Bikes of Pan Celtic Race 2023

Bikes of Pan Celtic Race 2023

3 July, 2023

For the first time in the race's history, riders will bridge The Channel and ferry across from the start in the Celtic nation of Brittany, France to Great Britain before a run along the rolling hills of Southern England and over the Severn Bridge into the second Celtic nation on route. Once in Wales, riders will head north with some dog legs along the way and almost traverse the length of the country to the finish and spiritual home of the race in Llandudno.

The weather of the Celtic nations is at the mercy of the gods and their fickle whims. Each edition has faced its own elemental conditions from biblical rain to a heatwave in Ireland. While there are no high mountains on the route, riders will cross a large body of land and water, and need to be prepared for their varying challenges.

Follow along with commentary here.

Jessica Notzing

Name: Jessica Notzing

Age: 35

Location: Cardiff, UK

Bike: Fairlight Secan 2.5 51T Frame, Puravelo wheels, Shimano GRX groupset: front 46/30 rear 11-36. Hope BB and finishes. Paul Seat post and Stem. Brooks C15 Saddle.

Key items of kit: Tailfin aero pack and Straightcut design bags.

Duncan Borthwick

Name: Duncan Borthwick

Age: 50

Cap number: 14

Location: Southampton, UK

Bike: Ridley Kanzo Speed with Classified gearing

Key items of kit: Farr gravel bars with bonus light mount / baguette holder.

Ali Dickson

Name: Ali Dickson

Age: 43

Cap number: 02

Location: Oakham, Rutland

Bike: A Custom built ‘Sunward Randonneur’ made by the brilliant Pi of Clandestine. Equipped with Campagnolo Chorus 12 speed with a 11-34 cassette paired with a Rotor 46/30 elliptical chainset ready for the Welsh hills! Wheels, and other parts all by Hope. Tyres are Rene Herse snoqualmie pass 44mm.

Key items of kit: I’m carrying a Wizard works mini Shazam resting up front in its custom built rack also by Clandestine. Stem and top tube bags are Wizard works and a mini Saddle bag by Fairweather.

My key piece of kit are my Birkenstock EVA sandals for some wind in the toes time!

Dan the Farmer

Name: Dan the Farmer

Age: 43

Cap number: 012

Location: Great Orme, North Wales

Bike: Reilly Spectre, Campagnolo on PuroVelo wheelset.

Key items of kit: Restrap bags all round, Exposure Lighting and Brooks Cambium Saddle.

Emma Molloy

Name: Emma Molloy

Age: 43

Cap number: 263

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bike: Specialized Diverge. SRAM eTap 1x groupset with 40 tooth chain ring and 10-50 tooth rear cassette. Hunt wheels. Portland Design Works cages.

Key items of kit: Apidura bags - handlebar, pocket, saddle bag and top tube. Quick access handlebar feed bag plus bag on top of the head stem/ aerobars. Carrying one set of off-bike clothes, second pair of bibs, wet weather gear, toiletries, pillow, tools and breakfast items.

Jonathan Riding

Name: Jonathan Riding

Age: 55

Cap number: 11

Location: Forest of Dean, UK

Bike: My old faithfull Reilly Gradient - Its third PCR! Front: 31/46 Rear: 11-40. Hunt SuperDura dynamo wheels and Brooks Cambian saddle.

Key items of kit: Restrap bags, Terra Nova Laser Pulse 1 tent, Alpkit Pipedream 200 Sleeping Bag, Klymit Inertia X Frame Mat. Exposure Revo, Redeye, Blaize and Joystick lighting. Gary for company on those long days :-)

Wayne Henderson

Name: Wayne Henderson

Age: 58

Location: Leicester, UK

Bike: Giant TCR Pro 0

Key items of kit: Tailfin rear aero rack. Restrap aero bar bag, Apidura Full top tube bag, Alpkit lower top tube bag & Louri Strap for spare tube/levers/Co2.

Dusty Miller

Name: Dusty Miller

Age: 47

Location: Shrewsbury, UK

Bike: Cannondale Topstone Carbon, Shimano GRX, 32mm tyres, 700c Cannondale Hallowgram wheels.

Key items of kit: Full set of Restrap Race bags, Alpkit Altra 80 sleeping bag, Sea to Summit sleep mat, Sea to Summit pillow (most important) Anker 737 power bank+ spare Cables, Bontrager front and rear lights, spare Catseye lights. Garmin Edge 830 for Navigation, Restrap Fork cage for carrying extra water bottles.

James Bicknell

Name: James Bicknell

Age: 63

Location: Cumbria, UK

Bike: Sonder Camino Ti, fitted with SRAM Explore AXS 38 front chain ring. Hunt wheels. Brooks saddle and Hope pedals. Running tubeless pirelli cinturato velo 35mm with reflective side walls (works well, safety is key)

Key items of kit: The bike is fitted with son dynamo front wheel linked to exposure Revo front light and red eye on the rear. All spare clothing and sleep system is carried in the Tailfin on the rear or the Restap race pack fitted to aero bars (very stable and great for quick access). My incidentals are in the Restrap race long toptube bag, works well as it tapers down at the rear to stop crushing blows to my man jewels. Tools are stowed in tool keg which included kitchen sink. Sleep kit is bivvy bag with full length air mattress down jacket and trousers.

Ceri Bicknell

Name: Ceri Bicknell

Age: 50

Location: Cumbria, UK

Bike: Sonder Camino Ti, fitted with SRAM Explore AXS, 36 front chain ring. Hunt wheels with tubeless Pirelli Cinturato Velo 35mm tyres with reflective details. SON dynamo with Exposure Revo & RedEye lights, Exposure Joystick as backup.

Key items of kit: Restrap race bags front and rear for main kit and Restrap race top tube bag for battery pack and as much food as I can fit in it. Running a Garmin 830 with Garmin battery pack. Need to find extra space for a bucket load of smiles to make sure this is a fun experience ……

Vic Hayzer

Name: Vic Hayzer

Age: 23

Cap number: 144

Location: Bristol, UK

Bike: Shand Stooshie. Shimano GRX groupset and Panaracer Gravel King slick 28 mm tyres. Profile Design aero bars.

Key items of kit: Topeak saddle bag and frame pack with sleep system and food. Restrap aero bar bag with clothes, tools, and my body weight in battery packs.

Tim Wassenaar

Name: Tim Wassenaar

Age: 23

Cap number: 282

Location: Zutphen, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Bike: My trusty Open U.P. this time a tad heavier than last year's trip to the Pyrenees. SRAM AXS Wide mix, SON hub powering my kLite and quite a few aerobar spacers for comfort. Made the upgrade to a Revelate seat bag this year for stability and packability reasons.

Key items of kit: Breton striped socks to blend in for the first 1400km and a spork to work my way through the dessert aisle of the French supermarkets.

Adam Jones

Name: Adam Jones

Age: 37

Cap number: 115

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Bike: Planet X Temptest Ti (standard-ish). Added TT bars, Ergon SR Comp saddle, Shimano XT pedals and a saddle bag stabiliser from Woho.

Key items of kit: Trio of Restrap bags carrying a tiny tent, mat and a pillow in the back with food, batteries, tools and other assorted goodies in the front.

Ian Frewin

Name: Ian Frewin

Age: 49

Cap number: 69

Location: Llandrindod Wells, Wales.

Bike: Kinesis Tripster AT, SRAM Force 1x11spd, with adapted rear mech with a longer cage to run a shimano 11-46t Cassette. Absolute Black 40t Oval. Rear Grail Rim Built onto Hope Pro 4 Hub. Front DT Swiss built onto Son Dynamo Hub, Hope Rotor, running Sinewave usb port, Charging front light by day and fuel cell at other times. Tyres: Vittoria Terreno Zero 38mm Tubeless.

Cockpit is new for me, (have been suffering from a few nerve/hand problems) Fitted REDSHIFT bar tops and bottom grips under Wolftooth 5mm super silicone bartape, for added comfort (its a bit bulky but comfy) The bottom grips are really cool and spend a lot more time on the drops now, Finally, USE Aerobars (now dialled in and relatively comfy) hopefully rotation of hand positions will help!

Key items of kit: Bags: Everything except the rear bag is Restrap, the new front pack and harness system is a real revelation and simpler than any competitors kit and anything else I've used, frame bag has been with me for years, buy british buy once! Rear Bag Miss Grape, solid waterproof, durable, zero faff. Sleep System: (hopefully get some) Alpkit Pipedream 200, with silk liner (better than washing a down bag), Exped-thermal matt, Alpkit Hunka Bivvy. Lights: Exposure (buy british, buy once) Front: Toro. Rear: Trace and Boost R. Lucky Item: No room, however I'm putting my faith in Bepanthen nappy cream!

Elliott Russell

Name: Elliott Russell

Age: 31

Cap number: 95

Location: Grand Union Canal, UK

Bike: Bombtrack Hook EXT

Key items of kit: Custom Alpkit frame bag and handlebar bag, dynamo hub, aero bars and WTB Byway tyres. And a hammock.

Tony Clare

Name: Tony Clare

Age: 45

Cap number: 20

Location: Cropredy, UK

Bike: J.Laverack Slate Ti

Key items of kit: My trusty J.Laverack Ti frame, GP5000s TR 32mm tyres, Lefty fork and Infinity saddle for a silky smooth ride.

I'm prioritising food and water carrying capacity this year, so I'm using a custom Rusjan full frame bag with Apidura bladder, Rusjan stem bag, Tailfin aeropack & Apidura musette to give me plenty of space. Styrkr will keep me fuelled.

PHD down jacket and trousers, Alpkit Kloke bivvy and Therm-a-Rest Uberlite 1/2 mat to keep me toasty warm and comfortable when sleeping.

SRAM AXS mullet setup with 10-52t. Exposure will be lighting the way with a Wahoo Roam 2 to guide me to the next Patisserie.

Neil Pilkington

Name: Neil Pilkington

Age: 63

Cap number: 147

Location: Bolton, UK

Bike: Mason Defintion with Fizik Vento Adaptive saddle, Sram Force Etap AXS 46/33 and 10/36, Garmin Rally pedals, Deda clip-on aerobars, and 32mm Continental GP5000 with Tubolito tubes.

Key items of kit: Restrap bags for change of kit, sleeping gear, electronics and snacks; and Tailfin downtube pack with tools. Lezyne front lights and Exposure TraceR rear lights mounted using Raceware seat stay fitting.

Lee Cox

Name: Lee Cox

Age: 47

Cap number: 181

Location: Plymouth

Bike: Enigma Escape Mk2

Key items of kit: Apidura, Tailfin, Wizard Works and Restrap bags, Hunt Dynamo wheelset for lights and charging, bivvy, camping quilt, down jacket and last but definitely not least a tiny stove for the morale boosting cup of tea.

Jay Sharp

Name: Jay Sharp

Age: 57

Cap number: 204

Location: Worthing, Sussex

Bike: Mason Bokeh

Key items of kit: Alpkit Soloist tent, Alpkit Numo Mat, Rab Primaloft Jacket, Sleeping Bag liner. Hunt 30 Carbon Dynamo wheels, Sinewave Revolution USB charger. SON lights. Apidura, Ortlieb and Topeak bags.

Vincent Darmstaedter

Name: Vincent Darmstaedter

Age: 50

Cap number: 276

Location: Rixensart - Belgium

Bike: Genesis Croix de Fer 20 with Parabolica Due handlebar extensions and Continental GP 5000 tyres.

Key items of kit: Kit from Ena Bags: Saddlebag Overnight, Top Tube Bag Long, Framebag and Multipack.

Gareth Aled Williams

Name: Gareth Aled Williams

Age: 35

Cap number: 88

Location: Manchester, UK

Bike: Ribble CGR 725, Hunt Four Season Gravel wheelset, Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tyres, Shimano GRX RX400 groupset (11-34), Shimano XT pedals, Profile Design Aero Bars, Brooks B17 Saddle.

Key items of kit: Restrap bags, Topeak backloader wishbone, Exposure lights, Rab hooped bivvi, Inertia X Frame Camping Mat, Sea To Summit pillow.

Si Woodhams

Name: Si Woodhams

Age: 36

Cap number: 185

Location: Canterbury, UK

Bike: Vitus Substance CRS, Sram Rival AXS and Zipp 303s wheels.

Key items of kit: A mixture of Tailfin, Apidura and Restrap bags. Front bag houses all my sleeping gear (sleeping bag, mattress, bivvy) Tailfin for spare clothing, frame bag for phone, power banks charging cables etc leaving top tube and stem bag completely free for copious amounts of food!

Simon Paice

Name: Simon Paice

Age: 52

Cap number: 7950

Location: Kernow, UK

Bike: Enigma Etape Ultra Shimano Di2, Compact chainset with 11-34 cassette, Son dynamo hub

Key items of kit: Supernova front and rear lights, Sinewave charger, Continental 5000 TR 32mm tyres, Restrap bags.

Neil Howes

Name: Neil Howes

Age: 42

Cap number: 21

Location: Norfolk, UK

Bike: Ribble CGR AL Aka Roxie

Key items of kit: Restrap bags with Alpkit front harness and dry bag. Mavic wheelset with Panaracer Gravelkings SS.

Alex Boswell

Name: Alex Boswell

Age: 35

Cap number: 100

Location: Truro, Cornwall

Bike: ORRO Venturi STC (known as Pinky). ALT AIR 45mm front 58mm rear (28mm wide) wheels (possible SP Dynamo front wheel on the way). Homemade aero bar satellite shifters (the Shimano ones don't come out until Oct/Nov, so I made my own).

Key items of kit: Magicshine Monteer 3500lm Front Light, Apidura 7L Race Saddle Bag (for sleeping kit), Apidura 2L Race Long Top Tube Pack (for food) and Apidura 5L Tall Expedition Frame Pack (for everything else).

Giles McCathie

Name: Giles McCathie

Age: 47

Cap number: 16

Location: Norfolk, England

Bike: Lynsky Sportive, Hunt Dynamo wheel set, Selle Italia Storica leather saddle and Shimano Ultegra groupset.

Key items of kit: Apidura bags and hydration kit, Exposure lights, Colgate toothbrush and Happy Bottom Bum Butter cream.

Gary Clarke

Name: Gary Clarke

Age: 47

Cap number: 201

Location: Oswestry Shropshire

Bike: Ribble Endurance SL

Key items of kit: Restrap Front Bag, Restrap saddle bag, Restrap top tube bag, lifeline frame bag (may need a bigger bag for food yet) sleeping kit includes thermarest uberlight air Matt, mountain equipment 1 season bag, might ditch the sleeping bag yet, OEX bivvy bag,

Camille Rahier

Name: Camille Rahier

Age: 25

Cap number: 200

Location: Sheffield, UK

Bike: Cannondale Topstone 3 2022, Shimano GRX

Key items of kit: Apidura bikebags including 2 food pouches; Brooks saddle; Exposure lights; Voile straps; Hydroflask.

Jason Wyatt

Name: Jason Wyatt

Age: 52

Cap number: 126

Location: Jersey, Channel Islands

Bike: Meet 'Stan' - He's a Sonder Colibri Ti frame, with a custom build-up: Shimano 105 mechanical disc groupset, Hunt Aerodynamicist rear wheel and self-built SP dynamo front. I will be adding mudguards and wider 32mm GP5000s (tubed) for the PCR.

Key items of kit: Luggage: Mix of Topeak rear and Restrap frame bags. Sleep: Alpkit Hunka Bivvy and Cloudbase mat, Mountain Equipment Helium Solo bag. Luxury item: Swim trunks and goggles. Lights: B&M dynamo front and rear.

Richard Lambert

Name: Richard Lambert

Age: 38

Cap number: 8006

Location: Friston, East Sussex, UK

Bike: Windover Bostal, 853 steel frame. Shimano GRX 1x11 Mechanical Groupset DCR aluminium wheelset. Vittoria Corsa Next 34mm tyres.

Key items of kit: Selection of bags including Restrap race frame bag and aero bar bag. Mountain Equipment Synthetic sleeping bag, mat and tarp. No dynamo - carrying big powerbank and Garmin battery extender, fitted with 76projects aero bar mount. Exposure Zenith front light with Raceware crown mount. Moon Helix rear light which should run for 100 hours!

Yoni Sperer

Name: Yoni Sperer

Age: 26

Cap number: 77

Location: Montreal, QC

Bike: Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon 52cm: 2x Shimano GRX Ltd and hand polished a set of 165mm crank arms to match the bling of the groupset. Tires are 32mm Conti GP 5000 S TR, set up tubeless with reserve fillmore valves. Aerobars from Profile designs and the saddle is a specialized phenom 155mm.

Key items of kit: Bags: 14L Apidura expedition saddle pack, 3.65L Blackburn outpost elite frame bag, 0.8L Specialized/Fjallraven top tube bag, 2x 1.1L Restrap race stem bags & 7L Restrap race handlebar bag. Bottles cages are mounted on a Woho saddle pack stabilizer.

Electronics: Magicshine MJ-906S front light + 10a battery pack, 2x Specialized Stix taillights, Garmin 840 for navigation, earphones for digging deep and an Anker 10a battery bank for extra juice.

Sleep Kit: LSOH 0c Quilt, Thermarest neoair xlite, MEC pillow, Six Moon Designs lunar solo with cf pole (still undecided if i'm taking this vs a bivy).

Packed Clothes: Spare Assos bib, spare merino socks, underwear, Tshirt, 7mesh rain jacket and warmers, Geoff's shoes covers, windproof alpha jacket, liner gloves & a buff to wipe my tears.

Greg Macsok

Name: Greg Macsok

Age: 39

Cap number: 280

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bike: Curve Belgie Ultra, ENVE SES AR 4.5 Wheels. SRAM Red AXS drivetrain with 10-36t cassette and 33/45 chainrings. Specialized Roubaix Pro 32mm tyres.

Key items of kit: Miss Grape rear bag, Apidura frame & handlebar bag.

Loz Walters

Name: Loz Walters

Age: 31

Cap number: 222 (pairs)

Location: FOCC Bristol, UK

Bike: Dolan Pre Cursa singlespeed- ALT / parcours wheels, Cinturato and GP5000 tyres. USE carbon risers + extensions, Exposure lights, Time pedals

Key items of kit: A buddy Raph to ride with! Expedition meals, compostable nut butters, liquid carbs, Tailfin cargo, dirty tunes and an unhealthy amount of Styrkr chocolate chip rice bars.

Tomáš Žižlavský

Name: Tomáš Žižlavský

Age: 31

Cap number: 25

Location: Brno, Czechia

Bike: Carbonda 696 with Shimano GRX 2x groupset (31/48 x 11-44t)

Key items of kit: Restrap toptube bag, Son 28 deluxe with kLite road kit, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt v1.

Stephen Haines

Name: Stephen Haines

Age: 49

Cap number: 10

Location: Stevenage, UK

Bike: Trek Checkpoint SL6, SRAM Rival 1x and 10/44, ALT.Cycles wheels with a SON delux dynamo in the front powering Supernova lights.

Key items of kit: Apidura bags with sleep system in rear, tools and electronics in top tube pack, with clothes and spares in the frame bag.

Jamie Menzies

Name: Jamie Menzies

Age: 49

Cap number: 194

Location: St Helens, UK

Bike: Giant Propel with Shimano Di2, GRX front Chain Ring 46/30t, 12-34t cassette 11spd.

Key items of kit: Restrap Race Bags (Frame, Top Tube, Aero Bars), Fidlock Water bottles 800ml, Tailfin, Hunt 35mm Gravel x wide wheel set with SP Dynamo Hub, Exposure Dynamo Front / Rear light, Exposure Sirius & Trace daytime lights and Garmin Edge 1030+.

Peter Goyder

Name: Peter Goyder

Age: 61

Cap number: 218

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Bike: Mason Definition Shimano Ultegra Di2 Hydro, 54cm Shutter Black. Ultegra / GRX Di2 1x. 44t absoluteBLACK oval chainring, SRAM chain and cassette (10/42 Force Level). Fizik Terra Argo X3 saddle. Wheels Endurance Dyno Bombers from RyanBuildsWheels, SON28 black dynamo hub, Panaracer Gravelking semi slick 700/32C tubeless. Supernova E3 pro frontlight, Supernova E3 dynamo tail light, Igaro D2 power converter. Set up and love by Robin’s Cycle Services.

Key items of kit: Restrap Bar bag with food pouch, stem bag, frame bag medium, saddle bag 14l. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt and Exposure Link+ helmet light. Garmin Edge 1040 Solar.

Tom Stocker

Name: Tom Stocker

Age: 34

Cap number: 271

Location: New Forest, UK

Bike: Cannondale Topstone with pretty much everything changed apart from the frame!

Key items of kit: Sleeping bag and bivvy to allow for flexibility, exposure lights, some Deda bars for comfort and space in the bags to fill them with French delicacies.

Mike Jeavons

Name: Mike Jeavons

Age: 51

Cap number: 241

Location: Darlington

Bike: Mason Bokeh, Hunt dynamo 700c wheel set, GP5000 STR tyres and SRAM AXS.

Key items of kit: Tailfin aeropack and top tube bag, Alpkit bar bag and stem cell, Podsacs frame bag, KLite dynamo lights and usb charger.

Don Barrell

Name: Don Barrell

Age: 37

Cap number: 78

Location: Bushey, UK

Bike: Ribble CGR Ti with custom painted forks from my kids (5&8)!

Key items of kit: Trying to make the bike fit tall, heavy rider!

SRAM force 2X- 43/30 and 10-36 with power crank, sram blips on aerobars. Profile design aerobars with 70mm rise (I’m stiff as a plank!), pro griffon saddle and SQ lab wide spd pedals, 17 degree stem rise. Tailfin, restrap frame bag and aero top tube bag. Hunt dynamo wheels with 32mm continental GP5000s tubeless, with exposure revo front light and rear tracer- sinewave usb spliced into wiring to power a cache battery.

I will carry an alpkit cloudbase sleeping matt, sea to summit SP0 bag and helium bivy. Lezyne digital micro floor pump and all the usual spare bits!

Dennis Kempenaars

Name: Dennis Kempenaars

Age: 54

Cap number: 121

Location: Papendrecht, The Netherlands

Bike: Fairlight Secan 2.5 Iridescent Plum; Groupset Shimano GRX 815 Di2 48/31-11/34, Wheels DT Swiss GR531 with DT Swiss 350 and SON dynamo hub, Tires Continental GP5000 32mm and Lights SON Edelux.

Key items of kit: Apidura Expedition Saddle/Frame/Handlebar pack and Accesory Pocket, Igaro D2 Pro R3 USB charger, INIU Power Bank 10500mAh, Outdoor Research Helium Bivy, Exped Airmat UL LW, Lowland sleeping bag Super Compact, Garmin 540 Solar, Lezyne Zecto Drive Max and Petzl actik core 450 and courage :-)

Andrew Harries

Name: Andrew Harries

Age: 63

Cap number: 256

Location: Penarth, UK

Bike: Fairlght Secan with SRAM Rival,1x 38t with 11-42 cassette. DT Swiss RR 481 wheels from Hands on Wheels, with 32mm Pirelli Cinturato tubeless tyres

Bags are a mix of Apidura and Restrap. Sleep, bivvy kit in the rear and spare clothing on the handlebar bag

Key items of kit: Son Schmidt 28 CL Dynamo hub to take the stress out of charging lights and Garmin.

Sleep kit consists of Alpkit Hunka bivvy, OMM 160 sleeping bag and Exped mat.

Gary Davies

Name: Gary Davies

Age: 47

Cap number: 264

Location: St Helens, UK

Bike: Canyon Grizl CF SL6

Key items of kit: Profile Design Neosonic Ergo 45AR Gravel Aerobar, Apidura X Canyon Top Tube Pack, ALTURA Vortex 2 Waterproof Frame Bag, ALTURA Vortex 2 Waterproof Compact Seatpack, Topeak Frontloader (8L) and BTWIN 500 Memory Foam Saddle Cover.

Craig Nilsson

Name: Craig Nilsson

Age: 34

Cap number: 67

Location: Bristol, UK

Bike: Elves Falath Evo 2023 custom build with 1x SRAM Rival AXS. Because you can’t get AXS blips this year I’ve bodged a MTB shifter onto my bar ends to let me shift on the aero bars and I’m running an XPLR rear cassette with 44t chainring up front to give me low gears for the climbs as well as a decent top gear for the flat sections.

Key items of kit: My bags are a real mix; my custom frame bag is from kicking donkey and is brand new for this race, inside I have an Apidura 3L bladder for water. The top tube bag is an Apidura long bag flipped around to secure to the seatpost and my seat pack harness is from wildcat gear but I have paired that with a Restrap dry bag for the best fit between harness and kit.

Pete Haskett

Name: Pete Haskett

Age: 34

Location: Pembrokeshire

Bike: Sonder Camino Al, Shimano GRX gearing 40t front with 51t tooth rear cassette and Wolftooth goatlink 11 for any big hills. Hunt 4 Season All Road wheels with Schwalbe G-One 34mm tyres for comfort. Ergon SR all road saddle. Ritchey shallow drop flared bars. Lizard Skins 4mm bar tape. Bodged together Profile Designs aero bars, very much for comfort definitely not looks or speed! Homemade bridge for Garmin and light, made of blue alcathene pipe.

Key items of kit: Bivvy bag, sleeping mat and superlight groundsheet in rear Topeak backloader saddlebag, as well as some arm/leg warmers and a couple of other clothing bits. Bottle cages on topeak bag stabiliser behind saddle. Sleeping bag and fleece in front Restrap handlebar bag, quick access bits and bobs (tooth brush, sun cream etc) in pouch on top. Revelate Designs Mag Tank 2000 full of snacks. Ortlieb frame bag mainly for food as well as electrical bits, chargers and leads etc. Tailfin cargo cage under down tube mainly for the bottle opener but also handy for a can of beer/emergency 2 litre bottle of coke. Probably starting with far to much food, but at least I won't need to waste time stopping to resupply for a day or two! I'm sure I've got too much stuff but try as I might I can't get rid of any more!

Jen Wheeldon

Name: Jen Wheeldon

Age: 48

Cap number: 190

Location: Oxford, UK

Bike: Reilly Gradient Ti. Shimano GRX 46x30, 11-34. Xxs frame and intention to camp means tricky to use bikepacking kit. So have gone with party panniers!

Key items of kit: MSR bikepacking tent, old school iPod for extra climbing watts, Werthers originals, and optimism bias.


Name: Szymon

Age: 40

Cap number: 289

Location: Poland

Bike: Focus Atlas 6.7. Drivetrain: Front: Shimano GRX600 crankset 30-46T, rear: Deore 11-42T with Wolftooth Tanpan.

Key items of kit: Bags: Topeak Backloader 15l, Ortlieb Frame Pack RC Toptube, 2 x Riverside. Bikepacking Bottle Cage Food Pouch, Wisport Racoon 9l.

Paul Winder

Name: Paul Winder

Age: 52

Cap number: 009

Location: Abergele

Bike: Mason Resolution.

Key items of kit: I wish I knew, still not learnt.

Craig Nicholas

Name: Craig Nicholas

Age: 34

Cap number: 202

Location: Berkshire, UK

Bike: Ribble CGR AL, Shimano 105 with SRAM 11-36 on the back, Pirelli Cinturato 32mm.

Key items of kit: Restrap bar pack: Empty ready to fill with food | Restrap frame bag: Arm warmers, snood and powerbank. Tailfin: Rapha cargo bib, Finisterre merino t-shirt, Patagonia Nano Puff jacket, charger, wash stuff. Essentials: JBL speaker, Ricoh GR Camera, Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket, Garmin Varia Radar Light (because I'm a bit deaf).

Jamie Muirhead

Name: Jamie Muirhead

Age: 49

Cap number: 233

Location: Plymouth, UK

Bike: Fairlight Secan 2.5 #steelisreal. Shimano GRX 810 48-31 mechanical groupset. Hunt dynamo wheelset with edelux front and rear lights. 30mm Goodyear sport tubed tyres. Garmin XC 200 power pedals. Profile Design TT bars on 70mm risers. Sinewave Revolution dc to ac power converter. Specialized Power Arc saddle.

Key items of kit: Restrap custom frame bag, Tailfin top tube bag and Tailfin carbon aeropack. 2x Anker 5,000mAh power banks, BeFree Water filter bottle and chlorine tablets, Rapha core rain jacket, Paria ride hard gilet, Spatz squadron jersey, Spatz cargo bib shorts, Pongo socks, Spuik Alpeda mtb shoes, Petzl Reactiv headtorch. Highlander 1 season sleeping bag, Alpkit cloud base sleeping mat and drift inflatable pillow. Alpkit light weight down jacket.

Paul Renshaw

Name: Paul Renshaw

Age: 47

Cap number: 154

Location: West Oxfordshire, UK

Bike: Enigma Echelon

Key items of kit: Albion cargo shorts, protein mix, salt tablets and bottle opener.

Graeme Burnett

Name: Graeme Burnett

Age: 48

Cap number: 61

Location: Elgin, Scotland

Bike: Enigma Etape, Hunt Superdura wheels with Conti GP5000 32mm tyres, Ultegra Disc brakes, Ultegra groupset, Gilles Berthoud Aravis saddle

Key items of kit: SON delux Dyno with Exposure Revo headlight, Exposure Redeye taillight, Profile Design Sonic Ergo Aero Bar, Restrap saddle/top tube/frame bag/stem bag/handlebar bag/quick release pouch. Wahoo Elemnt.

Alex Dyson

Name: Alex Dyson

Age: 29

Cap number: 101

Location: Leeds, UK

Bike: Stayer UG with Custom Paint: Wheels: Stayer All Road on Hope/Son Delux, Shimano 105 Hydro, Thomson Finishing Kit, Brooks Cambium, Profile Supersonic 35c Aerobars.

Key items of kit: Restrap Race Bags, Albion Cycling Kit, Styrkr Nutrition, Klite Dynamo Lights + Charging, Exposure Trace Lights, Wahoo Roam, Outdoor Research Helium Bivy, Sea To Summit Mat, Sea To Summit SP-1 Sleeping Bag, QUOC Gran Tourer XC shoes.

Mark Douglas

Name: Mark Douglas

Age: 47

Cap number: 137

Location: Sutton Coldfield, UK

Bike: Reilly Spectre AXS Wide - one of the prototype frames so I'm informed! Hunt Supadura dynamo wheelset.

Key items of kit: Apidura bags: rear with sleep system, lock and 'hygiene' items, front with waterproofs and liquids, top tube with power bank, cables and Sinewave USB, frame with layers, other tech stuff and a couple of tubes. Couple of food bags for baguettes, brie and burgundy. SON dynamo powering Exposure Revo & Redeye and piggyback wiring for the Sinewave. Topped off with Profile Designs aerobars for a bit of a rest.

Steve Wikeley

Name: Steve Wikeley

Age: 40

Cap number: 70

Location: Devon, UK

Bike: BMC Roadmachine Refresher™. Shimano Ultegra 50-34 crank mixed with a GRX rear mech with a risky 40t cassette. Hunt Superdura dynamo wheels for lights with 32mm Gp5000 with an airliner.

Key items of kit: ✳ Tailfin carbon aero rack and the new flip top tube pack ✳ Sleeping: OR Helium Bivy, Berghaus insulated mat, OMM Raid down trowsers, Sea to Summit pillow and Albion primaloft jacket. Anker 20k Battery pack

Jen Graystone

Name: Jen Graystone

Age: 48

Cap number: 56

Location: Oxford, UK

Bike: Enigma Etape, Hunt wheels with Son dynamo, Exposure Revo plus Tracer and Exposure Strada front light plus Lezyne strip light at back

Key items of kit: Tailfin, Vango F10 hydrogen tent, Sea to Summit FM3, Therm-a-Rest NeoAir mat and Nemo Fillo elite pillow.

Jen B

Name: Jen B

Age: 34

Cap number: 253

Location: Scarborough

Bike: Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Key items of kit: Restrap and Blackburn bags Alpkit Elan bivvy bag Thermarest sleep mat Exposure lights Paddington Bear

Geraint Jones

Name: Geraint Jones

Age: 44

Cap number: 221

Location: Bristol

Bike: Specialized Tarmac SL7

Key items of kit: Ultegra 52/36, 11/34 Tailfin aero pack, Restrap race top tube bag/frame bag/stem bag. Camping equipment - Nordisk Lofoten tent, Sea to Summit Sp1 sleeping bag, thermarest neoair xlite

Scott Barley

Name: Scott Barley

Age: 46

Cap number: 17

Location: East Yorkshire

Bike: Enigma Escape. GRX 46/30 chainset, 11/32 casette. Vision wheels, Conti 32mm tyres with tubes. Exposure lights. Wahoo Elemnt Roam. Brooks saddle, Tailfin and Apidura bags. Cheap sleeping bag and plenty of suncream.

Key items of kit: Haribo & chamois cream

Raphael Evans

Name: Raphael Evans

Age: 22

Cap number: 4

Location: Bristol, UK

Bike: Dolan Pre Cursa

Key items of kit: Tailfin rack & bags, Exposure lights, Wahoo Roam GPS

Sean Churchill

Name: Sean Churchill

Age: 43

Cap number: 71

Location: North Derby

Bike: Ribble CGR SL

Key items of kit: Tailfin, Apidura Long Top Tube Pack, Apidura 4L Racing Frame Pack, 2 x Backcountry Food Pouch Plus 1.2L, Restrap Bar Bag - Small, Strada Mk11 RS AKTIV, Trace + Tracer MK2 DayBright, Garmin 1030.

Pete lamb

Name: Pete lamb

Age: 29

Cap number: 63

Location: Bristol, UK

Bike: Ribble Gravel SL Puravelo XC/Gravel 29 rims w.DTSwiss rear hub and from SON 28 dynamo hub Hutchinson sector 32 tyres

Key items of kit: Restrap race saddle pack, race handlebar bag, canister bag, medium frame bag, top tube bag. Profile design aero bars Exposure revo front light with red eye mk2 rear Garmin 830 gps Larry the lamb (mascot) Assorted extras (snacks and a miniature whisky included)

Sam Watson

Name: Sam Watson

Age: 30

Cap number: 166

Location: Eastbourne

Bike: Windover Bostal

Key items of kit: Restrap bags Alpkit sleeping bag and bivi Spare bib shorts Babybels

Richard Lake

Name: Richard Lake

Age: 46

Cap number: 197

Location: Lincolnshire

Bike: Sonder Colibri Titanium

Key items of kit: Garmin 530, PedalCell Dynamo, Apidura Top Tube Race Bag, Toro Mk13 front light from Exposure Lights, Absolute Black Oval Chain Ring, Hunt 4 Season SuperDura Disc Wheels, GP5000 TL Tyres and Tailfin Aeropack

Jade Lau

Name: Jade Lau

Age: 34

Cap number: 296

Location: London, UK

Bike: Stayer Groadinger ULTRA GRAV

Key items of kit: Supported by the Ultra Distance Scholarship, the bike is kitted out with a Tailfin Aeropack, Top Tube Pack, and custom Frame Pack. Out front is a Jack the Bike Rack, holding up a Alpkit 13L bag. A custom Wizard Works Voila stem bag on the left hand side for snacks.

Sleep system includes a Sea to Summit sleeping bag and Rab tarp, bivi, and mat.

Peter Corkill

Name: Peter Corkill

Age: 51

Cap number: 228

Location: Royal Leamington Spa

Bike: Condor Baracchi Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Groupset, disc brakes Campagnolo Shamal Ultra wheels

Key items of kit: Garmin Edge 1030 Apidura bags Exposure lights

Jo Lankester

Name: Jo Lankester

Age: 40

Cap number: 300

Location: Oxford

Bike: Shand Stooshie "Tiki"

Key items of kit: My beautiful steel Tequilla sunrise painted Stooshie, Apidura front bag, Tailfin rear rack, Big Agnes Copper Spur bikepacking tent, Thermarest NeoAir, Sea to summit Spark II sleeping bag, Wizard Works snack pouches, apidura race frame pack, Son 28 Dynamo powering my front light.... basically everything but the kitchen sink!

Matt Starling

Name: Matt Starling

Age: 48

Cap number: 84

Location: Cornwall

Bike: Genesis Equilibrium Disk (2020)

Key items of kit: Dynamo hub, Sinewave, Exposure lights and Marie Curie flag

Benji Wootton

Name: Benji Wootton

Age: 32

Cap number: 122

Location: London

Bike: Fair light Strael 3.0 - Ultegra everything, 50/34, 11/34.

Key items of kit: Ultralight weight Albion jacket and gilet, third bottle cage. I hate running out of water!

George Sales

Name: George Sales

Age: 22

Cap number: 239

Location: Redhill

Bike: Gloria titanium gravel bike

Key items of kit: Straight cut + Tailfin bags Albion lightweight jersey, cargo visibility vest + packable rain jacket Fenix lights Inflatable pillow

Mark Courtier

Name: Mark Courtier

Age: 33

Cap number: 87

Location: Maidenhead, UK

Bike: Kinesis Tripster AT; Hunt Superdura Dynamo Disk wheels; mixed Shimano groupset with GRX 48-31 crankset, 11-34 cassette, and TRP Spyre disk brakes; Continental GP5000 tyres (with tubes); Supernova dynamo lights; Redshift stem; and 3T aerobars.

Key items of kit: Mix of Apidura, Restrap and Tailfin bags; predominately Rapha clothing; Endura waterproofs; Outdoor Research Helium Bivy; Rab down jacket and sleeping bag; Garmin Edge 1040 Solar; Exposure Link+ light; and full size tools.

John Casey

Name: John Casey

Age: 57

Cap number: 139

Location: Cornwall, UK

Bike: Mason Definition. Ultegra Di2 12sp 50/34 and 11/34. Hunt Superdura wheels with 30mm Schwalbe G1 Speed TLE tyres

Key items of kit: SON Dynamo and Exposure lights. Mix of Apidura and Restrap bags. Profile Design aero bars and a Redshift stem.

Paul Greer

Name: Paul Greer

Age: 56

Cap number: 43

Location: Tunbridge Wells, UK

Bike: Enigma Escape, Hope Chainset 44/30 and, Shimano GRX with 40/11 Cassette, DT Swiss custom built wheels with Son Dynamo. Vitorria Terreno Zero Tubeless 35mm, Ritchey Venturemax Bars, USE aerobars, EE-Silk carbon suspension seat post.

Key items of kit: Restrap race series bags, Tailfin, Exposure Revo/RedEye Lights and Alpkit Pipedream 200, Alpkit Kloke Bivvy, Sinewave Revolution Charger, Homemade switch for changing between lighting and charging. Sleep kit in excellent Restrap Race Bar bag, Spare clothing in Tailfin.