At Last Lost 2023

Aveiro, Portugal

Starting in Aveira, the Portuguese Venice, this race has a refreshing twist: riders will only learn the location of the next Check Point when they reach the previous one. The boundary of the territory of 'ALL 2023' is the North of Portugal, known for its beautiful landscapes and with a mountainous profile, as well as a significant density of roads. The perfect cocktail to get lost.

22:00, 1 September, 2023

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Sancho da Cruz

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This race is yet to start. When the riders set off, we'll provide detailed updates from the ground. Our expert commentators will provide written and photo commentary to better understand what is happening on the map. In the meantime, take a look at the route in the tracking panel and learn more about racing from our features and results. If you'd like to commentate for this race, please email