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HOPE 1000 2018 results

Two new course records were set during the 2018 edition of the NAVAD 1000. The quickest man over the line was Czech rider Štěpán Stránský in a blistering 4D 4H 51M. Just 6 hours behind him was the first woman, Lael Wilcox setting the women’s course record.


  • Male: 96%

    Female: 4%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish TimeNotes
    1Štěpán StránskýSoloMenFinishedCzech RepublicTraditional Geared4d 4h 51mMen’s course record
    2Lael WilcoxSoloWomenFinishedUSATraditional Geared4d 10h 13mWomen’s course record
    3Christoph SchniderSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 12h 27m
    4Migg ScherrerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 3h 40m
    5Willi FelixSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 22h 6m
    6Thomas WegmüllerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared6d 5h 52m
    7Oliver ButscherSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared6d 8h 56m
    8Paddy MatterSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared6d 9h 2m
    9Ian MacNabSoloMenFinishedUKTraditional Geared6d 20h 44m
    10Kurt-Aurel StoesselSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 4h 42m
    11Harald BinkertSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 8h 14m
    12Arsène FormazSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 14h 15m
    13Edgar SchulerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 2h 32m
    14Matthias WegmannSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 3h 49m
    15Hansreudi LeuenbergerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 3h 50m
    16Patrick TrübSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 3h 52m
    17Peter BaumannSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 7h 43m
    18Martin MeierSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 8h 7m
    19Tomas KorinekSoloMenFinishedCzech RepublicTraditional Geared8d 11h 8m
    20Tomas KrizSoloMenFinishedCzech RepublicTraditional Geared8d 11h 8m
    21Petr KrelinaSoloMenFinishedCzech RepublicTraditional Geared9d 6h 30m
    22Ulrich BartoletSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared9d 7h 45m
    23Markus SchärSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared10d 11h 23m
    24Marcel WäspiSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared10d 11h 25m
    25Niklaus BucherSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared11d 7h 0m
    26Bruno BilleterSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared11d 7h 50m
    27Frank EberhardSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared11d 7h 55m
    28Thomas GemmeckerSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared11d 10h 11m

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