The Southern Divide 2024

Lands' End, UK

The third instalment of this 670 km mixed terrain odyssey, stretching from Lands' End to Kent. Riders will travel through a tapestry of ancient byways, former mining trails, extensive gravel routes, the untamed moors of Devon, breathtaking coastal downlands, new forest paths, and a touch of thrilling single track. There is no escaping that the mid-section will include steep and long climbs. The Jaws of the Jurassic will leave many questioning their life choices for a while although the views may take their mind off the pain. This self-sufficient adventure is more than just a personal challenge; it's a journey filled with awe-inspiring moments, set against the ever-changing backdrop of southern England's diverse landscapes.

07:00, 16 May, 2024

Distance — Elevation



35% Off-Road

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This race is yet to start. When the riders set off, we'll provide detailed updates from the ground. Our expert commentators will provide written and photo commentary to better understand what is happening on the map. In the meantime, take a look at the route in the tracking panel and learn more about racing from our features and results. If you'd like to commentate for this race, please email