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Photo: Rich Marshall

The Race that Was: TransAtlantic Way 2018

As the last of the TransAtlantic Way Race riders edge closer to the finish line in Kinsale, we take a few minutes to look back at 11 days of racing that have provided an experience for riders and dotwatchers alike.

The race got underway on Thursday 7th June, with riders leaving in waves from the outskirts of Dublin to embark on the first leg of the race, a self-navigated stretch to checkpoint 1 in Derry.

It was Chris Herbert, a newbie to the ultra-racing scene but a very experienced audax rider, who was first to arrive, closely followed by 2017 winner Bjorn Lenhard, and 2016 winner Bernd Paul. Most of the field arrived in quick succession over the course of the evening and early hours, with most choosing to bivvy on the coast of Derry, and some hardened souls choosing to take advantage of the 48-hour slot free from stoppage quotas.

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