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Derry, Northern Ireland
Start Date:
Thursday, September 3, 2020 9:00 AM
Rachel Nolan

All home

Gerald Herradura is home The fastest Lantern Rouge in the history of the race.IMG 2764

Day 8 recap

Mikee Lonergan, Oscar Shortt and Seamus O'Leary are home and dry. Peter McColgan's lost tracker was found by a road maintenance crew, put on a tarmac laying machine, came back to life and phoned home. Gerald Herradura has just 65km to go - true grit - should finish in the morning (depending on rest).

Day 8

Mikee Lonergan should finish in the next hour or so. Oscar Shortt and Seamus O'Leary should make it before closing time. Gerald Herradura has 260km to go, and is probably due to take some rest - so expect he should be in Kinsale tomorrow.

Peter McColgan has finished

Following a minor accident with 70km to go, Peter McColgan is across the finish line. His 85mm rims came in handy at the end as he rolled the last last 8km like this TAW-PeterMcColganRimFinish

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