ROUGH & READY - The Southern Divide

Land's End, Cornwall

ROUGH & READY TRACKING: This inaugural mixed terrain, gravel bike friendly adventure takes in the stunning scenery of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire, and then finishes off in the woodlands, moorlands, river & canal trails of the home counties towards London.

07:00, 22 September, 2022

Distance — Elevation



Mixed Terrain

Key Events

Check back soon for some key moments in the race.


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Total Racers: 10

Scratched: 40% ( 4 )

Finished: 50% ( 5 )


  • 1stNiel Copeland (M) (Winner)
  • 2ndAdrian Uttley (M) (Finished)
  • 3rdRoss Lovell (M) (Scratched)
  • 4thRob Gardiner (M) (Scratched)
  • 5thDan Hardy (M) (Scratched)
  • 6thMichael Clancy (M) (Scratched)
  • 7thJim Morrison (M)


  • 1stSam Wall (M) (Winner)
  • 2ndNatalie Smith (F) (Finished)
  • 3rdRichard Goodman (M) (Finished)

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