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Highland Trail 550 2013 results

The inaugural edition of the Highland Trail 550 in 2013 began with just 27 riders. Organiser Alan Goldsmith had crafted a route that took riders to the most remote parts of Scotland. The weather, as usual, ensured all four seasons would come and go making for heavy bikes if riders were to get around.

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RankRiderClass/CategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish Time
1Aidan HardingSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared03d:02h:15m
2Ian BarringtonSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared03d:13h:22m
3Alan SheldonSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared03d:14h:24m
4Rob WixeySoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared04d:00h:39m
5Alan GoldsmithSoloMFinishedUKTraditional/Geared04d:03h:45m
6Mike ToynSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared04d:03h:45m
7Philip RichmondSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared04d:09h:10m
8Daniel JesseeSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared04d:10h:40m
9Arno MinnerSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared04d:15h:50m
10Greg MaySoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared04d:15h:50m
11Tom SapSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared04d:15h:50m
12Gian LieschSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared05d:00h:10m
13Dave KaneSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared05d:00h:10m
14Gareth CluttonSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared05d:00h:55m
15Andy FarishSoloMFinishedTraditional/Geared06d:00h:03m

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