Victoria Divide 2021

Melbourne, Australia

The Victoria Divide is a 550km race from Melbourne to Albury traversing the coastal side of the Great Dividing Range. The race was designed by Melburnian, Lewis Ciddor, a rider who cut his teeth winning the 2018 Tour Divide and who has worked to produce a race that is as technical and demanding as 550km from his home city can be. The winning times have ranged from 40 to 44 hours, and no rider has ever cracked the 40 hour mark. It's worthy of note that the re-route following the fires in 2019/20 added 20km to last year’s route but has now returned closer to the original route. While Lewis isn’t back to defend his title this year, Emma Flukes and Ben May who completed the 2020 podium will line up alongside other big names who are making their Vic Divide debut. Race route illustration by Alex Hotchin 📸 Jimmy Röstlund

19:00, 26 February, 2021

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Stephen Lane

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