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Start Date:
Friday, August 31, 2018 8:22 PM
2017 Winner:
Sarah Hammond

Emma Flukes reaches the rock

Emma Flukes arrived at the finish line in Yulara yesterday, and in doing so became the 4th and final rider to complete the 2018 edition of Race to the Rock. To complete a job that, while not obligatory to register a finish, a couple of riders have nonetheless felt the need to do, she rolled on past the finish line to touch the famous orange rock too.

As Emma's Instagram post below shows, her journey to Uluru has been as difficult as you'd imagine 3,500km off-road through the Australian outback to be. No doubt all riders experienced similarly difficult moments in their respective journeys, but Emma's honesty is a stark reminder of how tough it is out there!

Congratulations to her, and to the other three finishers, on a truly impressive ride.

Stay tuned for a full recap of the race.

The Race for 2nd

Erinn Klein rolls in to take 2nd place after a hard-fought desert battle.

While Sarah Hammond may have ended up winning the 2018 Race to the Rock by a considerable margin, behind her the race for 2nd place has been a tantalisingly hard-fought contest.

The day after Sarah rolled into the finish at Yulara, Erinn Klein and Nick Skarajew were just entering the infamously difficult section of route between Oodnadatta and Finke; a 290km slog through remote desert.

The lead swapped multiple times as the two battled through the sand, but Erinn eventually pulled out a lead when he passed straight through Finke in the dead of night, without resupplying. Nick chose to camp out and wait for the store to open in order to tackle the next 150km stretch, and the short layover was to prove pivotal. Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.21.50 The Oodnadatta Road

“Did get a few hours to chat with Erinn over the past few days who's been looking crazy strong, and putting in killer averages,’ Nick would later tell the Race to the Rock team. “He made the decision to not wait around in Finke, which has paid off.”

By the time Erinn completed all of the off-road sections of the route, and rolled onto the final 80km stretch of tarmac to the finish, his lead over Nick had gone out to 140km. In the early hours of Tuesday evening, he too rolled into Yulara to claim 2nd place.

Nick has 170km left to ride, and if he’s planning on doing it all in one stint, should arrive in the early hours of tomorrow to claim 3rd. 250km behind Nick is Emma Flukes, who looks set to become the fourth and final finisher of this truly extraordinary race.

Keep watching the dots, and get behind the riders as they battle to the finish via the Race to the Rock Instagram and Facebook feed.

Sarah Wins!

Live footage of Sarah rolling into Uluru just a couple of hours ago.

'Teef', as the Race to the Rock official feeds affectionately call her, retains her title with a time of 14.5 days, and in doing so remains the only person to have ever won this epic race.

What a performance!

Hitting help.

Sarah Hammond continues her bid to win a third consecutive Race to the Rock growing her lead over Adam Lana with just 500km left to ride. Sarah currently has almost a 300km lead which will be almost insurmountable before the finish.

The riders have been battered by strong winds over the past few days making progress extremely slow, however they have begun to change direction and give the riders some well earnt respite.

The run-in to the finish is characterised by some extremely remote sections of riding, up to 300km with no resupply. Road surfaces are rough and corrugated, so riders are really on their own in this physically demanding terrain.

Early this morning, Adam pushed the ‘help’ button on his spot tracker. This sends out an emergency message to friends and loved ones that he needed non-life-threatening help. Adams wife informed the local police who found Adam out in the wilderness with bike issues. Reports suggest that Adam has some bearing issues with his bike and so couldn’t continue to cycle, although he is hopeful of repairing the problem in the nearest town and re-joining the course. This explains the jump in Sarah’s lead over the past 24hours, and makes her odds-on to retain the title - probably in the next 48hours.

Keep watching the dots.

No Let Up from Lana

With 2,500km having now passed under the wheels of race leader Sarah Hammond, and less than 1,000km to go, there is no let up for the two-time champ, with 2nd place rider Adam Lana just 100km behind.

Based off reports from the ground, it appears that Adam is going to be pushing until the end - meaning that 100km could disappear at a moment's notice.

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