Badlands postponed

David and Carlos, the team behind the Transibérica series of races, wrote to riders last night about the postponement of Badlands. With this announcement, there are no ultra-distance events in May.

Badlands COVID

TransAtlantic Way statement

Adrian O'Sullivan took to his race's Facebook group to communicate his position on cancellation or postponement (edited for clarity):

Everyone deals with situations differently. Any event that’s already cancelled I’m sure have for their own and others good reason taken into account and I support that. As the organiser of the TransAtlantic way I am trying to hang on to a June 4th start day. If in the coming weeks this is not possible I’m looking towards a September start date if allowed. I feel very strongly a need to leave a light on in the darkness for those that need it. And a responsibility that when the travel ban is lifted to bounce the economy as quickly as possible. I’m sure everyone is on hold at the moment in every aspect of their lives. Me included. To cancel believe you me would be the easiest option for me at the moment. And if we are allowed to ride when the time arises and just 5 riders turn up we ride.

Please follow what ever countries guidelines you are in. Stay positive in all actions and thoughts. And if you feel the need, completely self isolate for up to 6 weeks. Peace and love. 💪👊😍

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