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Tour Divide 2014 results


  • * "Rest of the World" are grouped together countries that have 5 participants or less:
    • USA ( 3 )
    • New Zealand ( 2 )
    • Germany ( 1 )
    • CANADA ( 2 )
    • Belgium ( 1 )
    • UK ( 3 )

    36 entrants have no registered nationality

  • Male: 85%

    Female: 15%

  • Overall PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish TimeNotes
    2Calvin DeckerSOLOMENFINISHEDUSATRADITIONAL_GEARED18d 5h 29mRained first week
    3Katie & Sam TandemSOLOMENFINISHEDTANDEM19d 7h 57mRained first week
    4Geof BlanceSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEARED19d 15h 48mRained first week
    4Lorenzo SerraSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED19d 15h 48mRained first week
    5Evan DeutschSOLOMENFINISHEDUSATRADITIONAL_GEARED19d 22h 46mRained first week
    6Walter BrumniachSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED20d 4h 0mRained first week
    7Rob DavidsonSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED21d 1h 23mRained first week
    8Dan HensleySOLOMENFINISHEDSINGLE_SPEED21d 11h 22mRained first week
    9Montana MillerSOLOMENFINISHEDSINGLE_SPEED22d 4h 21mRained first week
    10Alice DrobnaSOLOWOMENFINISHEDSINGLE_SPEED22d 6h 36mRained first week
    11David StoweSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED22d 6h 36mRained first week
    12Klaus ThielSOLOMENFINISHEDGermanyTRADITIONAL_GEARED22d 17h 38mRained first week
    13Sarah CaylorSOLOWOMENFINISHEDCANADATRADITIONAL_GEARED22d 21h 31mRained first week
    14Kent McDonaldSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED22d 21h 36mRained first week
    15Paul BarsomSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED23d 8h 10mRained first week
    16Patrick DaySOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED23d 12h 6mRained first week
    17Andy AmickSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED23d 18h 58mRained first week
    18Andy LawrenceSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED24d 5h 39mRained first week
    19Ken ScottSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEARED24d 12h 6mRained first week
    20Ken WaringSOLOMENFINISHEDCANADATRADITIONAL_GEARED24d 23h 5mRained first week
    21George KoeflerSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED25d 7h 22mRained first week
    22Casey RheaSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED25d 10h 10mRained first week
    23Leslie HandySOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED25d 12h 27mRained first week
    24Michael CleaverSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 4h 54mRained first week
    25Valerie KatoSOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 5h 7mRained first week
    26Josh TaylorSOLOMENFINISHEDUSATRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 5h 28mRained first week
    27Charlie KharsaSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 10h 30mRained first week
    28Mark CaminitiSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 10h 55mRained first week
    29Stefan MaertensSOLOMENFINISHEDBelgiumTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 11h 25mRained first week
    30Renato AlessandriniSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 12h 55mRained first week
    31Ashley BennsSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 14h 46mRained first week
    32Cindy DywanSOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED27d 17h 12mRained first week
    33Sheila Torres-BlankSOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED28d 9h 22mRained first week
    34Chris ThompsonSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED28d 10h 39mRained first week
    35Kristian MyersSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED30d 3h 12mRained first week
    36Tony ArroyosSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED30d 3h 34mRained first week
    37Tanner MorganSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED30d 3h 36mRained first week
    38John FairbairnSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED30d 9h 24mRained first week
    39Brett WolfSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED30d 9h 32mRained first week
    40Jason SnellSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED30d 9h 32mRained first week
    41Rod GemmellSOLOMENFINISHEDUKTRADITIONAL_GEARED31d 9h 17mRained first week
    42Scott PicquetSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED31d 13h 10mRained first week
    Michelle DuLieuSOLOWOMENFINISHEDUKTRADITIONAL_GEARED61d 10h 14mRained first week
    Tony LitsonSOLOMENFINISHEDUKTRADITIONAL_GEARED39d 5h 41mRained first week
    Mark WitcherSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED38d 22h 55mRained first week
    Tricia TothSOLOWOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED36d 9h 35mRained first week
    Hal RussellSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED32d 4h 23mRained first week
    Gary TuckerSOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED32d 4h 17mRained first week

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