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Pan Celtic Race (Short) 2019 results


  • Male: 86%

    Female: 14%

  • PositionRiderCapClassCategoryResultBikeFinish Time
    1Oliver Start11SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared4d 7h 23m
    2Peter Harlow37SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 2h 48m
    3John Burton66SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 3h 28m
    6Rodolphe Mannessier80SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 4h 48m
    7Daniel Cornwall52SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 5h 40m
    8William Murtaugh22SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 6h 28m
    9Mike Archer60SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 6h 57m
    12Paddy Dunne81SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared6d 6h 33m
    13Jon Hicken45SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared6d 8h 6m
    14Jakob Benz34SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared6d 8h 22m
    15Alex Martin32SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared6d 9h 6m
    16Christina Mckay24SoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared6d 13h 47m
    20Jez Phillips65SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 9h 10m
    23Kate Brennan42SoloWomenFinishedTraditional Geared8d 0h 45m
    26Kaarlo Metsaranta72SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared8d 4h 11m
    4Ken Richards7PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 5h 35m
    4Harry Roberts6PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 5h 35m
    10Guy Marks15PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 14h 5m
    10Duncan Borthwick14PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared5d 14h 5m
    17Tom Boggis29PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 0h 48m
    17John Hull28PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 0h 48m
    19Jackie Brennan48PairWomenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 2h 25m
    19Andy Hebda47PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 2h 25m
    21Will Neale75PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 10h 42m
    21Alex Harvey74PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 10h 42m
    24Kate Shires31PairWomenFinishedTraditional Geared8d 3h 2m
    24Mick Gray30PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared8d 3h 2m
    27Neil Robinson17PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared9d 7h 50m
    27Wyn Jones16PairMenFinishedTraditional Geared9d 7h 50m

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