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Tour Divide 2015 results


Finish Location
  • * 79 entrants have no registered nationality

  • Finish Locations:

    null: 84 rider(s)

    Banff: 1 rider(s)

  • Male: 87%

    Female: 13%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish LocationFinish TimeNotes
    1Josh KatoSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared14d 11h 37mDry & fast
    2Jay PetervarySoloMenFinishedUSATraditional Geared14d 12h 3mDry & fast
    3Neil BeltchenkoSoloMenFinishedUSATraditional Geared14d 12h 23mDry & fast
    4Dylan TaylorSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared15d 3h 1mDry & fast
    5Alex HarrisSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared15d 12h 9mDry & fast
    6Joe FoxSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared17d 2h 35mDry & fast
    7Andrés BonelliSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared17d 3h 18mDry & fast
    8Will BodewesSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared17d 10h 11mDry & fast
    9Miani MicheleSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 2h 22mDry & fast
    10Rob DavidsonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 3h 58mDry & fast
    11Robert OrrSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 8h 0mDry & fast
    12Josh DaughertySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 12h 19mDry & fast
    13Elliot DuMontSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 12h 47mDry & fast
    14Ryan HamiltonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 14h 35mDry & fast
    15Martin VitSoloMenFinishedCzech RepublicTraditional Geared18d 17h 16mDry & fast
    16Andy LaycockSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 20h 58mDry & fast
    17Lukas AufschlägerSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared18d 22h 0mDry & fast
    18Marshal BirdSoloMenFinishedSCRATCHEDTraditional Geared18d 22h 9mDry & fast
    19Patrick DowdSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared19d 1h 55mDry & fast
    20Seb DunneSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared19d 2h 33mDry & fast
    21Bethany DunneSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared19d 2h 37mDry & fast
    22Ryan CorreySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared19d 7h 21mDry & fast
    23Greg GalwaySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared19d 20h 20mDry & fast
    24Shane WightonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared19d 21h 22mDry & fast
    25Alice DrobnaSoloWomenFinishedSingle Speed19d 22h 4mDry & fast
    26David McInerneySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared19d 22h 9mDry & fast
    27Doug WengerSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 0h 0mDry & fast
    28Dave HoswellSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 3h 26mDry & fast
    29Luke BodewesSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 5h 15mDry & fast
    30Simon CrossSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 5h 48mDry & fast
    31Brett StepanikSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 6h 57mDry & fast
    32Mitch PotterSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 7h 1mDry & fast
    33Ryan HenrySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 8h 31mDry & fast
    34Jeff WiseSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 8h 38mDry & fast
    35Zbynek ReslSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared20d 23h 1mDry & fast
    36Eleanor McDonoughSoloWomenFinishedSingle Speed21d 3h 34mDry & fast
    37Markéta MarvanováSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared21d 9h 11mDry & fast
    37Mike SchlichtmanSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared21d 9h 11mDry & fast
    39William ScheelSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared21d 15h 14mDry & fast
    40Morgan AllenSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared21d 16h 14mDry & fast
    41Gabriel MakSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared21d 16h 25mDry & fast
    42MC CarlsonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared21d 17h 21mDry & fast
    43Sarah JansenSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 1h 20mDry & fast
    44Dave WicksSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 4h 21mDry & fast
    45Sara DallmanSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 5h 56mDry & fast
    46Mirko HaeckerSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 6h 51mDry & fast
    47Joshua JohnsonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 13h 47mDry & fast
    48Eijai OxfordSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 21h 34mDry & fast
    49Nick BrodieSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 23h 34mDry & fast
    50Anthony BeattySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared22d 23h 58mDry & fast
    51Michael KinneySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared23d 2h 24mDry & fast
    52Mark CaminitiSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared23d 4h 55mDry & fast
    53Rob MilburnSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared23d 12h 15mDry & fast
    54David SchlenkerSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared23d 12h 50mDry & fast
    55Brad PerrySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared23d 18h 42mDry & fast
    56Mark SeaburgSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared24d 9h 55mDry & fast
    57Dan LockerySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared24d 10h 7mDry & fast
    58Steve FullerSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared24d 17h 1mDry & fast
    59Troy HopwoodSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared25d 9h 8mDry & fast
    60Richard ParksSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared25d 17h 6mDry & fast
    61Nicholas GerberSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared25d 17h 7mDry & fast
    62Michael EybSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed25d 17h 12mDry & fast
    63Jason AlexanderSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared26d 7h 23mDry & fast
    64Jon MullenSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared26d 7h 35mDry & fast
    65Peter SchaapSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared27d 7h 49mDry & fast
    66Douglas JamiesonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared27d 8h 2mDry & fast
    67Jeff HopkinsSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed28d 7h 21mDry & fast
    68Phillip K. BirdSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared28d 13h 25mDry & fast
    69Marty JohnsonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared28d 13h 54mDry & fast
    70Hal RussellSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared28d 18h 57mDry & fast
    71John BowersSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared28d 19h 51mDry & fast
    72Peter YergerSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared28d 19h 52mDry & fast
    73Jennifer MarshSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared28d 20h 27mDry & fast
    74Dallis WatersSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared29d 7h 3mDry & fast
    75Greg GoodmanSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared31d 5h 1mDry & fast
    76David MorrisonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared31d 7h 54mDry & fast
    77Patrick MorrisonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared31d 7h 54mDry & fast
    Joseph DeanSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared37d 10h 54mDry & fast
    Mike IngramSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared37d 0h 0mDry & fast
    Riccardo AlessiSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared35d 11h 0mDry & fast
    Jeff TaylorSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedBanff31d 11h 29m
    Lena RicePairWomenFinishedTandem30d 12h 25mDry & fast
    Billy RicePairMenFinishedTandem30d 12h 25mDry & fast
    Lael WilcoxIttWomenFinishedUSATraditional Geared15d 10h 59mDry & fast
    Lael WilcoxIttWomenFinishedUSATraditional Geared17d 1h 51mDry & fast

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