Dorset Divide

Dorset, England

Dorset, the home of the Jurrasic coast. Well known for its beautiful landscape and coast line this 320 mile route takes in its iconic places and best kept secrets! Although the landscape may be breathtaking so is the route, with lots of climbing and challenging off road section. The inaugural edition is set to be a special one!

04:30, 15 July, 2022

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Distance — Elevation




Key Events

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Total Racers: 49

Scratched: 29% ( 14 )

Finished: 53% ( 26 )


  • 1stJohn Allan (Winner)
  • 2ndClaudio Lima (Finished)
  • 3rdMiles Resso (Finished)
  • 4thKurt Edmonds (Finished)
  • 5thPhilippa Battye (Finished)
  • 6thOllie Smith (Finished)
  • 7thMartin Taylor (Finished) (Scratched)
  • 8thSteven Moatt (Finished)
  • 9thDavid Sherrington (Finished)
  • 10thDavid Knee (Finished)

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