Transpyrenees 2024

Llançà, Spain

The fixed route of Transpyrenees takes riders from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean Sea, climbing some of the most mythical and challenging Cols of The Pyrenees such as Aubisque, Tourmalet, and Ax-3-domaines.

06:00, 30 June, 2024

Distance — Elevation




Last Year's Female Winner

Silvia Perrenoud

Last Year's Male Winner

Igor Antón

Covered By:

Key Events

As the race commences, the key events and happenings will be tagged here.


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Total Racers: 191

Scratched: 21% ( 41 )

Finished: 57% ( 108 )


  • 1stVictor Bouscavet (Winner)
  • 2ndGreg Clarke (Finished)
  • 3rdBruno Ferraro (Finished)
  • 4thMichael Wykes (Finished)
  • 5thWojciech Bystrzycki (Finished)
  • 6thRomain Montamat (Finished)
  • 7thAndrew Dumbill (Finished)
  • 8thDaniel Burtscher (Finished)
  • 9thManuel Villalobos (Finished)
  • 10thEmilio Castro Crecente (Finished)


  • 1stValentin Garcia Mota & Gabriel Maldonado (Winner)
  • 2ndValentín García Corredor & Miguel Ángel Díaz Rullo (Finished)
  • 3rdYoren Lievens & Dries De Smet (Finished)
  • 4thYves Cazet & Arnaud Baudouin (Finished)
  • 5thFlorian Rothe & Frank Uekermann (Finished)
  • 6thMartin Reichert & Melanie Muller (Finished)
  • 7thSean Donevan & Mark Gilmour (Finished)
  • 8thJochen Schumacher & Carlotta Schumacher (Finished)
  • 9thJon Barredo Muro & Asier Uroz Geijo (Finished)
  • 10thRaquel Rodriguez Bernal & Antonio Verguizas Nieto (Finished)

Outside of GC

  • 1stSteve Behrendt
  • 2ndSpencer Long
  • 3rdWannes Nyckees
  • 4thPau Haro
  • 5thCesar Soria Serrano
  • 6thGeorges Wagner & Nicholas Ogilvie
  • 7thOleksandr Kozlov
  • 8thRafael Ortiz Ordonez & Marisol Moreno Gallegos (Scratched)
  • 9thPatxi Plazoala (Scratched)

Events Feed

This race is yet to start. When the riders set off, we'll provide detailed updates from the ground. Our expert commentators will provide written and photo commentary to better understand what is happening on the map. In the meantime, take a look at the route in the tracking panel and learn more about racing from our features and results. If you'd like to commentate for this race, please email