prince masterpieces with a bunch of golden age hip hop and a lot of other catchy curiosities as riding partner.

Simon Schreck

Age: 35

Location: Berlin, Germany

Cap number: 144

Your bike: Custom build Bombtrack Audax 2021 with Ultegra 2x11 groupset, custom build DT swiss/Shutter Precission Wheelset, Supernova lightning system.

Your key items of kit: Apidura Racing series toptube, frame and saddle bag. Handlebar bag from lifeisaride, which was customized to attach to the aerobars. Really happy about this arrangement. Handy, spacious and stable. One set of gear for on the bike. A mix of 7mesh, PEDaLED and DHB. Bad weather cloth in the handlebar bag. sleeping bag, matt, pillow cover in the saddle pack. Frame and toptube bad for small essentials.

Nikolaus Mellauner

Age: 35

Location: Vienna, Austria

Cap number: 131

Your bike: Simplon Pavo Granfondo with Shimano Ultegra 8000 (50/34 and 11/34); Alloy DT Swiss wheels and Continental GP5000 (25mm) with tubes; Lupine Neo front light.

Your key items of kit: Mix of Apidura and Ortlieb bags; Garmin 830 for navigation; light down sleeping bag and inflatable mat for sleeping outside; I will wear my beloved Tørm Merino jersey and Gore bib shorts.

Simone Eder

Age: 40

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Cap number: 18

Your bike: LOLA//Enigma Etape Custom Titanium with 650b handbuilt DCR wheels, Schwalbe Pro One tires tubeless 28mm, Son deluxe dynamo hub with Sinewave front light and Supernova rearlight, Fizik Luce saddle, Zipp seatpost, Shimano Ultegra groupset.

Your key items of kit: Wild mix of Apidura Bags, Woho saddelbag stabilizer for bottle mount, Garmin 530 and good old eTrex20, Sea to Summit Flame I sleeping bag, ThermaRest Neoair xlite mat, Bora Gear UL bivi, 7mesh Wk3 bibs, Rapha Pro Team Jersey, Giro Sica Techlace MTB Shoes.

Thomas Ceyrowsky

Age: 38

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Cap number: 25

Your bike: My bike named Argos is a GT Grade AL(uminium) 105 from 2016. 30-46 crank and 11-34 cassette to compensate for a lack of training ;). Tyres are Continental’s GP 5000 (clinchers) on some custom made wheels (RR521). In the front wheel there is a SON 28 dynamo hub, powering the B&M IQ-X front, the SON backlight and the Sinewave Revolution charger.

Your key items of kit: My favourite piece of kit is my daypack where I keep all my food in. I plan to bivvy (sleeping pad + quilt) as well as to sleep in hotels. GPS is a borrowed Wahoo Elemnt Roam (thank you, Frederic.)

Jochen Czabaun

Age: 53

Location: Konstanz, Germany

Cap number: 96

Your bike: Canyon Endurace CL SL Disc 8.0, Ultegra with SON delux 12 Dynamo and a Syntace C3 Aerobar.

Your key items of kit: I use my proven clothing and equipment from different outfitters. I’ll take a bivvy bag, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. For navigation I use the Wahoo Elemnt Roam and as back-up the Sigma ROX 11.

Paul Berkhout

Age: 54

Location: The Netherlands

Cap number: 61

Your bike: Trek Madone 9.0 with Profile Design clip on bars, Shimano spd pedals and 11-32 rear cassette.

Your key items of kit: Restrap bags. In the frontcontainer a Goretex bivy, sleeping bag and sleeping pad ‘nemo-tensor’. In the rear , just necessary items. I'm trying to keep it light……

Christian Hessler

Age: 54

Location: Germany

Cap number: 54

Your bike: Kocmo RR disc titanium bike with Ultegra Di2

Your key items of kit: Comfortable titanframe, Son edelux II with "Abzweigdose" for charging GPS, powerbank and Smartphone, Biomac Shops with midfoot position. Sevenmesh cargo bibshort, Rapha aerojersey, PEDaLED Golartec alpha jacket, goretexjacket, Cumulus sleeping bag, Thermarest NeoAir mattress all in Apidura bags

Patrick Doupe

Age: 39

Location: Berlin, Germany

Cap number: 135

Your bike: Bonanno Italo Disco Road, pictured here at two volcano sprint

Your key items of kit: Spotify subscription, best of 80s playlists and EU data roaming. Switzerland could be a problem.

Manuel Schmid

Age: 41

Location: Oetwil am See, Switzerland

Cap number: 114

Your bike: Cube Agree Race with Ultegra 50/34 x 11/34, SON Dynamo Setup with E-Werk and Wheels from Lightwolf Studio. Salsa Cowchipper handlebar and Redshift Shockstop suspension stem.

Your key items of kit: Frame Packs from Apidura and seat Pack from Revelate Designs. Supernova Lights. For Navigation i use a Wahoo Elemnt. For sleeping i use a Borahgear Cuben Bivy, the Sea to Summit Spark Sp0 sleeping Bag and a sleeping Mat from REI. If the weather is bad, i prefer to stay in a Hotel 😊. On the Bike i wear Socks and Shirt from Compressport, base layer from X-Bionic, Shorts from Zoot, Lake Shoes, MET Trenta helmet and Sunglasses from Julbo. If it is cold i have a vest from Odlo, Merino arm and leg warmer from Rapha and a Patagonia Micro Buff Jacket. If it is wet i have a Salomon Jacket and Endura Pants.

Tomas Dvorak

Age: 35

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Cap number: 80

Your bike: Trek Checkpoint ALR4.

Your key items of kit: As you can see, the cassette and chain are both new, so I must be a king of black market with bike components! I even managed to get spare brake pads 💪The bike itself is 3 years old Trek Checkpoint ALR4, 32mm Conti GP4S for extra protection during snow storms in the Alps. The 8L drybag (12€) hanging on the aerobars holds my old and useless sleeping bag and a submillimeter alu sleeping pad, to separate the dirt on the floor from the dirt on me. The framebag needed some repairs, let's see how the seams and new zips hold, after I replaced all of it. So far they are holding only my pyjama, I haven't figured yet what to pack in the bag. In the seat pack (arschrakete) are my spare clothes and second-hand rain jacket. I'll replace it with food if I find any on the way. The bidons are new, they will develop their own mould during the race, they always do. Finally, the top-tube bag is now holding not one, but two powerbanks as heavy as lead. I still haven't got any dynamo, so I'll try to steal as much electricity along the road as I can get my hands on. Not wiser anyhow after TPBR2020, I'll be again navigating by my cell phone. If I'll lose it, I am f*** ed, without maps, connection, money, contacts and selfies of myself. The whole setup is pretty heavy, so I'll try to collect some KOMs in downhill segments. Not sure about the 33 vertical kilometers of ascend 🤷‍♂️

Wish me luck and no border guards on the way 🤞

Bart Verheijen

Age: 41

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cap number: 49

Your bike: I will ride a 2017 Canyon Endurace with Di2 upgrade; custom DT Swiss wheels with SON dynamo hub and Supernova lights; despite the climbing, I still chose to ride the TT bars, there will be serious flatter sections where the increased aero and different hand-positions will be great.

Your key items of kit: Packing will include all the basic necessities. Some caffeine pills for nightly descents; clothing for wet and cold weather (mountains can get chilly, even in summer) and stuff that's easily combined with eachother. I will generally sleep in hotels or if it's too hot, in the afternoon on a nice piece of grass under a tree. Will bring an emergency blanket and swimming shorts.

Rainer Zeller

Age: 49

Location: Berlin, Germany

Cap number: 77

Your bike: TREK Checkpint SL6, SON dynamo & B&M I-QX Frontlight, Cateye ORB & OMNI3 Safety Lights, Rene Herse Snoqualmie 700C X 44 Extralights, Shimano Ultegra 2x11 speed (50/34 &11-42), SQlab 610 saddle, Wahoo Bolt for navigation, Bags: Topeak Framebag, Acepac Saddlebag & Fat Holster Food Bags & Fuel Bag L, Roswheel Road Accessory Pouch.

Your key items of kit: The main piece of equipment this year is definitely my head, or the thoughts I have during the tour. It made the choice beforehand to participate in the head often chose left or right when planning the route...and my head will make many crucial decisions during the race. That's why I keep my head well protected between my ears and garnish the whole thing with a satisfied smile as often as I can :)

Stefan Blum

Age: 51

Location: Lenggries, Germany

Cap number: 70

Your bike: Bike Canyon Endurance, Di2 with disc brakes, aerobars with shifters, DT Swiss wheels on Conti 5000 (28mm).

Your key items of kit: In comparison to last year, there is no big difference to my equipment. I am still using a Wahoo Elemnt Roam for Navigation and Google Maps/Komoot on the iPhone as backup (the phone is now mounted on the stem). Furthermore, I have implemented a webapp for some landmarks running on the phone, just to keep the overview of points of supply, hotels and outdoor overnight spots. I have added a second food pouch, since I had a storage problem last year (I was missusing the food pouch for a powerbank and other stuff to load lights and all electronic devices while riding, so this year I am using the pouch at the front consequently for both powerbank and the otherone for food. My plan still is to use mostly hotels for overnight stays, but I am carrying a simple bivy and an air matrace, but no sleeping back. This outdoor solution surely needs an upgrade since you always get in trouble because of the condensing water inside where you start to freeze after around three hours (no alarm watch is needed anyway). Besides the food pouches, a frame bag, a sattle bag and a further bag at the handlebars will cover all I need for the race. In sum, the bike will weight around 10 kilograms more than on a day's tour.

Mathias Berger

Age: 44

Location: Halle/S.-in flat mid Germany

Cap number:

Your bike: Custom bike by Velocipedo.

Your key items of kit: 2 Apidura backcountry food pouches and a top tube bag for all the smal items, Food, phone, sun cream,…. Wich you Need all over the day. In my Apidura Backcountry Frame Pack is even place for Food, powerbank, Arm warmers, wet wipes, toothpaste and brush. And in the Apidura Backcountry Saddle Pack is my warm Rapha Brevet jacket and my sleeping kit (Cummukus Sleeping bag, Sea to summit air matres and the Sea to summit Bivy, and 2 spare tubes. And my most loved and smalles bag is my Gramm Tourpacking bag in the Triangel. There is all Kind of Tool, spare, tube, oil, … just in case I have to fix my bike. 😉 I will navigate with an old Garmin Edge 820 wich is fine for me and is doing ist Job. I will charge it by my sinewave usb port in the top of the fork tube (if I am fast enough!).

Philippe Greif

Age: 38

Location: Berlin, Germany

Cap number: 64

Your bike: Specialized Diverge Comp 2020.

Your key items of kit: kLite-Dynamo System, inflatable pillow, René Herse Barlow Pass tyres.

Gernot Stenz

Age: 53

Location: Munich, Germany

Cap number: 125

Your bike: Canyon Endurace CF SLX SRAM Force AXS ETAP, Reynolds AR41 Wheels, Pro Aero bars, Specialized Toupe saddle, Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tyres.

Your key items of kit: Garmin Edge 1030 Plus with extra battery pack, Trelock LS 950 front light, Smart Superflash rear light, Topeak Fuel Tank, Apidura Top Tube Pack, Revelate Viscacha, Elite Maxi Cincio bottles, Birzman pump. Mike Hall style bivvie bag, silk liner.

Nicolas Loustaunou

Age: 34

Location: Alsace, France

Cap number: 129

Your bike: Genesis Zero SL disc Shimano Ultegra 50/34 x 11/30 Custom wheel dynamo Sh race , Prolongateur Enve, Tyres vittoria 28

Your key items of kit: Minimum of minimum but all I need if the weather is bad. Restrap saddle racing 7 L , frame bag 4L and Cordel top tube 1L . Bivy, liner, sleeping mat, Sea to Summit pillow. Kway Goretex, Gabba, warm socks and gloves, armwamers and legwarmers, Garmin Edge 1030+, powerbank emergency + lights x2.

Alain De Ganck

Age: 40

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Cap number: 92

Your bike: Specialized Roubaix Comp 2018, disk brakes, Ultegra, 50/34 x 11/34, Conti5000 28mm.

Your key items of kit: Lezyne Mega XL GPS and battery lamps. Light mat & warm sleeping bag. Assos winter jacket, rain shoecovers, mesh bag between aerobars as dining table and some good playlists.

Jakob Hoffmann

Age: 24

Location: Stuttgart/Germany

Cap number: 89

Your bike: Bulls Harrier, Shimano 105, Rimbrakes, Crank 50x34, Cassette 11-34, DT Swiss R460 Wheels with Shutter SV9, Aptonia aerobars, Topeak Foodpouch/Backloader/Toploader & Rose framebag.

Your key items of kit: Alpin Loacker sleeping bag ultralight, Wahoo Elmnt Bolt (love), B+M iq-x front light , Woho seat bag stabilizer & for the coldest moments my Arc'teryx Isolation jacket.

Gerhard Dashuber

Age: 57

Location: Bavaria, Germany

Cap number: 30

Your bike: Lapierre Aircode Disc 8.0, self made Aerobars.

Your key items of kit: I have only Bikedress, for hot and rainy, Sleeping bag, Garmin Edge 1030+. I am a vegan, so i have a lot off dry fruit, nuts und dry vegies on board.

Claus Knorz

Age: 51

Location: Graz, Austria

Cap number: 37

Your bike: CANYON Endurace CF SL 8 DISC Di2, 2021 Flash Blue, with small modifications such as: Saddle SQ-Lab; metal brake pads front and rear; Restrap bike bags.

Your key items of kit: brand new front light which brightens the night 😉 and a large charging device for it and all the other electric devices like my GARMIN 530 and my mobile phone. Sea to Summit sleeping bag and mat, some clothes for cycling and the after race party in Barcelona which I will hopefully will attend!

Thomas Dupin

Age: 48

Location: Aix en Provence, France

Cap number: 149

Your bike: My bike IS an Origine ( french brand) GT 32, disc equipped, 8kg nude. Total 15 kg without water. Shimano Ultegra, rear wheel Mavic and front no tube with Dynamo hub SP. Continental GP 5000 tubeless, Gemini lights for front lights,

Your key items of kit: Navigation via Garmin Edge 830, Edge 820 and Garmin Forunner 945 watch for spare. Frame bag Apidura equipped with 3 litre Camelback, food storage, etc. Top tube bag from Apidura for Electronic devices, cables and battery pack. Seatpack from Apidura 11litres, with clothes (only for bike, rain vest, windproof vest, mid-season jacket and Castelli Gabba), Cumulus Magic 125 sleeping bag, mattress, repair kit, tools and survival blanket.

Marcus Ruchti

Age: 48

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Cap number: 116

Your bike: Cube Cross Race Pro, modified for Road Usage. I have applied DTSwiss ER1600 wheels with Schwalbe ProOne 28mm tires. Shimano 105 group with 2x11speed (11-36), Profile Design Aero bars and unlike appearing on the photo I won’t use the bottle cage on top of the bars.

Your key items of kit: I will be using a mix of Topeak and Ortlieb bags, 2 sets of cycling clothes, wind/rain jacket, a light down jacket, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, Lezyne lights, Sea to Summit Sp1 sleeping bag, Thermarest ultralight mattress, SIDI Trace 2 shoes, etc.

Philippe Dovergne

Age: 55

Location: Hérault, France

Cap number:

Your bike: Vélo Origine Graxx 2. Composant : Kit Cadre Origine Graxx II Carbone F.L.U.D ( 950g ) (XL) CouleurOrigine2 Gris Titane A22ème couleur Origine2 Gris Titane Décor OrigineGraxx II Soft Evo Noir. Dérailleur arrière Shimano GRX810 2x11v, dérailleur avant Shimano GRX810 2x11v, pédalier Shimano GRX600 46/30 11v (175mm), cassette Shimano R7000 11-34. Roues sont Fulcrum Rapid Red 300 DB HG CL GR 2WF, pneus sont Continental Grand Prix 5000 TL 32 Potence RitcheyWCS C-220 (90mm) Cintre Route Ritchey Road Ergomax WCS (420mm) Rubans de cintre Velox Guidoline Maxi Cork noire Rubans de cintre Guidoline Insert GelTige de Selle Ritchey1B WCS 27.2.

Your key items of kit: Tenue du Team Cyclosportissimo Maillot Ravito et cuissard Ozio longue distance, Sac de Couchage Sea to Summit, GPS Garmin Edge 1030. Je vais emballer mon Vélo dans un film extensible à palétisation et démonté.

Flo Kathan


Location: Rettenberg, Allgäu Germany

Cap number: 68

Your bike:

Your key items of kit: