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Arizona Trail Race (300) 2011 results


  • * 17 entrants have no registered nationality

  • Male: 91%

    Female: 9%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish Time
    1Lynda WallenfelsSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared3d 4h 5m
    2Brad KeeSoloMenFinishedFINISHEDTraditional Geared3d 8h 26m
    3Erick LordSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared3d 23h 52m
    4Max MorrisSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared4d 0h 30m
    Yuri BahtiSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Taylor LideenSoloMenScratchedUSATraditional Geared
    Michael SzerszunowiczSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Matt RuscignoSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Matt FuscoSoloMenScratchedFINISHEDTraditional Geared
    Marshal BirdSoloMenScratchedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared
    Kurt RefsniderSoloMenScratchedUSATraditional Geared
    Joe MeiserSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Jill HueckmanSoloWomenScratchedTraditional Geared
    JC CullenSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Jamil CourySoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Glenn CampbellSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Eric FosterSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Dave HarrisSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Brad MattinglySoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Andy StevensonSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Aleck MacKinnonSoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared
    Aaron GulleySoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared

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