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HOPE 1000 2020 results

As the first race after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in many countries, the Hope 1000 lived up to its name. With the previous year's winner as well as ultra-distance extraordinaire Sofiane Sehili, the race gripped dotwatchers from the off. The winner ended up borrowing a bike for the last 130km but in doing so still managed to make a new course record.


  • Male: 93%

    Female: 7%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish TimeNotes
    1Jochen BoehringerSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared3d 17h 30mNew course record
    2Sofiane SehiliSoloMenFinishedFranceTraditional Geared3d 20h 0m
    3Markus HagerSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared3d 21h 32m
    4Christian BeyerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 3h 14m
    5Hannes MeyleSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 3h 30m
    6Jens van RoostSoloMenFinishedBelgiumTraditional Geared4d 5h 11m
    7Philippe VuilloudSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 7h 38m
    8Jonas VuilleSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 7h 39m
    9Adrien LiechtiSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 11h 45m
    10Philipp StoesselSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 12h 25m
    10Michele MianiSoloMenFinishedItalyTraditional Geared4d 12h 25m
    12Benedikt RoesslerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 14h 50m
    13Stefan MaertensSoloMenFinishedBelgiumTraditional Geared4d 16h 0m
    14Oliver GygerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 18h 13m
    15Kai EdelSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared4d 22h 26m
    16Christian BergerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared4d 23h 0m
    17Lukas FranciszkiewiczSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 5h 17m
    18Sylvain LoupSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 11h 35m
    19Bernhard HartensteinSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared5d 17h 48m
    20Filip RousseauSoloMenFinishedBelgiumTraditional Geared5d 18h 52m
    21Dieter StoesselSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 20h 10m
    22Mark LauzonSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared5d 20h 42m
    23Emma PooleySoloWomenFinishedUnited KingdomTraditional Geared6d 1h 6mChanged bike
    24Jeroen WyseurSoloMenFinishedBelgiumTraditional Geared6d 5h 42m
    25Kurt-Aurel StoesselSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared6d 15h 26m
    26Mirko HäckerSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared6d 16h 55m
    27Franziskus-Benjamin WeissbarthSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 0h 37m
    28Mathis MaruggSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 4h 22m
    29Willi FelixSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 6h 3m
    30Rolf GeisserSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 7h 38m
    31Pius GloorSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 7h 39m
    32Lisbeth HofstetterSoloWomenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 9h 24m
    33Dmitrii KozlovSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared7d 13h 34m
    34Urs Arnold KutscheraSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 14h 15m
    35Michael GantnerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 19h 49m
    36Rolf SteinerSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 19h 51m
    37Erwin BetschartSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 19h 53m
    38Anne De SmetSoloWomenFinishedBelgiumTraditional Geared7d 19h 54m
    39Brian BarrySoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared7d 20h 6m
    40Richard SchröderSoloMenFinishedGermanyTraditional Geared8d 1h 3m
    41Hans de BruijnSoloMenFinishedNetherlandsTraditional Geared8d 8h 11m
    42Frederic BuerkiSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared8d 16h 54m
    43Heinz ZauggSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared9d 4h 38m
    44Juan RamosSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared9d 7h 57m
    45Martin PauliSoloMenFinishedSwitzerlandTraditional Geared9d 9h 4m

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