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Tour Te Waipounamu 2021 results

The inaugural edition of Brian Alder's race was phenomenal! Racers were challenged in every which way possible and the course has set a benchmark for adventure bike racing on the Southern Island.


Finish Location
  • Finish Locations:

    Slope Point: 32 rider(s)

    Warwick Junction: 1 rider(s)

    Mt White Bridge: 1 rider(s)

    Lake Sumner: 1 rider(s)

    Boyle Village: 2 rider(s)

  • Male: 78%

    Female: 22%

  • PositionRiderClassCategoryResultBikeFinish LocationFinish Time
    1Oliver WhalleySoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point5d 10h 34m
    2Tony LeSueurSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point5d 19h 58m
    3Hedley WiltonSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point6d 7h 50m
    4Georgia WhitlaSoloWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point6d 16h 40m
    5Martin StrelkaSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point6d 16h 40m
    6Patrick HigginsSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point6d 16h 40m
    7Brian AlderSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point7d 2h 53m
    8Kath KellySoloWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point7d 3h 44m
    9Steve HalliganSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point7d 5h 15m
    10Stephen ButterworthPairMenFinishedSingle SpeedSlope Point7d 8h 10m
    11Phil WalterPairMenFinishedSingle SpeedSlope Point7d 8h 10m
    12Tad MejdrPairMenFinishedSingle SpeedSlope Point7d 8h 10m
    13Liam CrozierSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point7d 9h 30m
    14Caleb HelkennSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point7d 14h 22m
    15Mark RaywardSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point7d 14h 22m
    16Chris ShawSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point7d 20h 12m
    17Olly MansonSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point8d 7h 50m
    18Matt QuirkSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point8d 8h 22m
    19Brendan PheasantSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point8d 8h 44m
    20Pete MaindonaldSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point8d 14h 4m
    21Andrew TrevelyanSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point8d 14h 30m
    22Christine ByrchSoloWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point8d 23h 5m
    23Mark WatsonSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 0h 15m
    24Jeff LyallSoloMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 6h 30m
    25Hana BlackSoloWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 9h 9m
    26Chris BurrPairMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 10h 2m
    27Brenda (Bob) ClapPairWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 10h 2m
    28Rachel BerrySoloWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 11h 54m
    29Amanda WellsSoloWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 11h 54m
    30Dulkara MartigSoloWomenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 11h 54m
    31Ken ScottPairMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 12h 28m
    32Geof BlancePairMenFinishedTraditional GearedSlope Point9d 12h 28m
    Steve ScottSoloMenScratchedTraditional GearedWarwick Junction
    Steven MacLeodSoloMenScratchedTraditional GearedMt White Bridge
    Anaru ScottSoloMenScratchedTraditional GearedLake Sumner
    Nathan MawkesSoloMenScratchedTraditional GearedBoyle Village
    Brian AndersonSoloMenScratchedTraditional GearedBoyle Village

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