Rebecca Waters United Kingdom

Rebecca Waters

Co-Editor here at

From a road background currently making the move to off-roading with a fair few bumps and bruises along the way!

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  • RaceDateOverall PositionCapClassCategoryResultBikeFinish DistanceFinish Time
    Silk Road Mountain Race2023 / 0891SOLOWOMENSCRATCHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED3d 14h 54m
    Highland Trail 5502022 / 0532SOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED6d 22h 29m
    Dales Divide2021 / 0517SOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED6062d 17h 40m
    Transcontinental Race2019 / 079614SOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED16d 3h 47m