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Arizona Trail Race (750) 2019 results


  • * 23 entrants have no registered nationality

  • Male: 96%

    Female: 4%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish TimeNotes
    1Justin DuboisSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed8d 6h 26mFour Peaks option
    2Josh UhlSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed8d 9h 45m
    3Mike DickenSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared8d 18h 40m
    4Pavel MachacekSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared9d 5h 38m
    5Ben HanusSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared9d 10h 25mFour Peaks option
    6Adrian van der RietSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed9d 11h 16m
    7Rick IannielloSoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared9d 11h 16m
    8Elizabeth SampeySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared9d 11h 44mNew women’s record
    9Paul WissenbachSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared9d 15h 22m
    10Brett StepanikSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed9d 19h 54m
    11Adam HaleSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed9d 19h 54m
    12Jakob CarlsenSoloMenFinishedDenmarkTraditional Geared10d 11h 1m
    13Miles CarlsonSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared10d 11h 49m
    14Dylan GondaSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared11d 6h 17m
    15Andrew StaufferSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared11d 6h 40m
    16Ken WaringSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared11d 10h 1m
    17David WicksSoloMenFinishedSingle Speed12d 5h 15m
    18Daniel DunnSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared13d 7h 9m
    19Dan LockerySoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared14d 8h 6m
    20Hal LoewenSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared14d 8h 11m
    21Mike HassSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared14d 8h 24m
    22Max MilburnSoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared17d 11h 15mMissed a section of route near Summerhaven, Beehive Well & Mormon Lake.
    Hanoch RedlichSoloMenRelegatedTraditional Geared8d 0h 6mMissed a 3 mile solo section of the route near ,Tucson and rode through an official trail closure north of Flagstaff. It should also be noted that he did not ride the optional snow detour near Flagstaff, staying true to the AZT.
    Eric MortonSoloMenRelegatedTraditional Geared15d 11h 44mAccepted SOLOmotorized transport near Mormon ,Lake and missed sections of route near Kelvin, Flagstaff, Tusayan & South Rim.

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