Steve Halligan New Zealand

Steve Halligan
Living in South Island , New Zealand since 2008. Riding my bike and running Vibrant Living Retreat with my wife
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  • 1319 km

  • RaceDateOverall PositionCapClassCategoryResultBikeFinish DistanceFinish Time
    Tour Divide2023 / 065SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED15d 18h 58m
    Silk Road Mountain Race2022 / 083155SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED8d 6h 35m
    Tour Te Waipounamu2022 / 013SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED5d 9h 25m
    Tuatara 10002021 / 022SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED10663d 1h 22m
    Tour Te Waipounamu2021 / 029SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED7d 5h 15m
    Tour Divide2019 / 064SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED16d 3h 27m
    Terra Australis2018 / 091SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED31d 9h 22m
    Tour Divide2017 / 054SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED17d 14h 1m