Winter Watching 2022 - Bikepacking and Endurance Cycling Films

Winter Watching 2022 - Bikepacking and Endurance Cycling Films

8 December, 2022

Winter Watching 2022 - Ultra-Race and Endurance Cycling Films

This year, we've got a fresh batch of 2022 films to keep you entertained through the cold winter nights. In this hand-selected series we explore the bounds of endurance cycling both physically and metaphorically.

Longest Night - Annie's Winter HT550

Over the long dark winter of 2021 we noticed a Dot ping up on the Highland Trail. Without any fanfare or fuss, Annie headed out to tackle the Highland Trail 550 over winter. The already challenging route has a different kind of bite during winter; freezing bogs, deep river crossing and endless, snowy hike-a-bike.

Follow Annie on her journey as she chases the winter Fastest Known Time.

Longest Night

Descent - Ana Orenz's Story

In 2021 Ana Orenz suffered a devastating crash while racing the 3500km Transiberica Ultra Race, colliding with a wild boar while descending at full speed. This left her bed bound and unable to walk, battling the demons of her former life as a successful ultra racer.

Decent tells the story of how strength of mind can prevail through extraordinary physical circumstances, where passion becomes obsession and the true test of human resilience is laid out to see.

Film Directors: Rufus Exton and Steve Bliss


PRASETYA: Stories from Bentang Jawa 2022

Prasetya - Commitment or Loyalty in the local Javanese languauge.

This film follows the riders on the 2022 Bentang Jawa Race. A race known for its comraderie and tenacity, this film will stir up familiar feelings of what it is like to be out on the road.


BuzzAlong Transiberica - Sherry's Ultra-Racing Chronicles

After the success of her Race Around the Netherlands epic, Sherry is back with another film following the ups and downs of her Transiberica journey.

With a fresh perspesctive on ultra-racing, Sherry explores the bikepacking world with new eyes and it is the perfect watch for anyone looking to get into ultra-cycling or endurance cycling.

BuzzAlong Transiberica

The Balkans Rollercoaster - Manuel's 2022 Trans Balkans Race

Manuel Truccolo of the Enough Cycling Collective headed out to tackle the Trans Balkans Race: a gravel adventure connecting the Balkans over 1350km. This new race appealed to many with over 99% of the route being rideable, it created a chance for rider and road to connect on a deeper level.

Follow him on his physical and emotional rollercoaster as he explores impatience, happiness, relief and loneliness on the road.

The Balkans Rollercoaster

Seven Serpents Gravel 2022

In May a new race from Ljubljana to Trieste through the Croatian islands set off. With ferries, gravel and sweeping landscapes, this relatively short film is the perfect way to explore the Seven Serpents Gravel Race.

Seven Serpents Gravel 2022

The Lakeland 200 Project: Part 2 - Steezy Collective's FKT Attempt

After touring the infamous route in March, the Steezy Collective and Catherine Dunn recruited 7 established bikepacking racers to attempt to complete the route in sub-40 hours. This would make the riders eligible for the elusive Finisher's leaderboard.

With extreme weather, roving bulls and significant sections of hike-a-bike, follow these 7 formidable women as they tackle the route with POV footage and stunning Lake District scenery.

Part 2

Pan Celtic Ultra Series 2022 ~The Clan~

Weaving together the many tales from the Clan of this year’s Pan Celtic Race, the Friction Collective film retelling 2,500 or 1,650km on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way offers a glimpse into the picturesque and charming coastal views, vibrant greens of the mountains and dramatic rocky outcrops.

A tapestry of stories from some well known riders and some dark horses, races within the race, chasing the last ferry, and the wonderful Irish hospitality.

The Clan

How to Bikepack the Silk Road Mountain Race

This self-created race manual provides a fresh take on a race film. How to Bikepack the Silk Road Mountain Race follows the riders along the route but in a uniquely informative style. One to watch if you're ready for 2023's SRMR!

Silk Road Mountain Race

Sick Road Mountain Race - Sofiane's story of the 2022 SRMR

After winning the 2021 Silk Road Mountain Race in an incredible time, Sofiane Sehili returned to take on 2022. However, not everything went to plan. As Sofiane headed out to the 2022 race he was already sick, but the condition gradually worsened as he rode.

Follow Sofiane on the highs and lows of riding whilst ill.

Sick Road Mountain Race