B-HARD Ultra Race & Brevet 2023

Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The event is organised by a non-profit organisation. Its key goals are promotion of Bosnia & Herzegovina as a top destination for adventure tourism and cycling holidays, as well as providing people with a challenge that will motivate them to move their limits. The route has been carefully crafted to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina “in a nutshell” and passes through National Parks, along rivers, lakes and waterfalls, over 1984 Winter Olympics ski-centers, by UNESCO World Heritage sites and generally over stunning (and hilly) terrain.

03:00, 10 June, 2023

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This Year's Female Winner

Cat Smith

This Year's Male Winner

Robert Müller

Key Events

As the race commences, the key events and happenings will be tagged here.


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Total Racers: 81

Scratched: 32% ( 26 )

Finished: 70% ( 57 )


  • 1stRobert Müller (Winner)
  • 2ndChristoph Strasser (Finished)
  • 3rdAdam Zaziabl (Finished)
  • 4thLeonard v. Hammerstein (Finished)
  • 5thMartin Neitzke (Finished)
  • 6thFrancesco Pizzato (Finished)
  • 7thDaniel Burtscher (Finished)
  • 8thNiklas Hanses (Finished)
  • 9thChristoph Hartmann (Finished)
  • 10thJohn Sherlock (Finished)


  • 1stLuka Gajić (Winner)
  • 2ndMinja Đorojević (Finished)
  • 3rdSamuel Rodriguez Luján (Finished)
  • 4thJose Luis Ramírez Montesdeoca (Finished)
  • 5thAlessio Bonetti (Finished)
  • 6thMichele Verdoja (Finished)
  • 7thTina Gröne (Finished)
  • 8thArran Coles (Finished)
  • 9thJake McCreedy-Evans (Finished)
  • 10thNicolas Mingasson (Finished)


  • 1stÁrpád László (Winner) (Scratched)
  • 2ndDmitry Velchev (Finished)
  • 3rdNikolaos Konstantopoulos (Finished) (Scratched)
  • 4thDražen Pajtak (Finished)
  • 5thArtem Neposedov (Finished)
  • 6thŽivko Savić (Finished)
  • 7thJosip Jozić (Finished)
  • 8thEmmanouil Karampasis (Finished)
  • 9thPavlos Voliotis (Finished)
  • 10thNikola Tojčić (Finished)


  • 1stSamuel Olach (Winner)
  • 2ndAndrej Štajer (Finished)
  • 3rdDavor Rep (Finished)
  • 4thArnold Pristernik (Scratched)
  • 5thAleksandar Novaković (Scratched)
  • 6thZoran Tadić (Scratched)
  • 7thŽeljko Mihaljčić (Scratched)
  • 8thGabor Horvath (Scratched)


  • 1stRadoš Vuković (Winner)
  • 2ndDarijo Borojević (Finished) (Scratched)
  • 3rdAmélie Vanderhaeghe [F] (Finished)


  • 1stMartina Logarušić (Winner)
  • 2ndGabriela Bresticova [F] (Finished)
  • 3rdGordan Vasilić (Finished)
  • 4thMiloš Blagojević (Finished)

Events Feed

This race is yet to start. When the riders set off, we'll provide detailed updates from the ground. Our expert commentators will provide written and photo commentary to better understand what is happening on the map. In the meantime, take a look at the route in the tracking panel and learn more about racing from our features and results. If you'd like to commentate for this race, please email