Transpyrenees 2022

Llançà, Spain

The fixed route of Transpyrenees takes riders from the Mediterranean Pyrenees in the North East of Spain, through the Pyrenees Central and finishes at the wild Atlantic Pyrenees.

06:00, 25 June, 2022

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Total Racers: 131

Scratched: 18% ( 24 )

Finished: 62% ( 81 )


  • 1stAdam Bialek (Winner)
  • 2ndChristophe Dijkmans (Finished)
  • 3rdAdam Palin (Finished)
  • 4thAndrés Santos Hevilla (Finished)
  • 5thJorge Jurado Gascón (Finished)
  • 6thToni Calderón (Finished)
  • 7thSilvia Perrenoud (Finished)
  • 8thJonathan Abbott (Finished)
  • 9thLeonard V.hammerstein (Finished)
  • 10thRobert Reinecke (Finished)


  • 1stRaul Peralta & Jokin Etxebarria (Winner)
  • 2ndAndres Fernandez Latorre & Santiago Fernandez Latorre (Finished)
  • 3rdJose Borras Arco & Richard Pons Chillida (Finished)
  • 4thTarquin Pack & Thomas Grieve (Finished)
  • 5thDiego Villarias Solana & Marco Antonio Alvarado Gonzã¡lez (Finished)
  • 6thJavier Ayúcar & Vicente Mendia (Finished)
  • 7thCarlos Valin & Jose Ramon Gallego (Finished)
  • 8thBas Van Tilborg & Wout Bierens (Finished)
  • 9thIñaki Garcia Leon & Jose Cabello Pérez (Scratched)
  • 10thJosep Pera Vall-llosera & Jordi López Ramot (Scratched)

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This race is yet to start. When the riders set off, we'll provide detailed updates from the ground. Our expert commentators will provide written and photo commentary to better understand what is happening on the map. In the meantime, take a look at the route in the tracking panel and learn more about racing from our features and results. If you'd like to commentate for this race, please email