Push Bikes of Paris-Brest-Paris 2019

Push Bikes of Paris-Brest-Paris 2019

13 August, 2019

Paris-Brest-Paris is the pinnacle of a randonneur's events calendar. As the name suggests, riders will depart Rambouillet on the outskirts of Paris and ride 600km to Brest. There, they'll turn around and head back.

If the scale of this adventure wasn't enough, spectators can also feast their eyes on a myriad of quirky bikes that are often excluded from ultra-distance races. We take a look at just a few of the bikes that are taking on the challenge of escorting their riders 1200km across northern France.

Jane Dennyson

Frame number: R183

Nationality: Great Britain

This will be my first PBP. I’m feeling weirdly relaxed, just really excited about the whole thing. I’m not looking to race it and will be happy to get round within the 90hour time limit. I’ve got a ride plan but doubt I’ll stick to it. Keen to make the most of the road side support and soak up the PBP vibes along the way. You can’t really plan for that!

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Ewoud Beirlant

Frame number: G207

Nationality: Belgium

My bike is a steel Bombtrack Arise which I converted into a Rohloff geared rando machine. It's my main bike which I also use for commuting and touring. It is a no worries bike, which is perfect for long distance cycling. My saddle bag is a third hand Carradice bag which I bought 10 years ago from my manager back then.

As it is my second PBP I just want to enjoy it even more than I did last time: get to know more riders, eat better food, take more time for pictures etc.

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Ollie Skittery & Rebecca Kearney

Frame number: F065/F066

Nationality: Great Britain

We will be riding a 1988 M.B. Dronfield tandem in our first PBP. We're pretty new to audax/long distance riding having only heard about PBP in December 2018 and subsequently purchasing our tandem in February. We’re in the 90 hour slot and just aim to finish.

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Darren Franks

Frame number: A157

Nationality: British

I'm riding a J.Laverack titanium bike I built for TCRNo4. I'm planning on racing with the Vedettes in the 80H wave! Qualifiers have gone well, being first back on LWL and second back on my 600, despite a lazy snooze at the turn. Training has suffered recently though. I tapered for the National 24hr TT three weeks ago and then I’ve been travelling for the past two weeks, so I’ve barely ridden for a month. I’m resisting the urge to cram now but will stick in a couple of sharp rides/races this week before resting up.

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Helen Kerrane

Frame number: Z219

Nationality: Ireland

I'm small, 164cm, 5'4", so a pannier rack and bags is my only option. I ride a titanium Lynskey, with SON dynamo hub with USB charging. I rode PBP 2015 and a Welsh Super Randonnée with this set up and it worked perfectly. The bike is a proper audax pony. My husband built it from scratch including the wheels. Always marry your wheel builder!

Steve Abraham

Frame number: M167

Nationality: Great Britain

This is the Dave Yates fixie I used to get 405 Audax points in 2007 but I've changed the bars from drops to flats. I've gone for a 77" gear single-speed for my 7th PBP.

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Ian McBride

Frame number: S005

Nationality: New Zealand

My bike is a second hand and slightly battered Trek Madone 5.9. It replaces my gorgeous old 1993 Trek which died in a collision.

Karel Brockhoven

Frame number: G251

Nationality: Belgium

My bike is a custom Noble Cycles built especially for Paris-Brest-Paris.

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Kelley Wegeng

Frame number: G320

Nationality: United States of America

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Marcia Roberts

Frame number: I001

Nationality: Great Britain

I love my Ribble CGR. With the addition of dynamo lights & usb charge point, and stubby aero bars to prevent getting claw hands, I’m good to go. I have previously attempted PBP in 2015 & LEL in 2017. On both rides I struggled with sleep by night 3 and to date my longest distance is 900k. This time I am fitter & have tackled my prep very differently - so I’m hopeful I’ll complete.

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Sarah Davies

Frame number: L097

Nationality: Great Britain

My gorgeous Enigma Etape number 2 bought for me by my husband to replace my original Etape especially for PBP - with the addition of Di2, a bouncy stem and disc brakes to try and save my hands which are getting a bit old and arthritic!

Niki Wilson

Frame number: R061

Nationality: Great Britain

My bike is possibly one of the cheapest of the lot, a Triban RC520, so suitably French (it's a Decathlon special!). I've done all my qualifiers and loads more on it and I love it to pieces. My aim is to finish PBP within 90 hours, nothing more.

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Paul Rainbow

Frame number: G227

Nationality: Great Britain

This is my third PBP but this time I'm riding a fixed gear belt drive bike.

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Richard Bragg

Frame number: G257

Nationality: Great Britain

Here is my old Giant that has served me successfully for a few years of audaxing. But to be fair, it's a bit 'trigger's broom' with little original left. Looking forward to the event enormously - the riding, the people and the atmosphere. It's my first PBP but I'm as ready as I can be! Main aim is to get round and to enjoy it as much as I can.

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Duncan Parkes & Janet McKnight

Frame number: F053/F054

Nationality: Great Britain

The Pino freewheels downhill like nothing else I've ever ridden - seriously quick. On the flat, it doesn't feel bad to me unless there's wind. Uphill? Uphill, it's hard work. On short sharp hills Janet hauls me up from the front!

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Kartik Mistry

Frame number: H052

Nationality: India

I'm Kartik Mistry from Mumbai, India and this is my first PBP. My bike is Wilier GTR. PBP goal is to enjoy and finish in 90 hours and take back good memories of beautiful country and people!

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Heide Bitesnich

Frame number: L041

Nationality: Austria

I treated myself to a new bike after some hip surgery. I bought the frame and built the bike up on my own so everything is how I want/need it. I've done all my long rides on this bike and I love it. I want to finish in 90 hours as this is my first PBP.

Sian Lambert

Frame number: L100

Nationality: Great Britain

This is Trixie the (Specialized) Tricross. She's about five years old and a bit rough around the edges having been on many adventures with me including LEL, 4 SR series and touring around Cuba and Jordan. She has a dynamo hub front wheel and USB port to give me light and power and has been treated to new cassette, chain, cables, brake pads and bar tape ready for PBP. Hoping that the airline doesn't cause her any injury on the way over!

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Jenny Pabst

Frame number: X214

Nationality: Germany

Until last year, I didnt even know about Paris-Brest-Paris but surprisingly qualified for it anyway. I ride a Cervelo S5 - not really a long-distance bike but quite fast and I love riding it. I've caught the long-distance cycling bug since last year by riding through unknown landscapes and villages, to strength and my own limits...really addicted now! Looking forward to this mega event!

Natasha Bysterveld

Frame number: H076

Nationality: Australia

I’m riding this black beauty, my Cervelo R5. It’s my first PBP so I’m pretty nervous. 😬 My bike will be set up almost identical as shown here...slightly larger top tube bag. I’ll simply be aiming to finish PBP within the allocated 90hrs and embrace the adventure! Certainly looking forward to sharing the journey with randonneurs from around the world.

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Mark Thomas

Frame number: J012

Nationality: United States of America

Coupled titanium from Hampsten Cycles of Seattle, USA. I’m back on the 20th anniversary of my first PBP to attempt number six. Aiming to enjoy the ride and the camaraderie of randonneurs from the world over. No time goals for this edition other than sub-90h.

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Lydia Trott

Frame number: I066

Nationality: United States of America

I'm Lydia Trott with the Indiana randonnuers and RUSA. She's a Surly Straggler 650b frame with coupling done by Salt Air Cycles. The bike design, assembly, and maintenance is done by Steve Trott. She has a son Dynamo hub in the front that powers the headlight and taillight. At the rear, there's a Rohloff 14 speed hub.

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Paul Pritchard

Frame number: I123

Nationality: Great Britain

This is my Kinesis 4S disc, the same bike I used in TCRNo5 though I have since replaced nearly everything on it. Have just recently got some rad new wheels too so I'm looking forward to spinning them up across France. This is my first PBP so aiming to enjoy it more than anything.

David Tobin

Frame number: I113

Nationality: Great Britain

This my 2014 Specialised Roubaix only original parts are the frame, seat post, forks and handle bars. This ride has taken 2 year to get to the start so I want to make sure that I enjoy it. This is my first PBP so as long as I finish in under 90 hours I will be happy.