Peta McSharry

Peta is a serial bikepacker, but favours the comfort of a bivvy bag far longer than should be allowed in a race. TransAm, Route66, Silk Road Mountain Race and the Hope 1000 came about after riding the 2011 Giro D'Italia route for charity and was to be found wanting on the shorter Sportive-like rides where the comfort of a hotel seemed to be cheating.

Written by Peta McSharry

Race Reports

Race Around Rwanda 2022

1,000km in the Land of a Thousand Hills. Rwanda's first bikepacking race is back since 2020 to delight our screens with its beautiful landscapes, locals and unpredictable weather.

Jan 30th 2022

Across Andes 2022

ACROSS ANDES TRACKING: This race traversing South America’s cordillera has served racers and dotwatchers with some of the most exquisite landscapes and tales of racing. For the 2022 edition the route is largely unchanged, much to our delight!

Apr 14th 2022

Rhino Run 2022

RHINO RUN TRACKING: Rhino Run describes itself as an immersive ultra-endurance expedition with a mandatory donation to the Masaka Cycling Club in Uganda. An all-star cast are set to race this inaugural event.

Apr 14th 2022

Silk Road Mountain Race 2022

Kyrgystan offers one of the wildest and most inhospitable environments for a bikepacking race with its often harsh and unpredictable mountain weather, contrasted with the warmth of the local hospitality.

Apr 8th 2022

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