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Tour Te Waipounamu 2021 results

The inaugural edition of Brian Alder's race was phenomenal! Racers were challenged in every which way possible and the course has set a benchmark for adventure bike racing on the Southern Island.


Finish Location
  • * "Rest of the World" are grouped together countries that have 5 participants or less:
    • Czech Republic ( 1 )
    • UK ( 1 )
    • USA ( 1 )
  • Finish Locations:

    Slope Point: 32 rider(s)

    Warwick Junction: 1 rider(s)

    Mt White Bridge: 1 rider(s)

    Lake Sumner: 1 rider(s)

    Boyle Village: 2 rider(s)

  • Male: 78%

    Female: 22%

  • Overall PositionRiderClassCategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish LocationFinish DistanceFinish Time
    1Oliver WhalleySOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point5d 10h 34m
    2Tony LeSueurSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point5d 19h 58m
    3Hedley WiltonSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point6d 7h 50m
    4Georgia WhitlaSOLOWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point6d 16h 40m
    5Martin StrelkaSOLOMENFINISHEDCzech RepublicTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point6d 16h 40m
    6Patrick HigginsSOLOMENFINISHEDUKTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point6d 16h 40m
    7Brian AlderSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point7d 2h 53m
    8Kath KellySOLOWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point7d 3h 44m
    9Steve HalliganSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point7d 5h 15m
    13Liam CrozierSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point7d 9h 30m
    15Mark RaywardSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point7d 14h 22m
    16Chris ShawSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point7d 20h 12m
    17Olly MansonSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point8d 7h 50m
    18Matt QuirkSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point8d 8h 22m
    19Brendan PheasantSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point8d 8h 44m
    20Pete MaindonaldSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point8d 14h 4m
    21Andrew TrevelyanSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point8d 14h 30m
    22Christine ByrchSOLOWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point8d 23h 5m
    23Mark WatsonSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 0h 15m
    24Jeff LyallSOLOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 6h 30m
    25Hana BlackSOLOWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 9h 9m
    28Rachel BerrySOLOWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 11h 54m
    29Amanda WellsSOLOWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 11h 54m
    30Dulkara MartigSOLOWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 11h 54m
    Brian AndersonSOLOMENSCRATCHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDBoyle Village385
    Nathan MawkesSOLOMENSCRATCHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDBoyle Village385
    Steve ScottSOLOMENSCRATCHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDWarwick Junction817
    10Tad MejdrPAIRMENFINISHEDNew ZealandSINGLE_SPEEDSlope Point7d 8h 10m
    10Phil WalterPAIRMENFINISHEDNew ZealandSINGLE_SPEEDSlope Point7d 8h 10m
    10Stephen ButterworthPAIRMENFINISHEDNew ZealandSINGLE_SPEEDSlope Point7d 8h 10m
    26Brenda (Bob) ClapPAIRWOMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 10h 2m
    26Chris BurrPAIRMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 10h 2m
    31Geof BlancePAIRMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 12h 28m
    31Ken ScottPAIRMENFINISHEDNew ZealandTRADITIONAL_GEAREDSlope Point9d 12h 28m

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