Stan Meunier France

First big ride HardCro in 2016 Alpi 4000 in 2017 Transcontinental N°7 finisher in 2019: 13d 10h 46min. Transpyrenees in 2020 and probably TCR N°8 in 2020. Based in French alps. Ride to climb. No flat ride allowed. Mountaineering, ski touring and paragliding as mountain lover.
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  • RaceDateOverall PositionCapClassCategoryResultBikeFinish Time
    Transcontinental Race2022 / 0736SOLOMENSCRATCHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED
    Transpyrenees2021 / 0614117SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED2d 18h 40m
    Transpyrenees2020 / 08591PAIRMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED5d 19h 23m
    Transcontinental Race2019 / 073336SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED13d 13h 46m