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Monaro Cloudride 2017 results


Finish Location
  • Finish Locations:

    21: 1 rider(s)

    114: 1 rider(s)

    144: 1 rider(s)

    268: 1 rider(s)

    400: 2 rider(s)

    523: 1 rider(s)

    647: 1 rider(s)

    796: 1 rider(s)

    null: 11 rider(s)

  • Male: 100%

    Female: 0%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish LocationFinish TimeNotes
    1Steve FitchettSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared4d 2h 52m
    2Matthew TurnerSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared4d 12h 13m
    3Adam NicholsonSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared4d 17h 39m
    4Mark GibbensSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared5d 2h 20m
    5Trevor FairhurstSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared5d 11h 16m
    6Jeroen JedelooSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared7d 9h 57m
    7Daniel OakmanSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared8d 12h 7m
    8Joanne MardenSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared11d 4h 14m
    Matthew LuttrellSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared21
    Mick GinmanSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared114
    Peter GarganoSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared144
    Noel PopeSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared268
    Paul FieldSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared400
    Andrew StephensonSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared400
    Daniel GangurSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared523
    Angus WestSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared647
    Jessica DouglasSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared796
    Mark SimpsonSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared6d 6h 15m*Changed Bike
    Peter SalakasIttMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared7d 2h 50m
    Anton IassenevIttMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared7d 2h 50m

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