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HOPE 1000 2015 results

The inaugural NAVAD 1000 (as it was formerly known) began from Romanshorn in Switzerland with 23 riders. Among them was the HT550 organiser Alan Goldsmith finishing in 7th place.


  • Male: 100%

    Female: 0%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish Time
    1Christian JakobSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 5h 8m
    2Sämi BurkartSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 15h 29m
    3Reto KollerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared6d 5h 9m
    4Stefan MaertensSoloMenFinishedBelgiumTraditional Geared6d 6h 20m
    5Maurizio DoroSoloMenFinishedItalyTraditional Geared6d 6h 34m
    6Markus MeierSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared6d 10h 41m
    7Alan GoldsmithSoloMenFinishedUKTraditional Geared6d 11h 15m
    8Marcus BrennenstuhlSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared6d 17h 45m
    9David GilbertSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared6d 17h 45m
    10Christian SpindlerSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared6d 17h 45m
    12Simone CussighSoloMenFinishedItalyTraditional Geared7d 5h 35m
    13Heinz FrühwirtSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 6h 42m
    14Hanspeter RyfSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 6h 42m
    15Willi FelixSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 11h 49m
    16Josef StenzSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 11h 49m
    17Markus MarmetSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 5h 21m
    18Markus WengerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 5h 21m
    19Urs AchermannSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 10h 39m
    20Guido FadenSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 10h 39m
    21Thomas BrunnerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared9d 7h 55m
    22Beat SchnyderSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared9d 8h 55m
    23Roland OchsnerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared9d 11h 20m
    24Martin PauliSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared12d 9h 9m
    11Dries BrouckaertIttMenFinishedBelgiumTraditional Geared6d 20h 20m

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