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Monaro Cloudride Prologue 2020 results

Cloudride Prologue is a 500k entry level off-road bikepacking event on fast gravel country back roads with some difficult, technical sections that preview similar encounters expected in the full 1000k Monaro Cloudride. The course changes each year with Canberra as the start and finish point. More recently this event has attracted attention from the young and fast road/gravel fraternity prepared to forego the 'sleep' option and do the 500k in one hit.


Finish Location
  • Finish Locations:

    null: 18 rider(s)

    367km: 1 rider(s)

    275km: 1 rider(s)

    230km: 1 rider(s)

    145km: 1 rider(s)

    122km: 2 rider(s)

    456km: 2 rider(s)

    391km: 1 rider(s)

  • Male: 100%

    Female: 0%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish LocationFinish TimeNotes
    1Anthony NewmanSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 3h 23m
    1Sebastian WendeSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 3h 23m
    3Trevor SpencerSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 3h 38m*Relegated for navigation assistance
    4Paul BrodieSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 7h 35m
    5Jonas AnderbergSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 11h 7m
    6Simon VanderstadtSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 12h 7m
    7Rowan McMurraySoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 15h 6m
    8Oliver MurraySoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 18h 2m
    9Ross HamiltonSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 20h 48m
    10Bryce EnglandSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 1h 52m
    11Ivars ReinfeldsSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 9h 2m
    12Phil MathewsonSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 10h 48m
    13Peter GarganoSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 11h 21m
    14Jonathan MilfordSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 12h 18m
    15Josh BrearleySoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 12h 53m
    17Dante ApolinarSoloMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 13h 49m
    Euan HoldenSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared391km
    Greg DurrSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared456km
    Trevor FairhurstSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared456km
    Miles MorrisonSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared122km
    Noel PopeSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared122km
    Michael MooreSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared145km
    Jason BachmannSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared230km
    Brad MedlandSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared275km
    Matt WilliamsSoloMenScratchedAustraliaTraditional Geared367km
    16Tinderry Trail AngelsPairMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared2d 13h 34m
    Frank ZellerIttMenFinishedAustraliaTraditional Geared1d 11h 2m

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