Ingeborg Dybdal Oie Norway

Ingeborg Dybdal Oie
From Norway. Love exploring new places by bicycle almost as much as I love my work. Live in the flattest part of the UK.
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  • RaceDateOverall PositionCapClassCategoryResultBikeFinish DistanceFinish Time
    Solstice Sprint2023 / 06957SOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED2d 3h 54m
    All Points North2023 / 05189PAIRWOMENFINISHEDTANDEM2d 1h 53m
    Trans Pyrenees (Lost Dot)2019 / 10166SOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED6d 8h 38m
    Transcontinental Race2017 / 0736157SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED13d 19h 55m