Bikes of Transpyrenees 2020

Bikes of Transpyrenees 2020

17 August, 2020

The Transpyrenees race is a journey across the mountain range which spans the French-Spanish border. It's a climber's dream and encourages riders to pack lightly, acquire easier gears and prepare for world-class views at the top of 30 individual cols between Llança and San Sebastian.

Trev Stone

Age: 46

Location: Leguevin, France

Cap number: 32

Your bike: Specialized Tarmac Pro SL6, Hunt 4 Season wheels with Muck-Off bling. I’m armed with an 11/34 on the back & 28mm GT5000 TL’s for a bit of comfort & grip.

Your key items of kit: Gonna wear my black and pink Rapha shirt inspired by my ‘Fairy Good Daughter’ Evan Jayne for luck and packing my fur lined thong for the cold Pyrénéenne descents. I’m using a Moon Meteor Storm front light, Garmin 820 and have waterproofed my power banks to get through 2 months of lockdown boredom. To sleep I use whiskey with bivi bag & I will be carrying a picnic basket as a decoy just in case I run into a bear again on Col de Pailhères.

Bruno Ferraro

Age: 32

Location: Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Cap number: 44

Your bike: I’m riding my Wilier Triestina 101NDR with carbon wheels, disc brakes and Shimano 105 groupset.

Your key items of kit: My Pasol jersey which I consider lucky and Miss Grape bags set to carry all the necessary for the adventure. I will navigate with my trusted Garmin eTrex and I'm planning to bivvy anywhere possible in order to finish the race within three days.

Borja Gascón

Age: 33

Location: Zaragoza, Spain

Cap number: 23

Your bike: I’m riding my 2013 Cube Litening bike with a 2x11 Shimano DuraAce 9000 groupset. I chose a 50/34 compact crankset and a 30 teeth cassette in the back. I hope it will be enough for those hard climbs on the way!

After thinking a lot about lighting system, I finally go with batteries light instead of riding with my SP dynamo hub. The route has so many uphills, that at least mentally I feel lighter and faster without the little friction of the dynamo hub. I will carry a powerbank for my Garmin and smartphone and a few spare AAA batteries for the bike lights and my headlamp.

Your key items of kit: I plan to sleep mainly during the midday hours. But in case I have to take a long sleep during the night, I am bringing a liner as sleeping bag + bivvy bag. I’ll be carrying a 11l seatpack, a little frame bag and another doublebag hanging from my Tri-Bars on the handlebar + a 3l drybag underneath it.

I’m bringing a rain jacket with me and some winter gloves for the long descents at night, but really hope the rain and cold respect us, otherwise it will be even harder this race!

Edwin Diaz

Age: 28

Location: Ecuadorian but based in England

Cap number: 11

Your bike: Steel Specialized Awol custom paint by myself. Components: Absolute Black oval chairings, shimano 105 groupset, hunt 27.5" dynamo wheels, ism saddle, cinelli stem, profile design aerobars. Tyres road(little big ben), off road Wtb. Accesories: exposure lights, sinevawe revolution, wahoo bolt, quad lock phone holder.

Your key items of kit: Full set of Apidura expedition bags (foldable backpack included), front bag contains my 2 person tent, 2 cycling kits and a gas canister (I have three races and some adventure along the way for 3 months), framebag (tent poles, hiplock, power bank, solo kitchen, 4L water bladder and space for food or clothing) Saddle bag (down sleeping bag, thermal sheet, pyjamas, 2 sleeping mats, towel). Spare bag (down jacket, ground sheet and bivvy bag). Small top tube (first aid kit and spares) Big Top tube (face mask, gloves, cameras). Snack bags (two speakers and empty for food), extra Rapha front bag (rain coat, wind jacket, isulated gilet and spares).

Clothing (old casual clothes until races), two foldable flasks, 2 pairs of sunglasses, one for mountains and one for night, petzl front light and many Salsa, Mambo, cumbia, latin music in my playlist.

David Herranz Pérez

Age: 43

Location: Madrid, Spain

Cap number: 19

Your bike: BMC road machine 01 model two (2018) groupset SRAM red wifli wheels de Swiss 1470,52/34 11-32.

Your key items of kit: I will carry sleep bag and try to keep calm and eat as much as I can.... In God we Trust 😊

Pavel Klinov

Age: 38

Location: Schriesheim, Germany but representing Russia

Cap number: 14

Your bike: I am riding my robust titanium Triton bike custom made with love, skills, and passion in Moscow in 2017. Other than the Ti frame the rest of the bike is fairly standard and pretty budget: Shimano 105 drivetrain, Ultegra-level disc brakes, and Fulcrum Racing 5DB alu wheels.

Your key items of kit: Probably the electric setup built around the SON Delux dynamo and B&M Luxos light which also provides a USB charging port for my electronics. I will be using a set of Apidura bags (saddle, frame, and top bar). The clothing is dominated by Mavic (H2O jacket, Cosmic Elite bibs and knee warmers) but I'll be wearing my Heidelberg club jersey. My sleeping plan is to rely on hotels but I'll be carrying a reflective sleeping bag as backup.

Oier Iturralde

Age: 36

Location: Sopela, Basque Country

Cap number: 9

Your bike: I'm riding my 2016 Bianchi Infinito CV with Campagnolo Athena groupset, completely stock except for the Miche Supertype carbon wheels. I'll be running 21mm Tufo tubulars in order to ride as light as possible.

Your key items of kit: I plan to sleep under any free roof I will encounter on my way, such as bus stations or churches. I'll carry all my (few) stuff in my brother's trusty old 14litres Apidura saddle bag and top tube pack. Ride light, ride far!

Bruno Inça

Age: 46

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Cap number: 31

Your bike: My Bike is a BMC TeamMachine TMR01, equipped with Di2 Ultegra, with compact 50-34 at the front and with 30-11 at the back

Your key items of kit: I will take my lucky jersey that I did practically all the long training sessions. I will only carry a bag on the seat, a small suitcase on the top tube. My GPS is Wahoo and my Lezyne 1200 LUM light. I'll take a 10000 mAh powerbank.

Markus Kroell

Age: 57

Location: Neustadt, Portugal

Cap number: 45

Your bike: I'm riding my Cervélo R3 (2013) with a Shimano Ultegra 6700 10s Groupset. For Transpyrenees I've choosen a 12-32 Casette, Chainrings are 50/34. Tyres are Veloflex 622/23. Lights are battery powered (plus an additional backup set of Lights).

Your key items of kit: I'll wear a LaPassione PSN cycling kit and Giro Empire ACC cycling shoes. I'll take only emergency sleeping equipment, a bivvy bag and some bits of warm gear. I want to keep it as minimalistic as possible. For navigation purposes I'll use my Garmin and offline maps on my smartphone. All the clothing and sleeping gear are stowed in the seat pack. Tools, pump, food etc are stowed in the frame pack and top tube pack. And of course there will be a powerbank in my Frame Pack with a cable connected to feed the Garmin and the lights if necessary ;-)

Leo Andrione

Age: 27

Location: Munich, Germany

Cap number: 42

Your bike: I am riding my 2020 Rose Backroad with a 1x Shimano GXR groupset. I chose 28mm tubeless Schwalbe one tires. I installed a SON dynamo hub to power my Supernova front and back light. I can charge my Phone and Wahoo Element Roam with the appcon3000 which is also connected to the dynamo hub.

Your key items of kit: My bags are a full frame bag, a downtube bag and a top tube bag from Apidura. For my drinking system, I chose a 2 litre Platypus bladder. I will be wearing Rapha jersey and cargo pants to carry extra snacks. When it gets colder I have Rapha merino sleeves for arms and legs and a rain jacket. I don’t carry a bivy or sleeping bag because i am planning to ride through the night and sleep at noon, when it’s too hot to ride anyways.

Editor: Leo is riding Transpyrenees, Badlands and Transibérica!

Oriol Hernández

Age: 37

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Cap number: 52

Your bike: Handcrafted steel frame made by Belle in 2016 to ride Transcontinental Race. Ultegra 11 groupset 50/34 and 11x32. Son hub and front light. 25mm tyres.

Your key items of kit: Rapha core jersey and bibs, Gore jacket and Velotoze cover shoes in case of rain. Bivvy bag, however I plan to sleep in hotels along the way. Apidura back seat bag and Cordel durum front bag. Garmin Edge 500 to record the journey and Etrex 30x for navigation.

Luis Barreiro

Age: 37

Location: Pombal, Portugal

Cap number: 20

Your bike: Focus Izalco Max Disc Red 2016 with Alpkit bags

Your key items of kit: I'm carrying a minimal sleeping kit on the saddle bag (I didn't have to use it last year but having it was important for how the race unfold). Clothing goes on the handlebar bag and the frame bag is for food and items that are used often. Navigation is taken care by my old but trustworthy Garmin Oregon. Lights are powered from a 10Ah battery under the stem that can also charge all other electronics. Tools and spare parts are neatly packed in a Topeak Ninja pouch under the bottle cage.

Julian Alarcon

Age: 41

Location: Paris, France

Cap number: 93

Your bike: I’m riding my BMC Roadmachine 02 with Shimano ULTEGRA group set perfect for the road & gravel parcours. I'll be running with 25mm tires.

Your key items of kit: For obvious reasons, me and my teammate (Erik Concha) will be fully equipped with all THE BEAM safety accessories (own brand). I’ll be using our unlikely designed CORKY rear-view mirror, our WHEEL FLASH reflectors, our LUCIA Smart Tail light, + a new secret prototype helmet mounted rear-view mirror from THE BEAM too. And a very special high quality & performance Tailfin aeropack Carbon Fibre Rack and bagpack + I’ll be wearing Craft clothing as they have sponsored us in the past.

Victor Jovet

Age: 25

Location: Savoie, France

Cap number: 47

Your bike: Although it was not the initial plan, I’ll be riding my Fuji Jari Carbon, that has got me through some long stretches already. The front wheel is fitted with a SON dynamo hub for mind-free lighting at night and some power if needed by day. The GRX groupset should provide me enough gear ratio to keep good cadence at all times!

Your key items of kit: I opted for a lightweight setup considering the elevation. I'll have a basic bivvy bag as I don't plan on sleeping in hotels, a puff jacket and leg warmers that will double up as a sleeping bag. All of this will be packed in the saddle bag with some repair stuff. The frame bag will be used to store some food and easy access necessities. I'll use my phone for navigation, after successfully using this system for cycletouring & bikepacking.

Jesús Blázquez

Age: 41

Location: Salamanca, Spain

Cap number: 40

Your bike: OPEN U.P with a 1x SRAM AXS groupset. I'll be running 700x28 HUNT tubeless wheels. Comfortable and with enough gear options (I hope).

Your key items of kit: The truth is my first event of this type and I hope to get it right. I always wear a cap under my helmet (luckily I'll wear one with #40). I will try to pack light but with enough warm clothes (I hate being cold). I'll take a bivvy bag for emergencies, but I plan to sleep in hotels if I need it.

Simon De Schutter

Age: 31

Location: Kigali, Rwanda and Ghent, Belgium

Cap number: 48

Your bike: Riding an ultra race on a rental bike would sound like a bad idea, until you see the bike in question. I'm so looking forward crossing the Pyrenees on this beauty. We all know steel is real, and The Draft seem to have managed to add sufficient carbon elements to keep it light and suited for a climbing expedition like this, especially since they were so kind to fit a 12-34 cassette!

Your key items of kit: People usually ask me if I forgot to pack, but I just like to travel light. Top tube bag and saddle bag should be sufficient, although last year's edition thought me to definitely bring some extra layers, it can get cold up high! Most important piece of kit? Probably my 1 litre water bottles, as long as I manage to eat and stay hydrated, nothing is impossible.

Irvin Dedecker

Age: 39

Location: Clermont Ferrand, France

Cap number: 63

Your bike: I’m riding my Canyon Endurace CF SLX Disc. Groupset Shimano Dura Ace 9100 (52x36 and 11x32). I'll be running DT Swiss ERC 1400 Dicut tubeless with Michelin tyres. Saddle:Gilles Berthoud Aspin. Pedals:Shimano XTR. Apidura for the frame bag and saddle bag.

Your key items of kit: I plan to carry things that will serve me from 5 degrees and up to 40 degrees. Also a waterproof jacket and overshoes. I plan to spend the night in a hotel or under the stars, depending on the conditions. GPS Garmin 1030. Light Sigma Buster 2000 and Spanninga.

Peter Magill

Age: 56

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Cap number: 50

Your bike: SWorks Roubaix

Your key items of kit: Clothing all from Fusion, Garmin Edge 1030 and Varia light.

Emilio Rodriguez

Age: 48

Location: Sabero, Spain

Cap number: 55

Your bike: Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 2019. Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR Tyres (700x32C)

Your key items of kit: Bikepacking equipment: Apidura expedition series. Lights: Lezyne (Bat) and Petzl front. GPS: Garmin Edge 520. Bivvy bag: Forclaz 700 sleeping bag and mini-mat. Clothing: 2 summer kits, raincoat, sleeves, leg loops, long gloves and winter jacket. With all this equipment and some food I will face the long walk of the Transpyrenees 2020

Jerome Massol

Age: 46

Location: Beauzelle Haute-Garonne, France

Cap number: 46

Your bike: 2016 Trek Emonda SL6

Your key items of kit: Saddle and frame bags, GPS, front/back lights, bed and cold/rain gear.

Javi Gamello

Age: 30

Location: Cuenca, Spain

Cap number: 86

Your bike: I’m riding my second Transpyreness with my 2020 Orbea Orca OMX. It comes with a Shimano Ultegra di2 Disc groupset 52x36, 11-32. I'll be running 700x25 continental tubeless tyres.

Your key items of kit: I'll be wearing like my team mate (Miquel Jorda) our cycling teams jerseys and bibs (Pino Rincon-Dolomingas) . I'll take a bivvy bag but my plan is to sleep in hotels. I'll keep all my stuff in my seat bag apart from the food and devices who will be in my frame bag for easy access.

Michael Porter

Age: 22

Location: Durham, UK

Cap number: 53

Your bike: A titanium Reilly Gradient adventure bike, for the adventure! GRX 2X11 components, with low gears for the long climbs. I did cycle with two seats but left one in Cambridge! 43mm tires may be overkill but they are comfy!

Your key items of kit: My most important piece of kit is a letter my girlfriend gave to me to open when I finish the race. I have carried it for 1500kms to Llança, and if I keep pushing, I will get to open it! The handlebar roll holds my sleep system - a bivvy bag and sleeping bag from Decathlon. My other kit is a toothbrush for all the Snickers bars!

Freek Kuipéri

Age: 30

Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Cap number: 87

Your bike: I'm riding my Specialized Tarmac from 2019 with a SRAM 12-speed force etap set. The bike is perfect for the changing conditions in the Pyrenees. With a blue glance on sunny mountaintops in the early sun. Almost black during heavy thunderstorms and deep green in late afternoon decents.

Your key items of kit: I will be wearing my white and blue Castelli kit with a green, bikematching helmet. In my frame-, steer- and seatback I carry a small sleeping back, a powerbank, enough food and a small tent which I share with my adventure companion, Martin Makkenze. The Garmin 830 will guide us along the track to San Sebastian.

Benjamin Perez

Age: 32

Location: Morges, Switzerland

Cap number: 37

Your bike: It's a 2019 Cannondale Synapse with 2x10 Ultegra groupset and hunt wheels with Sun Dynamo for lights and usb plug. Carbon seatpost is my favorite part.

Your key items of kit: Mattress, comfort is very important, sleeping bag, no hotels. Framebag for mattress and small jacket + yellow jacket, kneewarmers, cables, repair kit, small food. Toptube bag for suncream, small gear, and i can attach food on it. Waterproofbag attached to aerobars with sleeping bag and warm jacket inside and also some food can be attached on them. Wahoo GPS and backup on the phone (but wahoos are so great I wont need backup :)) Powerbank, earplugs, 2 masks..

Aitor Altuna

Age: 22

Location: Irun, Basque Country, Spain

Cap number: 17

Your bike: LongTeng LTK-118 OEM frame, Sram Red mechanical groupset, Farsports 50mm wheelset, Continental GP 5000 tubeless.

Your key items of kit: Vaude trailsaddle saddle bag to pack extra clothing, spares, multitool... Rockbros toptube bag for bike lock, mask, money, battery and food. Etxeondo rain jacket for the chill nights and Pyrenean storms. No sleeping kit as I'm planning for a single short sleep midway through. Garmin edge 130 plus Quarq powermeter for pacing and following the course, smartphone as a backup.

Gautier Bonnecarrèra

Age: 27

Location: Arcizac-Adour, France

Cap number: 49

Your bike: I will be riding my brand new roadie, a Giant TCR Advanced Pro Team Disc. Apparently they could not find a longer name! Nothing too specific about it, it is mostly the standard version. I only chose to put a 32 cassette, changed the saddle for a Brooks C13 and the tyres with a set of Corsa 28". Oh and it comes with a power meter that is a genuine tool for such a mess.

Your key items of kit: I use the Apidura Racing top tube, frame and saddle bags which makes it to an 11L capacity. During the night I plan on using my Petzl headlamp for climbing and a strong Lezyne 1300lm for the downhills. I wear an Assos kit with a Cento EVO bib short that never betrayed me so far. I use a Wahoo Roam for navigation along with a 10,000mAH battery for powering it as well as my lights for 3 days.

Jose Orellana

Age: 29

Location: Malaga, Spain

Cap number: 98

Your bike: I'm riding my Specilized Tarmac SL5 Comp. I have 24 mm tyres wheels and I set up a 52/36 crankset with an 11-32 cassette.

Your key items of kit: I'll wear my tested ultracycling outfit. I'll carry a saddle bag where I'll keep winter and waterproof clothes,a bivvy bag, and a sleeping bag, although we plan to sleep under cover. I also take a bar bag to have easy access to food and tools. I'll follow the track on my GPS and I've download offline maps just in case.