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Colorado Trail Race 2008 results

In the second edition of the Colorado Trail Race, the startlist grew to 23 riders however most ended up scratching some way along the trail. Trist Stevenson was the first woman to successfully complete the CTR.


  • Male: 92%

    Female: 8%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish TimeNotes
    1Ethan PassantSoloMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared5d 2h 26m
    2Chris PleskoSoloMenFinishedUSATraditional Geared5d 6h 27m
    3Jeff OatleySoloMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared5d 23h 47m
    4Brad KeeSoloMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared6d 4h 6m
    5Trish StevensonSoloWomenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared7d 1h 46m
    6Dan MontgomerySoloMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared7d 6h 45m
    7Dennis HeltonSoloMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared7d 7h 0m
    8Matt FuscoSoloMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared8d 3h 14m
    Travis ButlerSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Kyle StoneSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Alison GannetSoloWomenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Keith EcksteinSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Dave NiceSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Jim IshmanSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Chuck RaySoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Tim GraczykSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Curtis BurgeSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Pete BasingerSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Doug JohnsonSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Chris NeumannSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Eddie TurkalySoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Marshal BirdSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Jason ShelmanSoloMenRelegatedRELEGATEDTraditional Geared5d 3h 49m
    Owen MurphyIttMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared4d 8h 45mInadvertently skipped the end of Segment 3, thus riding 5 miles and ~800' less than the actual CTR route.

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